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Old 1999 "What's New" Notes
[Most recent entries are at top]

December 28, 1999
~ Uploaded episode 131 details (today's ep), FAQ page, creation process page, and an editorial on the Channel 10 series. Also uploaded (over the past week or so, including today) cosmetic changes to many other pages on the site. Other updates will be coming over the next several days.

October and November
~ Due to a heavy work load, I made very few updates to the web site during October and most of November. Look for new updates in December.

September 21
~ Uploaded descriptions for episodes 53/54 (Frank and Shirl's wedding) and today's ep (#61).

September 7 to 18
~ Uploaded bio pages for Lorrae Desmond and Syd Heylen. Also made some changes/additions to the other bio pages. More to come.

August 30 to September 4
~ Uploaded bio pages for Andrew Blackman, Penny Cook (including fan mail address), Maureen Edwards, and Shane Porteous. More bio pages will be coming.
~ Uploaded descriptions for episodes 1057/1058 (the final episode, "Burning Bright") and 45/46 ("Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind")

August 15
~ Uploaded complete
guest information for episodes 978 to 1058 and 1 to 34.

August 11/12
~ Uploaded
episode synopsis pages for 1981, 1982, 1989, and 1990. ~ Uploaded writer information for all 1058 episodes to the Kitchen section.
~ Added new email feature -- see
Waiting Room for details
~ Also added ACP Internet greeting card functionality (go to
Waiting Room to access this feature). More photos will be added soon. Let me know if you have any photo requests. :-)
~ Sent update announcement to mailing list (join the list

August 8
Uploaded complete
guest information for episodes 1 to 29 and 814 to 977. Guest info for episodes 978 to 1058 will be coming soon and info for episodes 30 to 813 will be gradually added as the episodes are rebroadcast in Canada over the next 4 years.

August 2
Finally "officially" opened this new site. As always, this site is a work in progress so there is still much left to be done.

  • Over the last several weeks, I've added several new pages to the Exam Cubicle, including some very obsessed statisitics (more of those to come later) and broadcast schedules, past and present (if you want to know what episode you're about to see, that's the place to go).
  • As well, I've added a small, unobtrusive menu bar (and the accompanying pages, of course) to the top of many of the existing pages and done some general cosmetic mucking around everywhere.
  • I added some photos to various character pages (more to be added later) and some full cast photos to the Duty Roster section.
  • I am working on episode guides. These will be coming over the next few weeks/months...please be patient (it's a very time-consuming process).
  • I uploaded redirection pages onto the old site (pending the completion of the text-only pages) and sent a welcome message to all of you who registered for the mailing list.

July 4/99
Well, construction work is still going on but it's all coming together well. I've added some neat stuff lately -- if you haven't checked out the Supply Room recently you really should (there's a RealMovie clip of the opening credits from the Final Episode special, photos taken on location during the filming of an early episode, and other stuff). More great things to come.


NOTE: In late June, due to problems caused by the merger of Geocities and Yahoo, I decided to register my own domain for this site and move the entire thing to a "real" hosting company. All "What's New" notes after July 1 refer to this new site; all notes before July 1 refer to either of the old locations at Geocities.


June 18/99
RealMovie file of cast credits from the final episode special. Also uploaded information about the "All My Friends" record album. Please note that further updates will be on hold for about 2 weeks because I'll be temporarily Web-less. Next updates will be at end of June...thanks for your patience.:-)

June 13/99
1991 episode descriptions (episodes 819/820, 837-844, and 855-872 still to come).

June 11/99
Added "Search this site" panel to all main section pages. Made minor corrections to several existing pages.

June 9/99
1992 episode descriptions (episodes 893-896, 941/942, 947-958, and 963-968 still to come).

June 7/99

New home: As you've no doubt noticed, we've moved to a new neighbourhood in Geocities. This new location (in Television City) is more fitting to the nature of the web site. It also separates this web site from my personal home page (since this one has taken on a life of it's own). You'll also see that there are no more pesky little advertising pop-ups or banners across the top of the pages [yay!!] -- those really annoyed me so I decided to shell out the money to make them stop. A very wise investment, I'd say. ;-)

New look: I've changed the header and button graphics that are used throughout the whole site. I created these graphics to give the site a more professional feel. They're not perfect (neither am I!) but hopefully you like them as much as I do.

In addition to new graphics, I've also altered the general layout of the pages and the sections from the way they were before...
click here to find out more about why I chose the format I did. You can see that the sections have odd new names -- click here to find out why I picked the names I did.

New and updated information:
(1) I've added information to many of the old pages and generally mucked around with just about everything so take a good look around -- you may not find the information you're looking for on the same page you found it before.
(2) Many new pages of information have been added (and even more are waiting to be finished for later updates). Take your time exploring the site....treat it like it's a brand new site you've never seen before. If you need a little hint as to what you'll find here, click on the "Site Map" button.
(3) Much work is still left to be done -- Changes that will be coming over the next several weeks include updated episode guides, additional show information, cast biographies, and photos. During this time, you may find that pages you're looking for are incomplete or under construction -- please don't email to ask where the information is until the final update is in place (I'll post a note on this page once all updates are finished).

March 18/99
This web site will be moving to a new location in the "TelevisionCity" neighbourhood at Geocities -- the "grand opening" of the new site will be sometime during May or June, 1999. This new Wandin Valley Hospital will be almost completely updated, with expanded character information, cast information, and photos as well as some brand new things that you might not have expected, including trivia quizzes. Please note that the episode guides may not be completely updated for some time after the official opening.

In the meantime, no new updates will be made to the "old site" so that I can devote my attention to the new site. I think you'll find it's worth the wait and inconvenience.

January 25/99
Uploaded episode details for 1993 episode "Something of Value" (part 2) and 1992 episodes "Things We Do For Love" and "A Matter of Time".

January 22/99
Uploaded updates to Guest Stars section (ep. 969 to 977)

January 12/99
Uploaded most recent episode ("Something of Value" - part 1) details.

January 11/99
Uploaded Guest Stars section (list of all guest credited guest stars from episode 814 to "current").

January 9/99
Uploaded episode details (excluding crew credits) for 1992 episodes "Alfred the Great, Part III and IV" and "Riding for a Fall".

January 7/99
Uploaded episode details (excluding crew credits) for 1992 episodes "A Little Knowledge" and "The Contender".

January 6/99
Made minor cosmetic changes to several pages. Made updates to character page. Uploaded episode details (excluding crew credits) for 1992 episodes "Every Move You Make", "Out of Wedlock", "The Odds Against", "Old Flames", "Feet of Clay", and "Alfred the Great, part I and II".

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