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This little corner of the cyber galaxy started out as a lovely little rather benign obsession of mine. Recently, though, it's been mutating into something far larger and all-consuming, becoming almost a full-time job (something which annoys my real boss -- go figure!). So, I decided to post in this section those little ways in which you, as the viewing public, can help me regain control. Want to help in some way that is not listed here? By all means email me and make your mean proposal.

  1. Check out the Vi vil ha repriser av 'Hverdagsliv' page for information about the campaign to get TV2 in Norway to rerun the entire series again.

  2. The Greater Wandin Valley Mapping Expedition -- help me map the Valley, from Burrigan to Magnolia Vale and areas beyond.

  3. The Architectural Survey Project -- help me create diagrams of the interiors of the various buildings in Wandin Valley

  4. The Frank and Shirley Gilroy Memorial Rose Garden -- help Bob Campbell document the varieties of roses mentioned on "A Country Practice" to include in a real-life rose garden.

  5. The WVBNH Centenary poster -- help me determine the photos that appeared on this poster that appeared in the last episode of ACP.


Do you have any information, pictures, articles, fan stuff, etc., that you'd like to share? Do you have a suggestion for something to add to this site? Feel an overwhelming need to correct me about something? By all means, please email me and tell me all about it.


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NOTE: This site is in no way affiliated with JNP Productions or Seven Network but is merely a labour of love from me to you. All graphics and the layout and presentation of the information on this web site are Kitty MacAlpine. Plotlines, characters, dialogue quotes, hospital name, clinic image, show stills, and other show-specific details are JNP Productions. Please view the disclaimer page for more information.