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Over the course of its 12 year production history, memorabilia of varying kinds were available to fans of the show. It's unlikely you'll find any of these items for sale anywhere so it is my intention to show you what they were like. If you have any ACP-related items that you would like to share with other fans via this web site, please email me and let me know.

Do you have any A Country Practice memorabilia that you'd like to share? Let me know by writing me at kitty (at)

On This Site

I'm still in the process of compiling together the images and information for much of the memorabilia that I have or know about, including fanzines, clothing, the Mad Magazine spoof, past contests, scrapbooks, and scripts.

In the meantime, the following items are available::

  • Fan Cards
    These cards were sent out by JNP and each one bore the picture (and often the signature) of one or more of the "A Country Practice" cast members
  • Contests
    Information about and ads for a variety of contests that were held while the show was still in production.
  • Letters
    Letters from A Country Practice cast members received by fans
  • Props
    These props from the show went up for auction a few years ago on eBay.
  • Scrapbooks
    Primarily scrapbooks that I've seen up for auction on eBay..

On Other Sites

A selection of memorabilia collected by Gordon Piper are showcased on Barbara Wedlake's site, including signed fan cards, invitations, a drawing of Gordon by Shane Porteous, Bob's boots, Bob's old patient card, and a variety of photos, including a panorama image of the club.

*We miss you, SydWe miss you, GordonWe miss you, Sophie