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Quality Soap cover A Country Practice:
Quality Soap

by John Tulloch and Albert Moran

Published in 1986 by
Currency Press Pty Ltd,
330 Oxford St.,
Paddington, NSW 2021

303 pp., softcover, 13.9 cm X 21 cm

[ISBN 0-86819-142-6]

This book delves into the reasons why "A Country Practice" has been so popular. There are some nice black and white photos of the early cast members but it's largely a description of how the show was made, snippets of media articles, and a discussion of the effect the show had on its viewers. I recommend this book very highly if you want to learn more about the technicalities of how ACP was made. It's a dry read, though, so it's probably not for people who just want a souvenir.

Where to get it:
Strangely enough you can't order it from BarnesandNoble.com or Amazon.com, in spite of the fact that you will see it listed in the Amazon.com online catalog (you could always
try ordering it through your local book store, though). You can definitely order it from
Gleebooks in Sydney, Australia. The cost in 1999 was $17.95 AUD plus shipping . I would recommend that you email them at books@gleebooks.com.au for more information, availability, and pricing details (including an estimate of shipping costs).

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