Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital -- Announcement for September 7, 1999

Hi everyone,

Real life has been intruding lately and so there haven't been as many updates made to the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital web site as I had planned. Sorry...that situation is likely to continue for the next several weeks (possibly until mid-October) but I will endeavor to make updates of SOME kind every couple of days or so.

The biggest news so far has been addition of biography pages for some of the cast members. Currently, pages have been uploaded for Shane Porteous, Maureen Edwards, Penny Cook, Syd Heylen, Andrew Blackman, and Lorrae Desmond -- you can check them out by going to http://acountrypractice.com/cast.html . Where possible, I've included addresses for sending fan letters to these actors (other addresses are in the works). The remaining bio pages will be uploaded at the rate of one every couple of days or so. For the most part the bios are pretty dry but more info will be added as I get it.

I've also uploaded a couple of episode pages -- nothing major by any stretch of the imagination but, again, I have little free time these days so the transcribing goes slowly. I'm working on them, though.

Anyway, that's really all for now. Check out the site and if you have questions, email me at webmaster@acountrypractice.com and I'll do my best to answer you. Comments (kudos/complaints) are welcome too.