Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital -- Announcement for April 27, 2003

Hi everyone,

Holy cow! Has it really been 3 years since I last sent an email to this list? Many of you may have forgotten that you even signed up for this announcement list or may have mistakenly signed up more than once. LOL See the footer of this message for unsubscribe instructions.

The 3-year gap in announcements pretty much tells you how much (or rather how little) activity has been happening on the site in that time period. Health and/or personal issues conspired to make this site a low priority during that period but that is hopefully changing. Last year, I had started a major redesign of the site but unfortunately, after a great deal of work, I decided I didn't like it and will have to start all over again. So, for now I'm going to leave the site looking the way it currently does and concentrate more on adding new content.

Some recent additions include:

  • The Matron's Blog, which is essentially a diary of what's going on with the updates and/or in my head while I'm working on the site (mostly ACP- or site-related but may also be totally rambling). Check out http://acountrypractice.com/News/Weblog (note: I'm still tweaking the appearance of the blog pages so ignore any peculiarities there -- they'll be gone shortly).

  • A poll: I'm considering adding a forum to the site but I'd like to get a feel for how many people would actually want one here. Check out http://acountrypractice.com/polls.php to place your vote or check the ongoing results.

Some things I'm working on:
  • A virtual tour of "Wandin Valley". This was partially completed when I had a hard drive corruption problem last month so I now have to start over, essentially from scratch...it's going to be awhile but it's "in the pipe"

  • Additional episode descriptions, some provided by fans Louise O and Amelia and others by me.

  • A transcript of the 1.5 hour specials that aired along with the final regular episode in 1993. Since I don't yet have the technology to be able to digitize the video or extract images from it, a transcript is the best I can do for now.

  • Library of ACP-related articles that have been sent to me over the years.

  • Lots and lots of photos...and essentially everything else that is on the Pending Updates page (see http://acountrypractice.com/News/pending.html for details). :-)

Well, that's about it for now. I'll send another announcement when there are a reasonable amount of additional updates to announce. In the meantime, keep an eye on http://acountrypractice.com/News/updates.html. And if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to send them along to webmaster@acountrypractice.com or klmacalpine@hotmail.com.

Webmaster, Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital