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A Country Practice
10th Birthday Glossy 100-page Souvenir Magazine

10th Anniversary Magazine

Published in November 1991 by Express Publications Pty Ltd,
75 Jellicoe Street,
Lidcombe, NSW 2141

[ISSN 1037-2377]


This is a souvenir magazine put out in honor of the show's 10th birthday. It contains descriptions of the various characters, some limited info on the cast members, interesting information about how the show was put together, and tons of photos. Most, if not all, of the information that is in this magazine is (or will be) on this web site. The photos are pretty good. It's a definite must-have (if you can get it).


This is a definite must-have book for ACP fans. Lots of pictures and articles. (A more extensive review will be coming soon.)

Where to find this book:

People periodically come across this magazine in used book and magazine stores. The magazine also turns up periodically on eBay, usually for a fairly reasonable price (between $5 and $10, plus shipping).

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