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Name: Louise
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi, I am huge fan of ACP, I love watching re-runs on channel 7. My all time favourite characters are Tom, Anna,Kate and Harry. I was wondering what has happened to all the actors now that the show has ended. If anyone knows anything, feel free to email me and tell me.
Tuesday February 29th 2000 01:22:01

Name: Sally
E-mail address:
Comments: HI!!!! I love ACP!!!!!! I was a regular watcher until I moved to New Zealand in 1993.... I missed most of the last season, but got a few eps recorded and sent over to me, including the last episode. I used to ride my horse around Pitt Town.. the real life Wandin Valley!!!
Friday January 7th 2000 12:01:01

Name: john stone
E-mail address:
Comments: got hooked on the series when it was a late afternoon programme filler here in the uk along with a lot of other aussie soaps sullivans sons&daughters ect
Sunday November 21st 1999 11:57:23

Name: Ruth Hempsey
E-mail address:
Comments: This is a great site, I'm amazed at the dedication of the compiler and very grateful for its existence, being a besotted fan of ACP, the original, of course!I first began watching at the episode where Michael arrives and never missed an episode thereafter, thanks to my trusty VCR, except once or twice when our cable went out. I was shocked when I realised it was cancelled-what TV executive idiot made THAT decision? I watched the second series, a poor substitute, and am delighted that Showcase is repeating the series so that I'm now watching Vicky, Simon, Terence, Marta, Frank and Shirley, Molly and Brendan live their lives-hooray for reruns! Our great Showcase channel has Water Rats and Adrenalin Junkies too, which I also watch, and they have links to the fan sites, which is how I found this great site. Somewhere I read that Molly singing Blow the wind southerly was a favourite - I've not seen that yet of course, but the song is a North Country folk song from Tyneside, Northumberland, and every Geordie, as Tynesiders are known as, grows up with this lovely song. I have it on an LP sung by Kathleen Ferrier, a wonderful singer, incase the person who loves the song is interested. (I'm a Geordie-although I've lived in Alberta for 30 years) Keep up the good work!!! P.S. One quibble-I tried to e-mail this song info but the e-mail function doesn't seem to be functioning at the moment.
Thursday August 19th 1999 03:19:33

Name: Alison
Homepage URL:
Comments: Great show, I love watching the repeats of a morning!!
Wednesday July 28th 1999 09:28:00

Name: Neil
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi, I'm a big fan of ACP and I'm thrilled to find a fantastic site dedicated to it! Well done! It's permanantly bookmarked on my browser! I saw all the original episodes and am currently enjoying the re-runs on ch.7 (via vcr..shhh!) It may interest some to know that my friend used to own Dr. Harry Morrison's beat up vw combi "Old Nellie". Remember? The flag across the roof is quite distinctive! And I can assure everyone that the way you see it on the show is exactly the way it was when we used to drive it down the Hume Hwy and back to Sydney on regular occasions! Broke down more times than I care to remember! Ahh...memories!
Sunday July 25th 1999 01:28:31

Name: Anne Lise Kasenborg from Norway.
E-mail address:
Comments: I am a big fan of Wandin Vallay Bush Nursing Hospital.
Friday July 23rd 1999 03:35:01

Name: Barb
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi! I live in Stayner, Ontario, Canada. Thanks for a great web site! I have been HOOKED on ACP ever since I was home on maternity leave. Actually the first episode I saw was when Frank and Shirley thought she was pregnant when she actually had a tumour and I've been watching it ever since. I was completly heart broken when the series ended but I am enjoying the repeats sooooooo much. I now get to see all the episodes I missed when I had to go back to work. Like when Molly died and Steve died. My all time favourite characters are Terrance, Simon, Molly, Lucy and Kate but I have to admit my all time least favourite was Marta. I wonder what some of the cast members I listed are up to now! If anyone knows please e-mail me!
Wednesday July 7th 1999 07:51:14

Name: Kel Williamson
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi! It's great to finally find a website on my favourite show! I'm from Australia, so I've seen all the episodes the first time around and if any of you are too impatient (like me) to see what happens in episodes you haven't seen yet, email me your questions and I'll answer them! I really liked the 2nd series done by Channel 10, although Channel 10 doesn't have the big budgets that Channel 7 does so the standard wasn't the same. Of all the episodes of ACP, Ian McIntyre the park ranger was my favourite character and my least favourite was Claire, the new nurse, because she wasn't nice to Ian! Anyway, I'd been looking for ACP on the internet for ages and I'm glad to have finally found one.
Monday July 5th 1999 02:37:25

Name: Fiona
E-mail address:
Comments: This is an AWESOME website. ACP is the best show. My all time favourite characters are Michael Langley and Jo Loveday.
Thursday July 1st 1999 09:02:18

E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: I am a fan of the axed aussie soap ESTREET. Which starred ACP cast members Penny Cook,Jo Mitchell,Kate Raison and Joan Sydney. I`m currently starting an ESTREET website,so i`m looking for any info,pics etc on the show and those four fab ladies listed above....................................................................... .ACP SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN AXED!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday June 27th 1999 07:32:28

Name: Peter Olm
E-mail address:
Comments: Nice Site. I watch ACP every morning, and it's good to see other fans of the show on the web as well!
Thursday June 24th 1999 10:22:03

Name: Monique
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: WHOA A COUNTRY PRACTICE SITE!!!! AAAARRRRGH man this is trippy but very, VERY cool... I love it!! But you certainly did steal my idea: I was going to make a fansite (although it was based originally on dodgy but totally loveable Australian TV shows ie. Hunter, ACP, Prisoner, Sons & Daughters). Keep up the fantabulous work!!! (and get some schmoozy pics of the cast, PARTICUARLY Esme and Cookie: I KNOW they were secretly having an affair underneath the bar)
Wednesday June 23rd 1999 06:18:45

Name: Janet
E-mail address:
Comments: I was thrilled to find a web site for ACP - AT LAST. I have been searching for the last year. I havae been a fan of the show ever since I found it when off sick from work way back in 1983. I think my all time favourite charachter has to be Maggie Sloan, she was quite superb! I also quite liked Harry Morrison, for quite a different reason. Seriously, I think ACP is THE best programme to come out of Australia. I never called it a soap because I think it was far better than that. I still have the final two episodes , where the Valley burned, on tape and I still cry when I see the pictures of Molly and Brendan. i still do not understand why Seven Network cancelled it. That is totally beyond me.
Tuesday June 22nd 1999 02:34:13

Name: Emmillie
E-mail address:
Homepage URL: http://****
Comments: I have e mailed you, but just want to thank you for doing such a fantastic job on your web site. YESSSSSSSSSS, I am so happy to be going through it. It will take some time, but I shall savour every moment I spend with it. Now a few questions, but first one BIG suggestion, PLEASE, please could you change your guestbook sit colours. Purple on Black is impossible for me (a sever migrane sufferer) to read. I know that I am not the only person in the World, but I do want to read peopl's comments. However if you have never had migrane, you can have no idea what it is like trying to read the dreambook. The words "dance" all over the place. Ok now to the questions. I get the feeling that we are getting close to the end of the original series, Maggie Sloan has come back. I have missed it for a couple of months and am totally lost. Esmae, is still around. How long was it from the time Maggie came back to the fire that you mention? Any other people from Nova Scotia reading this site? I will be back frequently. I much prefer ACP to North American soaps, People on ACP know how to have good clean fun and it is much more believable. Aslo, being in the medical World, I am impressed by the accuracy of the scenes in the hospital. Great site, thanks a lot.
Saturday June 19th 1999 05:53:37

Name: trina
E-mail address:
Comments: WOW!!!!!!! so many people like a tv show that i thought was uniquely australian and forotten about by most aussies and the world but here u are norweigans canadians australians this is sooo cool!! oh BTW- im from ipswich QLD Australia u can email me if u like and yeah ACP rules!! i loved lucy- molly jo and steve!! and i was soooo sad the day syd heylan (cookie) and gordon piper (bob) died they were the funniest people!!
Saturday June 19th 1999 04:24:43

Name: trina
E-mail address:
Comments: This site ROCKs!!!! im 16 now but i was an avid fan of ACP for years!! ive seen every episode and the repeats of most of them also i never cried so muc in my life when molly steve and shirly died!! i was blown away to hear that it was being shown in canada that is soooo cool!!
Saturday June 19th 1999 04:15:12

Name: Bree Roberts
E-mail address:
Comments: Hey Everyone, I am the biggest ACP FAN ever! I know they are repeats(In Australia)and I ahve seen them all before, but I still watch it every morning. My favourite characters are Luke, Steve, Harry, Lucy, Maggie, Tom Simon and Vicky. I would love emails from anyone, and I hope I CAN ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE. Go On, email me!!!1
Monday June 7th 1999 04:51:51

Name: Danielle
E-mail address:
Comments: I also am a 'A country Practice' lover. At the end of year 12 I was given an award for having hardly ever missed an episode in the whole time I should have been studying. I still came out with good grades though! I am really impressed to see how many 'not-Australian' people there are who also really love ACP. Follow ing the trend of others my favourite characters are Simon, Brendan, Molly, Kathy, Ben, Steve, Luke, Esme, Perc and Matron Slone.
Sunday June 6th 1999 11:36:43

Name: The Echidna
E-mail address:
Comments: Fortunatly no one died in the fire. In the end you find out that Anna is pregnant with a girl and Terrance and Rosemary get married. Then they started 'The New Country Practice' which I dislike. Like everyone else has said, it's like the others never exsisted. I guess you can assume that Terrance and Rosemary moved away, and you know that Kate is devorcing Harry, but other than that, no one else is ever mentioned. I hope that the 'New' series isn't on for too much longer.
Wednesday June 2nd 1999 07:35:40

Name: Robyn Clapton
E-mail address:
Comments: I wish I could comment on this site but I have been unable to access any areas as yet but if it has all that it promises then I am sure I will love it all the same. I have watched all the episodes form day one and have even started watching the reruns that have been shown here on 7Central. I hope I can comment about your site soon when I get it working.
Saturday May 29th 1999 03:31:30

Name: Katharine Draper
E-mail address:
Comments: I missed the May 14th episode! Can anyone tell me what happened to the old characters? Were any of them killed in the fire, or did they just leave when the town burnt down? Also, does anyone know the date when the episodes will start repeating (on Showcase in Canada)? I'd love to hear from other fans!
Thursday May 27th 1999 12:31:28

Name: Elin Christina
E-mail address:
Comments: Wow!!! I didn`t know it untill today! My favorite TV-series has actually got a web site!!!!!!! IT`S GREEEEEEEAAAAATTTT!!!!!!! I watch it everyday, and I`ve always loved the characters!! I was about 9-10 when I started watching it. Now I`m 15. It started here in Norway just after TV2 was "born". My best friend also watches it, and my Grandma`. We love it!! I especially like(d) Lucy, Chloe, Donna, Molly, (Yeah, I really remember the episode when she died! It was awful.. I cried a lot...) Steve, Luke, Micheal, Jo and Darcy, and of course HUGO!! But I think all the others are really great too!!! IF THERE IS ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO LOVES ACP AS MUCH AS I, MAIL ME!!!!!!! Then we can discuss it, and talk about it! It would be really great!! Well, thanx a lot for this great web site, and DON`T PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!! OR THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Norway`s BIGGEST fan of A country practice!
Wednesday May 26th 1999 10:34:08

Wednesday May 26th 1999 08:00:16

Name: Melissa
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Hey I was just watching a rerun of A Country Practice (I'm from Australia) and was curious as to how Steve I searched for info, and found this site!! I have fond memories of watching it as I was growing up, and pretending we were the characters at school (I was Lucy!) However, I don't remember anything about the "new" country practice..when was it aired in Australia and did it have any of the old characters at all? Anyway, keep up the GREAT work!! I'll be back soon.
Wednesday May 26th 1999 12:13:15

Name: Cindy B
E-mail address:
Comments: What happened to Wandin Valley? I have watched the show faithfully and I am not very fond of the new characters, that have appeared since the town burnt down. The older cast seemed to have some character. I live in Alberta Canada and I would like to know if showcase is going to re run it from the beginning.
Tuesday May 25th 1999 06:25:21

Name: Maureen Callow
E-mail address:
Comments: What has happened to the old cast,nobody mentions them, it's as if they never existed. Why did frank, anna,tom,kate,perc, darcy(wont miss her)and billy(wont miss him)leave? I live in canada and the "new"country practice has just started here in Alberta but i long for the "old" country practice with Terence and Rosemary at the helm, what happened to them the last we saw was them getting married. I would be very grateful for any recent news about the old cast
Sunday May 23rd 1999 06:20:00

Name: Maureen Callow
E-mail address:
Comments: What has happened to the old cast,nobody mentions them, it's as if they never existed. Why did frank, anna,tom,kate,perc, darcy(wont miss her)and billy(wont miss him)leave?
Sunday May 23rd 1999 06:11:42

Name: lynette
E-mail address:
Comments: This is brilliant, a wonderful place to relive old memories. Here in Canada we receive the show once a day from one 0'clock untill 2 0'clock in the afternoon. It is a great break from "other" soaps, down to earth and not full of smutt. I do miss Cookie and Bob though. I am not too sure how far from the end we are but when we visited Australia in 1996 I was heart broken to find out that the show had finished. My nan lives in England and she said that it has just finished there too. Never mind,we now have this great site and I will look forward to visiting again. Thank you so much, you have made my day.
Saturday May 15th 1999 08:28:57

Name: Lisa
E-mail address:
Comments: This is a great site. I was suprised that there was a ACP one. I love the show and have been a huge fan for as long as it was on. I also enjoy the repeats as I tape most of the episodes. My favourite characters were Jo & Michael, Anna and Tom, Matt & Lucy and Molly of course.
Tuesday May 11th 1999 05:39:11

Name: Bill Barteau
E-mail address:
Comments: My wife and I loved to watch ACP when we received Showcase. However, a move resulted in us losing access to it and we have been going through a slow withdrawl! We desperately miss the show and certainly hope that when we get access to Showtime again (soon, we hope!) they will continue to show it! Thanks for the great site! Bill & Patricia Barteau
Thursday May 6th 1999 04:47:43

Name: m dixon
E-mail address:
Comments: Jon(my husband) and i loved country practice frmom the early 80's . Unfortunately the repeats are not available in the u
Wednesday May 5th 1999 05:43:17

Name: Chantelle Kemp
E-mail address:
Comments: I LOVE Counrty Practice!!!!!!! Please Email me, if U do!!
Monday April 26th 1999 02:19:49

Name: Susan
E-mail address:
Comments: I love the show and since getting our computer have been looking for other people to talk to and share thoughts about our favorite show. Thanks for the site and chance to read commits from other ACP fans.
Thursday April 15th 1999 10:36:43

Name: Susan
E-mail address:
Comments: I love the show and since getting our computer have been looking for other people to talk to and share thoughts about our favorite show. Thanks for the site and chance to read commits from other ACP fans.
Thursday April 15th 1999 10:32:49

Name: Bar
E-mail address:
Comments: Love ACP, love the site, good on you!
Tuesday April 6th 1999 07:21:52

Name: Judy Wood
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

internet explorer
Comments: I could not believe anyone else watched A Country Practice. I watch it every day and when I can't I tape it. One question though - how do I get onto the chat? Thanks Judy
Saturday April 3rd 1999 11:22:50

Name: Porcher
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: The part of the series that I did watch was most enjoyable I was so upset when it came to an end. If you can I'd love a e-mail back and some info about ACP. From Porcher20.
Tuesday March 23rd 1999 08:09:52

Name: Sigurd Skjefte
Comments: Thank you for a very good site!! Have been a ACP-fan for many years now, since 1992 when norwegian television started the show. It is great and the people there are very good idols, I think.
Thursday March 18th 1999 09:26:50

Name: Carol Renaud
E-mail address:
Comments: Both my husband and I are great fans of ACP and have been watching since it began on Showcase. I love the beauty of Australia and its people. I am so glad ACP will be rerun in May. Molly was my favourite character and I'd love to see the episode again when Molly chained herself to a fence and threw away the key. Thank goodness dear Frank found her before she was drowned in a rain storm. I also adore Esmay now theres a LADY! See ya later Mate! I shall be a real stickybeak around here.
Wednesday March 17th 1999 07:40:35

Name: Sarah
Comments: Brilliant! My favourite show has a website! And an EXCELLENT one at that! I couldn't believe it when they cancelled ACP! The wonderful storylines and fine acting is sorely missed by millions of people - thank God we get repeats! I've also videoed most of the episodes from 1987 onwards - does anybody have the earlier ones by any chance? Would anyone be interested in having an ACP convention? We have a small fanclub in Brisbane, presently only open to Queensland residents - but we would like to organise a big event if there is enough interest. I shall check back in regularly to see if there's any interest on the board, and will post my email address as soon as I have one. Thanks for all the hard work that's gone in to this site! Cheers, Sarah
Monday March 15th 1999 05:26:52

Name: Tenille Flower
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Wow what a shock to find an ACP website! I love the show and grew up with it so now that they are repeating it here in Oz it's great to see sites like yours. Great job!
Monday March 15th 1999 05:17:42

Monday March 15th 1999 04:01:31

Name: Leanne
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi. I just want to say thanks for a great site. I am Australian and i have grown up with ACP. I too have the special edition book as well as all the great episodes on tape - Simon and Vicki's wedding, the birth of their twins and Molly's death. Sadly they have stopped the repeats that were on at 9.00am here as they had finished all the episodes. I would love for any other fans to e-mail me and chat about this fantastic show. Also Michelle Pettigrove (Kate) is one of the nicest people I've ever met.
Monday March 1st 1999 08:16:16

Name: Helen
E-mail address:
Comments: HI! I«m from Norway, and I love this show. I know that if the show is scheduled to re-run then I have to buy myself loads of tapes to record as many episodes as possible. I just wanna say that I think you have done a marvellous job with this ACP-site, and if anyone knows of any other ACP-sites, tell me. If it is only a picture or one line about the show I don«t care. I hope you«ll keep up the good work Kitty.
Thursday February 18th 1999 10:23:35

Name: Else Tang
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: I am Danish and live in Denmark. I watch ACP on the Norwegian television which we are so lucky to have on our cablenet. I love to watch ACP and watched it first time about 10 years ago on SKY-channel for about a half year and got hooked. Then SKY-channel was removed from our cablenet, but about a year ago we got the Norweigian TV2, and I was very happy when I found out, that ACP was on. I really love your homepage and have been using it quite a lot to catch up with the episodes I was not able to watch. But I can see that the Norwegian episodes are way behind the Canadians, and unfortunately the episodes in Norway is only ý hour every day. Kitty it is a great page, I look forward to visit again quite often. Greetings from Denmark
Monday February 8th 1999 11:34:08

Name: Kitty (aka The Web Mistress)
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: RE: Kenny's Comment................ Sorry about that, Kenny -- it was a typo. Oops!!! Must have been really late at night when I put him in there because I obviously zoned out and combined the actor's surname (CROFT) with his character surname (MOSS) and came up with CROSS. Trust me, I know that it was Jamie Croft, not Cross, who played Billy. Thanks for pointing it out. It's been fixed. :)
Monday February 1st 1999 04:42:57

Name: kenny
Comments: The actor who played Billy Moss is named Jamie CROFT not Cross!
Friday January 29th 1999 08:55:25

Name: Alison
Comments: I loved this show when it was on here. It was a real shame when it ended. Your site is great. Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Saturday January 23rd 1999 09:43:17

Name: Caroline G. Skaanes
E-mail address:
Comments: I have been watching the TV series for a number of years, making sure I don't miss a single episode. It's nice to have a little, innocent everyday drama to relax with....
Tuesday January 19th 1999 10:18:56

Name: Norm MacLeod
E-mail address:
Monday January 18th 1999 09:38:04

Name: Alisa
E-mail address:
Comments: To all the ACP fans out there, how glad I am to find you. ACP has meant so much to me in my life, especially the last three years of the show in Australia (not including the repetes). I have faithfully video recorded every episode from the time when Anna Lacey comes to the Valley till the very end. I've also got a very comprehensive collection of magazine articles as well, about the show and it's cast members, from about the time Anne Brennan and Kris Kuros left the show...if anyone is interested. A message to Ricki?, who believes she is the only one with the special edition booklet on Wandin Valley, you are not alone! It is almost my bible! Just kidding. A short anecdote about the medical side of the show. It is extremely educational, and almost always correct...except for the odd back-to-front X-ray! the day I really felt my ACP love really paid off was the day I diagnosed Guilliane Barre Syndrome in a patient, by recalling all of Hugo's symptoms! Needless to say, my tutor was very shocked, both for knowing about this obscure disease, and the root of this knowledge! What a show!
Wednesday January 13th 1999 01:04:11

Name: Isobel
E-mail address:
Comments: The first day I got my computer I looked for an ACP site, it took me a month but - boy - I'm glad I found you... and found out I'm not the only Rosemary Prior fan in existence. Where I live we've had the last episodes and I have some on video - in half hour segments without episode titles or end credits! Your listings are so handy because I'll be able to label my tapes properly!! Thankyou so much & keep up the good work!
Monday December 21st 1998 12:36:49

Name: peta
E-mail address:
Comments: My dad loved ACP so much and everyone who lived with him had to love it too. Everyday from 9-10 everyone had to be silent to watch ACP. I love it it's brilliant show. My favourites were Matt Tyler and Luke Ross and who could forget Bob and Cookie. This homepage is great I loved it. Well done
Thursday December 17th 1998 08:06:06

Name: Ricki
E-mail address:
Comments: This is brilliant!!! I thought I would never find anything on "my" show on the internet! This is most impressive! I was born the year A.C.P. began, and because my parents and grandmother watched religiously, I grew up with the show. At one stage, when the last couple of new seasons were airing once a week at night (I'm Australian), old episodes were screened during the day - I've never missed one! When it ended I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo miserable - like losing friends, memories, that know? Another T.V. station bought the rights to the name, in order to create a new A.C.P...I watched it, but it was axed very early, and I can't blame 'em! The new series was quite forgetable...I don't want to reveal to much about that (like what happens, who remains, who leaves - and why) just in case, in other parts of the world, A.C.P hasn't ended. To the creator of this page, or anyone else who may have questions, I am someone who is likely to know the answers! i.e. where are all the stars now? what was the new series like? Whatever happened to such and such a character? etc etc. I also taped the finale (here in Australia, it actually ran for 3 and a 1/2 hours because they had 'behind the scenes', reviewing of the weddings, guest stars, deaths, animals used, 'goofs', and interviews with the stars, before and after the two hour screening of the final episode). I also own this really comprehensive manual/albumon the show! I bought years ago, and it appears to have had a very limited release...No one I know has one, or knows of it, and it can't be found at libraries or bookshops...Anyway, it contains detailed biographies of each character (at least a full A4 page each), info on the show in general, loads more, as well as pictures galore!!! I'm so glad I got it!!! Thanks once again for such a good site!!!
Saturday December 12th 1998 01:02:53

Name: Rita Post
E-mail address:
Comments: Great site! I have been watching Country Practice for years. I tape it everyday and then watch it on the weekends. Jo & Michael are my all-time favorites. Jo, by the way, was deffinately Judy's cousin, for sure!!! I have the tapes to prove it. Keep up the good work.
Thursday December 10th 1998 12:25:59

Name: Gorgon
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:
Comments: Great page! The show is on in Norway, and I watch it from time to time, and I like it. Some of the cast also appears in my #1 fav aussie show, Water Rats (also on Showcase in Canada). I think you've done some really good work on this page! Keep up the good work!
Tuesday December 1st 1998 01:29:10

Name: Harriett Hodgins
E-mail address:
Comments: G'day G'day from Canada. I am from the Ottawa Valley in Canada and we repeat the G'day. Thank you for providing these pages. i became to busy to watch and the VCR went on the frits; missed three weeks and I couldn't figure sho was sho. The storyline changes so wuickly. Thanks to your page I can follow the story again. I live in Stratford Ontario, we receive ACP on Cable. I love Aussie shows. The scenery is just fantastic. The acting is so natural and the storylines never drag. Your site is great too. Thanks muchly.
Saturday November 28th 1998 09:46:56

Name: Josie Ryan
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi! I am an Aussie living in the Netherlands, where they do NOT show ACP, much to my frustration! It is so great to hear the show is still so popular with the lucky people who CAN watch it! Especially I'm glad to see so many people like Rosemary - she was always my favourite when I used to watch the show in Australia, but never got much media attention or won any awards for the role etc. Great site, keep up the good work!
Saturday November 28th 1998 10:09:15

Name: Fram
Comments: Hi Kitty, Any "new" episode summaries coming soon? I've really enjoyed surfing yout ACP pages, and seeing that I'm watching the show in Norway I was hoping to find some info on future episodes (although it might spoil some of the fun...) Keep up the good work! greetings from the frozen north (68deg46min)
Friday November 27th 1998 01:52:20

Name: Bob Campbell
E-mail address:
Comments: I hate to admit to addiction, but there it is. I came in part way through the show, just as Simon and Vickie were leaving for America. Hopefully Showcase will start over again at the begining when the series finishes, and I'll be able to catch the episodes I've missed. We don't have cable out here in the middle of nowhere, so we have someone in town tape it and pick up the tapes every couple of weeks. Then we just settle in and watch until we've gone through them. Used to watch Neighbors until CFMT stopped showing it, but this is a far superior show, with much better scripts and production values.
Tuesday November 24th 1998 09:02:03

Name: Jerry
Comments: I think you've done a fantastic job with this website. I am a great fan of the series currently shown in repeats at 9:00am weekdays here in Australia. You've done a great tribute to such a entertaining, educational and significant show representing the laid back Aussie lifestyle and people. Thank for having this available
Tuesday November 24th 1998 04:03:18

Name: Jennifer Gray
E-mail address:
Comments: Love the Website. I enjoyed watching A country practise in Grampian Television in Scotland until they stopped showing it in the middle of episodes in the Summer. Your website has been just what I was looking for to fill in the blanks.
Sunday November 22nd 1998 07:35:20

Name: Judy MacGregor
E-mail address:
Comments: My husband and I live in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We have watched Country Practice since it came available here,approx. 2 years ago. We watch it every day and have not missed one show. Some characters come and go, and we miss them. Most recently Luke and Shirley. Are new episodes still being filmed?
Saturday November 21st 1998 06:27:46

Name: Jodie Darlington
E-mail address:
Comments: Hi! I have started an ACP mailing list, so we can all discuss A Country Practice. If you would like to join this free list, either email me, and I will subscribe you, or visit and search for 'ACP', then subscribe. Anyway, I look forward to discussing ACP with you all soon!
Friday November 6th 1998 03:16:53

Name: Silja
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Comments: Ive been looking for a "Country Practise" fan site for ages!!! And I found it! yay me :) Also, I wanted to ask, where did you get those pictures of the cast? Matt Day and Brett Climo -Ive been looking forever for pics of them :) Thanx for a lovely page :)
Sunday November 1st 1998 04:32:41

Name: Ann Kristin Oppigard
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Comments: I really enjoyed reading your homepage! Here in Norway "A Country Practise" is sent every weekday at 6.00 PM, and I watch it as often as possible. But I missed the part where Steve died, and did not knoww why she died before today!
Thursday October 29th 1998 03:22:14

Name: Chantal
E-mail address:
Comments: Great site!!!! Thank you so much for putting it all together for us fans. I got hooked on the show on Showcase about a year ago when home sick. My VCR is always on ready and waiting for the show ever since. It is so well done with such supportive characters. Terrence is definately my all time favorite, wish there was one of him near here! Rosemary is just perfect for him and I am really enjoying watching the romance develop between them, it really seems to be true love, friendship and romance. The loss of Steve was the hardest cast member to loose but right now I do miss Bob and Cookie. One thing I would like to know is what is Shane Porteous doing now, and is their a recent picture somewhere? Would love any info. Thanks again for so much good work.
Tuesday October 27th 1998 11:25:31

Name: Paula Mac
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Comments: Hiya! I am from Australia, and Country Practice was my all time favourite show growing up. Here we get reruns at 9am every morning, so i *try* to be awake to watch it. My fave characters were Michael and Jo, they had such chemistry on set. I also live in Epping NSW where the show was shot (in the studio)and used to always bump into various cast members. Anyway great job, this is a fantastic page. Cheers paula mac
Monday October 26th 1998 07:23:48

Name: Ingjerd Eika
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Comments: Hello ! Great site !! My favorite caracter in "A country Practise", is ROSEMARY PRIOR. Because she is the best caracter in Wandin Valley. I also like Terence Elliot. If some one have some pictures, or info about them, please mail me.
Friday October 16th 1998 08:24:00

Name: Anne Johnston
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Comments: Love the site! I have been searching for this site forever. How is this show such a secret? You are doing a great job keeping us all informed. "A Country Practice" is such a great show, it is easy to see why it was on the air for such a long time. My whole family loves it, and we can't go anywhere (unless we tape it) at 1:00pm! My Mom is the worst! She is so addicted, she won't go on vacation! We went on a two week vacation last year, we had to arrange for people to tape the show before we left, or she wasn't going. Keep up the good work. :)
Thursday October 15th 1998 02:25:27

Name: Pat Bonhoff
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Comments: I can't believe that I've found others who like "my show" I started watching it on Showcase about two years ago. I was out of work and in a new town. I soon found myself at home everyday at 1:00 so I could watch. I may be going back to work soon but you can bet that I'll be setting the VCR!. Thanks for a great site it's a wealth of info! Pat
Tuesday October 13th 1998 11:31:15

Name: s. cassady
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Comments: At last! So nice to find that there are others out there that loved A Country Practice.
Tuesday October 13th 1998 10:40:16

Name: Jennifer Tulk
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Comments: I have been a huge fan of A COuntry Practice for a very long time. I'd been searching for a website that featured the show but I counldn't find one. Then when I found your's I was in heaven. I love your site!! Please keep updated it for us die-hard fans!!
Tuesday October 6th 1998 01:23:47

Name: Meredith Wenzel
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Comments: Hi, My name is Meredith and I am the youngest niece of Brian Wenzel, aka. Frank Gilroy. I have just looked up this page, and I must say that my uncle is very hapy with it. However, you have managed to spell his name wrong. It should read Brian Wenzel, instead of Bryan Wenzel. Usually, we find that our last name is spelt wrong. Thank-you for a great site, and keep up the great work xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxox
Saturday October 3rd 1998 10:23:55

Name: Nathan
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Comments: I got hooked on this show at a young age. I love it because I like Australian dramas. I've even managed to get some of my friends to watch it, and they love it too. I first started watching it when I was about 6 years old, and it's been an addiction of mine ever since.
Wednesday September 30th 1998 08:02:01

Name: Barbara Minnaar
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Tuesday September 29th 1998 02:19:50

Name: Raune Kvadsson
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Homepage URL: http://Raunes viking side
Comments: My mother Raunaris watch it every day. It drives me crazy. I live under the sea. Great page, love your underwater pal Raune
Thursday September 24th 1998 09:15:32

Name: Nina Skjelbred
E-mail address:
Comments: This show is a habit I'va had since I was little - and it is impossible to give it up - I have tried several times. My favourite character is the dry-witted Rosemary Prior with her non-dangling participles. Great site - it took some time before I found it though.
Monday September 14th 1998 08:02:29

Name: Kitty
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Comments: Welcome to the "A Country Practice" guestbook. Please feel free to leave your comments/criticisms/suggestions here or in my regular guestbook. Hope you enjoy the site. Sorry it hasn't been updated in awhile but I hope to upload major updates very soon :) Stay tuned!!!
Thursday August 20th 1998 10:52:37

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