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A Country Practice
Unforgettable Moments Season 1-5

A Country Practice: Unforgettable Moments Seasons 1-5

Released: ??
by Beyond Home Entertainment
Contains: 5 episodes on 3 DVDs

Format: PAL, Colour
Region: 4
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Fullscreen
Audio: 2.0 Dolby Digital
Languag : English
Total running time: 278 mins
Retail price: $39.95 AUD
Barcode: 9318500033611

The DVD set contains five of the most memorable episodes from seasons one through five of A Country Practice, including the following episodes:

That doesn't add up to 278 minutes so presumably it doesn't include both episodes of each two-episode block. (I don't have the set but I presume it includes only the second episodes for everything but "Molly".)

Coming soon.

Where to find this DVD set:

  • Several DVD sellers are selling the sets on eBay. The general prices seem to be under $40 US plus shipping and handling. (Note: prices and S&H vary among sellers; if I may offer a tip, don't bid more than you'd have to pay if you bought it through an online seller -- I see that a copy of series 2, part 2 sold at one point on Bay for $101, which is more than it would have cost to order from EzyDVD)

    Search eBay: US site | AU site | CA site | UK site
  • (as of March 31, 2010, they were offering it at a sale price of $22.70 AUD + S&H for international customers)
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