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All My Friends

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This record album was released in 1983 and is a compilation of tunes performed by some of the stars of the popular shows "Sons and Daughters" and "A Country Practice".

Side 1: The stars of "Sons & Daughters" sing!

All My Friends, side 1

1. Sons & Daughters Theme
2. Some Kind Of Friend - Ian Rawlings
3. Bosom Buddies - Pat McDonald & Rowena Wallace
4. The More I See You - Peter Phelps & Kim Lewis
5. Behind Closed Doors - Thomas Richards & Leila Hayes
6. Sometimes When We Touch - Steven Comey
7. Help Me Make It Through The Night - Leila Hayes
8. Friends - Rowena Wallace

Side 2: The stars of "A Country Practice " sing!

All My Friends, side 2

1. A Country Practice Theme
2. Dream A Little Dream - Shane Withington
3. As Time Goes By - Brian Wenzel
4. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off - Penny Cook & Grant Dodwell
5. True Love - Lorrae Desmond & Brian Wenzel
6. Yesterday When I Was Young - Lorrae Desmond
7. Woolloomooloo - Syd Heylen
8. My First Night Without You - Helen Scott

*We miss you, SydWe miss you, GordonWe miss you, Sophie