What's New 1999
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Old 1998 "What's New" Notes
[Most recent entries are at top]

December 10
~ Uploaded full description for "latest" 1992 episodes "A Virtuous Woman" and "Heaven's Gate". Yes, I'm very slow at updating these days and I apologize for that. So much for an off-season at work! I have some time off at Xmas so hopefully I will get somewhat caught up then. Please be patient with me while I get my act together!

November 30
~ Reformatted the 1992 episode guides, putting each 2-hour episode on it's own page, accessed via a main 1992 page. This was done for two reasons: 1) to speed up loading times -- as I keep adding the amount of information I include, the pages were getting unwieldy; 2) because not all fans are currently watching the same episodes that we are here in Canada, I wanted to give everyone a way to avoid any "spoilers" by keeping each episode separate. Eventually all the pages will look like this (this will be done over the next couple of months).

November 17
~ Uploaded full description for "latest" 1992 episodes "Sleeping Beauty", "Secrets", "A Kiss Before Dying", and "Family". I have split up the 1992 episode guides into 3 pages, instead of 2. Also made some minor cosmetic changes and updates to character lists. You'll also notice that I've been gradually adding Geocities "geoguides" to the top of each page in order to try and stop those really really really annoying pop up windows (have I mentioned I find them really annoying?).

November 2
~ Uploaded full descriptions for "latest" 1992 episodes "Survivors" and "Where the Wild Things Are". Note: I now have Internet access at home so latest episodes will be added hopefully every couple of days (after the second part of each episode).

October 28
~ Uploaded full descriptions for 1992 episodes "Compulsion", "Heartbreaker", "Blood on the Vine", "Father to Son", "Little Boy Blue", "Travelling South", and "Phoenix". Also added Anna Lacey, Billy Moss, and Bernice Hudson to Characters and Cast lists. Made minor corrections and cosmetic changes as well. Added new title graphic for main page and link to ACP forum at Delphi.

October 15
~ Uploaded full descriptions for 1990 episodes "Romancing the Sloan", "Kiss Me Kate" and "Sisters", 1991 episodes "Dangerous Liaisons" and "The Goodbye Plan", and 1992 episodes "Deep Water", "Turning Point", and "High Hopes". Added Tom Newman (Jon Concannon) information.
Note: Sorry, I've been sick with the flu for the past few days. Remaining missing episode information will be uploaded over the next couple of weeks so please be patient.

October 11
~ Uploaded some cosmetic changes -- including the relocation of the episode guides into their own directory on the server (if you have bookmarks set up for the episode pages you may have to change them). Have discovered I somehow lost many updates I had already made to episodes, some of which hadn't been uploaded yet (must have accidentally overwritten the files at some point)....not too happy about that!! Due to this, some corrections may have been lost in addition to the updates. This means that I'm going to have redo them all from scratch, which is going to extend the amount of time required to get a full update uploaded. Please be patient.

October 6 and 7
~ Added Hugo (Gavin Harrison) and Darcy (Kym Wilson) to cast and character lists and made other small additions/changes to character profiles and episode guides.

October 5
~ Split combined episode pages into individual pages for each year. Uploaded "stage one" (titles, episode numbers, and air dates) of severely overdue episode information...remainder to come in small batches later on (I'm still really busy at work and will be for the next month or so). Also, between last "new" entry here (July 23) and today, uploaded minor changes to site (cosmetic changes, corrections, apology notes, etc.) on various dates.

July 23
~ Added some new data to episode guide and made some minor changes elsewhere.

July 6
~ Added new episode information (very late -- my apologies) and more character information (including animal characters)

June 23
~ Added some new episode information (sorry for the delay but I've been swamped -- still more to come tomorrow)

June 17
~ Corrected some information for Luke Ross-- thanks, Sarah (wish you'd left me your email address)

June 16
~ Corrected location description of Windsor -- oops! (thanks, Graeme)

June 15
~ Added old episode info from Marilyn Bolton (thanks, Marilyn) plus some more episode info that I've remembered.

June 12
~ Added latest Episode info.

June 10
~ Added more info to Tidbits page and finished adding new matron info to Characters and Episodes pages.

June 9
~ Added new episode info and new matron character info. Added link to David's fan page. Created this page.

June 5
~ Added Episode Guide page. Updated Character sketches with latest info. Added "Wandin Valley Estate" info to Tidbits.

~ Uploaded locally-existing "A Country Practice" pages to Geocities (created originally in March and April). Updated periodically throughout May (dates not noted 'cos I didn't create this page until June 9!).

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