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  Notes about the design of this site  

Basic Page Design: This site was created on a 486/50MHz IBM Thinkpad with next-to-no hard drive space, even less RAM, shockingly low color capability, and a 10.5" LCD panel with 640 X 480 maximum screen resolution. Why should you care? Because it means that I designed this site to accommodate the lowest settings (i.e. me!) -- all pages are either hardcoded with a layout width of 600 pixels or will shrink to fit any width. If you are using a much larger screen resolution (especially anything over 800 X 600), you may see a fair amount of "white space" to the left and right of the information on many of the pages.

Buttons: All main section pages contain display the same set of navigation buttons on the left side. However some pages within the sections contain so much text that the buttons become cumbersome -- this is especially true in the Gilroy Wing (i.e. character pages), Pan Room (i.e. episode guides), and Duty Roster (i.e. cast biographies) where you'll find that the button bar is only displayed on the main pages and not on the individual pages. Where there are no buttons, the page will either load in a new browser window or a javascript "jump-to" menu will be included at the bottom of the page to allow you to visit other pages without clicking your browser's BACK button.

Browser Compatibility: I've tested the functionality of all pages using MSIE 4, Netscape 4, Neoplanet, and Opera 3.6, though you shouldn't experience problems using other browsers as well (no guarantees, though). It looks best in MSIE, however, because that's what I use at home (I only have the hard drive space for one of the primary browsers and Netscape takes too much memory to run). The font sizes may be a bit off in the latest version of Opera -- I'm not sure why that is. If you do have trouble with another browser, let me know and I'll try to address the problem. Please note that in order for the button rollovers and jump to menus to function, you must have a javascript-enabled browser.

Printing: Most of the pages on this web site have been designed to print out on one sheet of paper. Pages which contain a great deal of information (such as the episode guides, timeline, and sitemap) may be 2 or more pages long. See the Pan Room FAQs for info about printing the detailed episode descriptions.

Accessibility: Due to the formatting and layout of this web site, I can't guarantee that it will be "accessible" to all surfers (meaning that visually impaired or otherwise disadvantaged persons may not be able to navigate or translate all of the pages properly). I am in the process of creating a "text only" site that will be more accessible.


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