For this web site I've tried very hard to use only information that I've compiled myself from the actual episodes, magazine articles, or other primary sources (see "Sources of Information" for details). With the exception of a few web sites dedicated to non-ACP topics, absolutely nothing on this site has been taken from another fan web site. Any resemblances between this site and other ACP-related sites are either a result of coincidence or because the owner of the other site has borrowed (with or without permission) information and/or images from mine. FYI: I have no problem sharing the information on this site with anyone who wishes it but I ask, for courtesy's sake, that you ask me before you take it. I have gone to a great deal of trouble to compile most of the info on this site and I think that this is a reasonable request.

However, when it comes to photographs, I admit that I've violated my own rules (see the first three points below), generally because I cannot locate the appropriate copyright holders to obtain explicit permission or have not received any response one way or another from the people I perceive to be the appropriate copyright holders. This web site is not a commercial enterprise (in fact it COSTS me a great deal of money to run it). I don't believe that my use of any the copyrighted items causes any financial loss to any of the parties involved but I am 100% willing to remove anything that is disapproved of by any of the copyright holders.

  • This site is in no way affiliated with JNP Productions or Seven Network but is merely a labour of love from me to you. Plotlines, characters, dialogue quotes, hospital name, clinic image, show stills, and other show-specific details are JNP Productions. Since the purpose of this web site is simply to give this wonderful show the "Web presence" it deserves, I would hope that there would be no objections to my use of any of these items. James Davern and JNP Productions have visited the site at various points and have raised no objections. However, if that changes in the future, please email me at and let me know what's wrong -- I'll do my best to correct or remove it.

  • Many of the pictures on this site were scanned from the 10th birthday souvenir magazine. This magazine is no longer being published and in fact is very difficult to obtain by any means if you don't already have it. Since my use of the images will in no way result in any financial loss to the magazine publishers, I decided (after some deep thought) to use some of the pictures here on this web site. If you represent the publishers and object to my use of any of these images, please email me at and I'll remove them immediately.

  • Other pictures have been scanned for me by other fans from very old magazines. Again, these magazines are long out of print and I don't think my use of the pictures causes them any financial loss. If you represent the publishers and object to my use of any of these images, please email me at and I'll remove them immediately.

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  1. My memory (and from the actual episodes) first and foremost. Information from the shows themselves is painstakingly mined by me (and occassionally other fans) for inclusion on this site. This information includes (but isn't limited to) episode descriptions and synopses, character information, general show information and trivia, best line/scene suggestions, data for the various lists in the Exam Cubicle, guest information, and crew information.

  2. That first-hand information was augmented with data from original JNP character notes as well as the 10th birthday souvenir magazine and other Australian magazines from that time period. The master list of all 1058 episodes as well as the original airdates was obtained from a document provided to me by a person closely associated with the show. It is unlikely (though admittedly not impossible) that anyone would have been obtained this information elsewhere.

  3. Some information was also received from various fans via email, chats, and the Onelist ACP mailing list. Some info was also obtained from non-ACP web sites and/or web site owners. Links are provided to these web sites wherever it is appropriate. People who have been particularly helpful are credited in the "Thank yous" section of the Matron's Office and/or on the appropriate pages.

  4. Finally, some information comes from sources I choose to keep private for a variety of reasons.


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