& Fan Stuff

Think of this section as a sort of museum/library -- a place where we can showcase the various "A Country Practice" publications, videos, audios, and memorabilia. If you have any ACP souvenirs, books, or other "stuff" and you'd like to showcase it here and tell other fans about it, contact me and I'll add it to one of the pages here

Books & other publications
Includes books about the show, the one special magazine issue devoted exclusively to the show, and articles about the show.
This section includes information about the various DVD box sets that have been released since 2006.
This section includes information about record albums, cassette tapes, and DVDs produced by ACP cast members (whether related to ACP or not).
Digital Media
This section includes information about any digital files that we have or that are available elsewhere that are related to the show.
Candid photographs
This section contains candid photographs (i.e. non-studio pictures taken by fans or professional photographers).
This section includes information about ACP memorabilia in general including scripts, contests held while the show was on, fancards, t-shirts, etc.

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