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  Who am I?  

I'm just one of the many fans of "A Country Practice" who have been brought together through the wonder of the Internet. I love the show and have an obsessive personality, an unhealthy dose of good old Taurean tenacity, and no life to speak of -- it seemed like a perfect combination of traits for the person who would come to slave over this web site through many a sleepless night. I do it because I can't imagine not doing it.

I started watching "A Country Practice" in 1991, when the show began airing on ASN in Canada (in the Maritimes). At the time, I was getting updates on current ACP events from a friend in Australia so I knew what was going to happen in advance. When ASN stopped airing the show and Showcase began airing it from the beginning again, I only got to watch the episodes intermittently because I didn't have a working VCR. Since mid-1998, I've been taping all the episodes and attempting to write up descriptions for them.

In my alternate reality, I'm a software coordinator (i.e. tester, developer, and all around software development flunky) for a company that makes career exploration software. Here in this little corner of the Web, I am webmistress, web designer, content developer, and general all-round jill-of-all-trades.

Oh yeah, wondering what I look like?

Well, here's a nice little shot of yours truly, long before this web site turned her hair grey and gave her eyes the wild look of a soul possessed (though if you look closely, you can just see the devil lurking behind those baby browns). :-)


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NOTE: This site is in no way affiliated with JNP Productions or Seven Network but is merely a labour of love from me to you. All graphics and the layout and presentation of the information on this web site are Kitty MacAlpine. Plotlines, characters, dialogue quotes, hospital name, clinic image, show stills, and other show-specific details are JNP Productions. Please view the disclaimer page for more information.