Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital -- Announcement for August 2, 1999

Hi everyone,

Well, I've finally "officially" opened the new Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital web site at http://acountrypractice.com/ -- as usual, work is still going on but the move itself is complete. I'm in the process of uploading redirect pages to the old web site so if you've bookmarked any of the old pages, you should change them now. The old web site will be shortly turned into the "text-only" version and I can't guarantee that any of the old page names will be valid.


WEB SITE CHANGES: Over the past several weeks, I've made some general cosmetic changes to the web pages, including the addition of a small, unobtrusive menu bar to the top of the main pages. This menu allows you to access several common tasks/pages (search, e-mail me, disclaimer, etc.) from wherever you are. The links to Dave's web site and Jodie's Onelist mailing list are now in a separate "Links" page (along with other recommended links) which is accessible from this menu bar.

I've also added a "Help Me" section, where you can read up about some of the more obsessed projects I've undertaken for this web site and how you can help me. This section is accessible from the new menu bar and directly from the Matron's Office.

SHOW INFORMATION: Over the last several weeks, I've added several new pages to the Exam Cubicle, including:
** current broadcast schedules and "ACP around the world" information (if you want to know what episode you're about to see, that's the place to go) -- if you watch ACP in a country or on a channel that in not represented, please let me know and I will add it;
** some very obsessed statistics and lists (more of those will be coming over the next several weeks as I purge my brain of all its ACP-related data).

PHOTOS: I added photos to some of the character pages in the Gilroy Wing and full cast photos to the Duty Roster section. I know you're all waiting for cats biographies -- those will be coming soon and will hopefully include some addresses where you can write to your favorite cast member (please be patient). More photos will be uploaded soon.

If you haven't checked them out on the old site, I uploaded some pictures of the early cast members to the Supply Room "Candid Photographs" section.

EPISODES: I am diligently slaving away on episode guides. These are the most time consuming (and tedious) part of this web site so they take longer than any other page...please bear with me and believe that I'm not slacking off. I will have a few to upload later on today and more later this week. Many more will be coming over the next few weeks/months as well.

Well, that's it for now. Feel free to explore the site -- you may encounter some broken links during the continuing construction phase but that situation is temporary. Thanks to everyone for your patience. I hope you'll continue to visit and enjoy the web site. If you have any suggestions feel free to email me at webmaster@acountrypractice.com or klmacalpine@hotmail.com.