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A Country Practice: Quality Soap

A Country Practice: Quality Soap

by John Tulloch and Albert Moran

Published in 1986 by
Currency Press Pty Ltd,
330 Oxford St.,
Paddington, NSW 2021

303 pp., softcover, 13.9 cm X 21 cm

[ISBN 0-86819-142-6]


This book delves into the reasons why "A Country Practice" has been so popular. There are some nice black and white photos of the early cast members but it's largely a description of how the show was made, snippets of media articles, and a discussion of the effect the show had on its viewers. I recommend this book very highly if you want to learn more about the technicalities of how ACP was made. It can be a dry read at times, though, so it's probably not for people who just want a souvenir.

One small problem with this book is the binding. After a few reads, the binding tends to break and pages will fall out of the book. Great care should be taken with it.


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Where to find this book:

When I first started this site over ten years ago, it was incredibly difficult to find a copy of this book. (I ended up ordering it in 1998 or 1999 from Gleebooks in Sydney, Australia, for under $20 plus shipping.)

It does turn up periodically on eBay, though, and through the Amazon used books marketplace. (Be warned, though, that it can be pretty expensive through used book sellers.) You may also be able to special order it through your own local bookstore. If you're in Australia, it may also be available in your local library or through inter-library loan.

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