Why the odd section names?



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Back in 1999-ish I renamed my old "A Country Practice Fan Site" because I wanted to give the web site a more unique format than it originally had. In keeping with this new format, I decided to name the various sections after the different rooms you'd find at the "real" hospital.

WAITING ROOM: The first room you'd enter in a hospital and the first section you'll find yourself in here.

MATRON'S OFFICE: Since this is the place you'd generally fill out forms and get general information about the hospital, this is where I've put the general information about this web site plus links to all the feedback forms that are available throughout the site.

GILROY WING: This section really has very little to do with the "real" Gilroy Wing. It was named this in honour of Shirley Gilroy, one of my favorite characters, and is the location of all of the character information.

DUTY ROSTER: I know...it's technically not a room name. It was so named because is houses the information about all of the people who were "on duty" as the various characters -- in other words, the cast members.

KITCHEN: The people in the kitchen are the people you never really get to see, the people behind the scenes. Here, it houses the crew information, the people who made ACP the success it was.

PAN ROOM: This was the first section to be named and houses all of the episode guides. It was named this because, like a real pan room, creating the guides is a long and tedious task that has to be done regularly or you'll have a huge mess on your hands.

EXAM CUBICLE: Since the exam cubicle is where in-depth exploration of the patients begins, here on this web site this is where you'll find in-depth information about the show, including my truly obsessive statistics and obscure trivia.

SUPPLY ROOM: If there were any available, this would ideally be where you could stock up on ACP related merchandise. Unfortunately, there is very little of this kind of thing around so this section instead showcases some of the items that fans around the world have accumulated. For the few books etc. that you can get, I try to provide ordering information.

PATIENT ROOMS: Since most visitors to the Valley end up as patients in the hospital through some misfortune or another, this seemed like a good place to put the guest star information.

STAFF LOUNGE: Every hospital needs a place where the staff members can relax, chat with one another, and post important information. On this site, this section links to things like the mailing list and forum, offers free email addresses, and puzzles, games, and wallpaper.

MORGUE: What better place to put information about the failed second incarnation of the series on Channel 10? This section is your link to all the information I have about this series (this section is still largely under construction).

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