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Molly and Brendan:
The Untold Story

Molly and Brendan: the Untold Story

by Suzanne Hawley

Published in 1984 by
John Fairfax Marketing,
2nd Floor, 23 Hamilton St.,
Sydney, NSW 2000

173 pp., softcover, 13.9 cm X 21 cm

[ISBN 0 909558-87-6]

Suzanne Hawley was a script editor, story consultant, and writer (eps 329 and 385) for JNP Films/A Country Practice.

Blurb from back cover:

   "TV's most unforgettable couple endured a tormented past before the peace of Wandin Valley.
   Molly Smithers, embittered by the divorce of her parents and believing her mother to blame, changes from a warm, loving girl and heads off on a course of self-destruction and wilfil behaviour.
   Brendan Jones, struggling to make ends meet as a student nurse, takes another job in a bid to help pay his father's debts.
   The couple meet and the first few encounters are disastrous. However, through their involvement with a badly injured child, they forget their differences and a firm friendship develops Out of this relationship grows a great love and a fresh start in Wandin Valley..."


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Where to find this book:

As with all of the other A Country Practice books, this book is no longer in print so the only way you're going to get a copy is to find a second hand copy for sale (or giveaway) somewhere. Copies occasionally turn up on eBay for a fairly reasonble price (usually under $10 plus shipping), but it isn't seen up for sale nearly as often as Tales from Wandin Valley or the 10th Anniversary magazine.

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