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Fan cards

During the production period of the show, fans would often write to their favorite actor in care of JNP Films. JNP Films would then send out a card (or cards) containing the picture of the actor and usually their signature as well. (Sometimes these signatures were mechanically produced; other times, they were real.)

These are known as "fan cards". The fan card scans on this page are grouped roughly according to the time period during which the actor/character appeared ion the show: original cast members, early 80s members, mid-to-late 80s case members, late 80s and early 90s cast members, and finally group cards. (Click on any of the thumbnail pictures to see larger versions of the cards.)

NOTE: Most of the original scans had to be fiddled with to make them fit here, which sometimes resulted in them taking on a softer focus appearance than the originals. This shouldn't detract from your enjoyment of the pictures, though.

Do you have any A Country Practice fan cards that you'd like to share? Let me know by writing me at kitty (at)

Individual cast member fan cards

Brian Wenzel* Brian Wenzel* Brian Wenzel* Shane Porteous* Shane Porteous* Shane Porteous* Lorrae Desmond* Shane Withington* Anne Tenney* Penny Cook* Grant Dodwell* Joyce Jacobs* Joyce Jacobs* Syd Heylen* Syd Heylen* Gordon Piper* Emily Nicol* Wendy Strehlow* Nicholas Bufalo* Anne Davies* Joan Sydney* Joan Sydney as Maggie Sloan* Brett Climo *Jo Mitchell* Diane Smith* Mark Owen-Taylor* Maureen Edwards* Judith McGrath* Anne Looby* Jon Concannon* Michelle Pettigrove* Andrew Blackman* Andrew Blackman* Georgie Parker (photocopy of card)* Georgie Parker* John Tarrant* Sophie Heathcote* Matt Day (from photocopy of card)* Kym Wilson* Gavin Harrison* Jamie Croft* Mary Regan (from photocopy of card)* Michael Muntz (from photocopy of card)* Georgina Fisher (from photocopy of card)*


Multiple cast member/group fan cards   

Brian Wenzel and Lorrae Desmond* ACP Cast* ACP Cast* ACP Cast* ACP Cast* ACP Cast* ACP Cast* ACP Cast***ACP Cast*

*We miss you, SydWe miss you, GordonWe miss you, Sophie