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  Thank yous  

Since I first created this web site a couple of years ago, many people have been of immeasurable help to me. The main ones are listed here, in somewhat chronological order (others are listed on the appropriate web pages):

Dave Smith, owner of the only other ACP fan site out there (so far) for all the moral support over the months.

Marilyn B. who provided me with my first external source of episode information (a big help, I might add) and who patiently emailed me many scans so that I could have my first glimpse of the "Quality Soap" book.

A super huge thanks to Graeme and Robyn for the fabulous pressies of ACP stuff and for patiently answering of all my questions -- without you, this truly wouldn't be the web site it is and I am ever grateful to you. XO

Fram, Is, Chantal, and Sue for sharing information, mega marathon chats, and bizarre emails. They also stand accused of being the ones who inspired (and continue to inspire) me to make all these time-consuming changes to the web site due to their very impressive and far reaching imaginations (an extra special thanks goes to Chantal for also copying all those episodes that I screwed up the taping of). :-)

Mark G. for making tape copies and emailing pics and digital media to add to the site. Also to Danny P. for tape copying.

Jessica, Bree, and Michelle for their friendship and for patiently mailing and emailing pictures, articles, and other nifty things to help make this web site even better.

Martin C. for his fantastic descriptions of episodes currently airing in Shanghai.

Paul E. for sharing his photos and article collection.

The many members of the ACP Onelist mailing list for all the great information and lively discussions (it'd be impossible to list you all here, not that you'd probably want me to).

All of the fans who have joined in our chats or have written to me via email, offering new information or just offering their best wishes -- it's nice to know that you enjoy this as much as me. It's what keeps me going.


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NOTE: This site is in no way affiliated with JNP Productions or Seven Network but is merely a labour of love from me to you. All graphics and the layout and presentation of the information on this web site are Kitty MacAlpine. Plotlines, characters, dialogue quotes, hospital name, clinic image, show stills, and other show-specific details are JNP Productions. Please view the disclaimer page for more information.