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  Claudia Black
[May 14, 2000] "Farscape" will begin airing (finally!) in Australia on Channel Nine on May 20, 2000, at 8:30 pm.

[March 15, 2000] Claudia guest stars as an Amazon warrior in the fifth season "
Xena: Warrior Princess" episode Lifeblood, which airs this week.

[February 13, 2000] She also co-stars in the new SF movie "Pitch Black" which starts playing in North American theatres February 18, 2000. I've only just started seeing the trailers for it on TV but it looks pretty good.

[January 28, 2000] According to recent information "Farscape" (the TV show described in the Sept. 9/99 entry) is now being broadcast in the UK and Sweden and is coming soon to the airwaves in Australia (where it is filmed). If you enjoy science fiction movies and TV shows, you'll probably enjoy this one (especially since it features a mainly Australian cast, many of whom at the very least guest starred on ACP).

[September 9, 1999] "Farscape", a new SF television show (starring Claudia Black who played Claire Bonacci in the second ACP series) filmed in Australia and until recently only shown on the American specialty Sci Fi Channel, is coming to Canada. Starting on Wednesday, September 15, 1999, at 8pm EDT "Farscape" will air weekly (every Wednesday) on YTV. Fans in Australia and elsewhere should check their TV listings to see if the show will be broadcast there.

Vince Colosimo
[March 18, 2000] Vince (who played Danny Sabatini in the second ACP series) is in the new Australian movie "The Wog Boy", which is based on a series of similarly named plays that were produced over the last few years.

Paul Gleeson
[March 18, 2000] Though not many people seem to realize this, Paul (who played Ian McIntyre in the second ACP series) appeared (as Lt. George Band) in the 1998 film remake of "The Thin Red Line" with Sean Penn and Nick Nolte. This film should be out on video now so if you're a big Paul fan, go check it out.

Shane Porteous
[April 10, 2000] Shane makes a guest appearance on the new Australian TV show "Pizza", which begins airing on April 24, 2000. I'm not sure how long an appearance he makes but he plays a doctor (what a stretch).

Kate Raison
[September 9, 1999] Look for Kate Raison (Cathy Hayden on the original ACP series) guest starring on episode 13 of "Farscape" (Rhapsody in Blue) as Tahleen.

  If you have any news about NEW projects that any of the former ACP cast members are involved in, please email me and let me know -- I'll add it to this page.  

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