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Note: The priority as of April 2010 is to finish applying the new template to the entire site. Additional content, which is what most of this page outlines, will come after that is complete.

The following planned updates (in black print) have not yet been uploaded to the web site.

This page will be updated as each and every page is uploaded. (Uploaded pages are shown in green and are linked to their actual pages; once all of a year's episodes have been uploaded, the whole year will be removed from this page.) If you're looking for full descriptions or other details for episodes between 1986 and 1990, these will be uploaded as the episodes are released on DVD by MRA Entertainment.

Matron's Office (general site information)

  • Finish applying template to all office pages
  • Update information.

Gilroy Wing (character information)

  • Finish applying new template to all character pages
  • Tweak/update descriptions

Duty Roster (cast biographies)

  • Apply new template to Lorrae Desmond, Shane Porteous, Gordon Piper, Syd Heylen, Penny Cook, Andrew Blackman, and Maureen Edwards
  • Create pages for Nicholas Bufalo, Brett Climo, Jon Concannon, Jamie Croft, Anne Davies, Matt Day, Grant Dodwell, Georgie Fisher, Gavin Harrison, Sophie Heathcote, Joyce Jacobs, Caroline Johannson, Josephine Mitchell, Judith McGrath, Michael Muntz, Emily Nicols, Georgie Parker, Allan Penney, Gordon Piper, Michelle Pettigrove, Kate Raison, Mary Regan, Helen Scott, Diane Smith, Wendy Strehlow, Joan Sydney, John Tarrant, Mark Owen-Taylor, Anne Tenney, Brian Wenzel, Kym Wilson, Shane Withington

Patient Rooms (guest information)

  • Apply new template to all guest pages
  • Add additional guest information as it becomes available

Kitchen (crew information)

  • Apply new template to all crew pages
  • Add crew details by job
  • Add crew details by name (these pages will be the last ones created)

Pan Room (episode descriptions)

Exam Cubicle (show information)

  • Apply new template to all exam cubicle pages
  • Update show information
  • Add additional content, including virtual tour and compiled stats

Supply Room (memorabilia)

  • Apply new template to all supply room pages
  • Add additional content

Staff Lounge

  • Apply new template to all staff lounge pages
    • Completed: DVD pages, book pages (articles still to come)
  • Update staff lounge information


  • Cast information for Claudia Black, Jane Hall, Laura Armstrong, Paul Gleeson, and Vince Colosimo
  • Episode synopses page; detailed episode descriptions for all 30 second series episodes
  • Expand character descriptions


  • Finish scanning and uploading articles


  • Apply template to new phpBB forum and open for use.
  • Add content.
  • Try to recover content from previous Invision Power Board forum.
*We miss you, SydWe miss you, GordonWe miss you, Sophie