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This section includes news and site information, including a log of site updates, information about upcoming changes, and an archive of old announcement list messages.

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  • Matron's Blog - This is my Wordpress blog. I don't update it nearly as often as I'd like to. Hopefully that will change in the future as the site update moves forward. Ideally, the blog will include news of what A Country Practice cast and crew members have been up to but I could use your help with that -- if you'd like to be a blogger on the blog or if you just have news to add, please contact me at kitty {at} acountrypractice.com.
  • Latest Updates - In the early days of the days, these pages are where I kept track of the changes that I made to the site. They made it easier for site visitors to figure out where they should be looking. Since there haven't been many updates in recent years, there haven't been many entries in these logs and most of those are more for my benefit than yours. However, as the site update moves along and I reach the point where I am actually adding new content, this is where you'll find out where you should be looking.
  • Pending Updates - This page lists all of the updates that I currently have planned. Note: It may not include information about all of the new content I want to add, as I want some of that to be a surprise, but it will give you an idea of where I am with the site redesign.
  • Announcement List email archives
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