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  The Frank and Shirley Gilroy Memorial Rose Garden  

Bob Campbell, one of the many fans here in Canada, has a desire to create an actual living rose garden using the varieties of roses that Frank has grown in his garden over the years (I'm the one who's given it the name at the top of this page so blame me for that!).

You can help out here by emailing me whenever you hear a rose variety mentioned on the show -- if you can, include the name of the episode you saw/heard it on. I'll include it in a list on this page. By the way, if you're like me and don't know much about roses, you can find a wonderful resource at Timeless Roses -- they have a fabulous index of rose names in case you have trouble distinguishing the names that you might hear on the show (I know I did).

Here's my initial little list:
[click the links below to go to a description of that variety (usually at Timeless Roses); the number in brackets is the episode number in which the variety was mentioned]:

  • Queen Elizabeth variety [980]
  • Regensberg [980]
  • Cécile Brünner [980]
    -- All three above were planted in the so-called "Shirley Gilroy Memorial Garden" in the Gilroy backyard; all three were replanted in Frank's garden after Frank was beaten up and the original rose garden was vandalized in episode 979]
  • King's Ransom [109]

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