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Second Series Episode Guide
NOTE: This page is still under construction. The remaining episode information will be added whenever I get a chance to transcribe the episodes (probably in the new year).
  1. "Straight From the Heart" -- It's six months (WVT) since the big bush fire that destroyed the hospital. Ian tries to prepare a romantic Valentine's Day dinner for Claire but it backfires. Danny Sabatini moves into Willow Tree with them. Harry receives a letter from Kate in China and learns that she is leaving him. Maggie helps a young man who has been suffering from agoraphobia since the fires and whose fiance was being hospitalized in the city. [Showcase airdate: May 17, 1999]

  2. "Love Potion Number Nine" -- Danny has to deal with the feuding between the various Vlahos families. Aleki, one of the young Vlahos women, has a secret crush on a young man in the other Vlahos family. When her family finds out, they beat the young man up. Aleki decides to use one of her aunt's love potions on him -- unfortunately it poisons him and he is hospitalized. [Showcase airdate: May 18, 1999]

  3. "??" [Showcase airdate: May 19, 1999]

  4. "Best of Friends" [Showcase airdate: May 20, 1999]

  5. "Too Young" [Showcase airdate: May 21, 1999]

  6. "Mother's Day" -- Danny's chain smoking mother comes to visit, triggering Danny's asthma. [Showcase airdate: May 24, 1999]

  7. "The Grass is Greener" -- There's a possible case of Foot and Mouth disease in the Valley. [Showcase airdate: May 25, 1999]

  8. "There Was a Crooked Man" -- Ian takes it upon himself to build a wombat tunnel under a high casualty dirt road and Jess helps. Two brothers, Luke and Matt, arrive in the Valley to hawk their new age remedies. Luke has been taking care of Matt, who has cerebral palsy, since they were young and is so sick of it he's taken to drinking to avoid his life. [Showcase airdate: May 26, 1999]

  9. "His Own Medicine" -- Harry rebels at the demands of his solitary medical practice and starts keeping late nights and drinking too much, to Maggie's disgust. He considers selling the practice. Someone is dumping chemicals in the national park. [Showcase airdate: May 27, 1999]

  10. "Are You Lonesome Tonight" -- Jess deals with the unwanted ardent attentions of a local recluse whose dog she had to put down. Danny comes to her rescue and they share a kiss. Ian comes across a beautiful young woman skinny dipping in the national park and helps her fix her car. Everyone thinks he made her up until they arrive at the dance together. [Showcase airdate: May 28, 1999]

  11. "Indiscreet" -- Rob Lalor suffers a heart attack while at a motel with another man and his hospitalized, leaving his wife and son Jeremy to deal with the aftermath [Showcase airdate: May 31, 1999]

  12. " " [Showcase airdate: June 1, 1999]

  13. "Where's Wally" -- A man named Wally escapes from a prison hospital to come visit his Aunt Vera one last time in the hospital. He needs regular dialysis and breaks into the clinic to find records of someone who has a machine at home that he can use. Harry finds him and is convinced to take him to the hospital rather than turning him in, putting Harry in jeopardy with the police. Wally just wants to find out where his father hid jewels that were stolen years earlier but when he tries digging them up, there's nothing there. His brother shows up and finds out about Wally's need for a kidney transplant. [Showcase airdate: June 2, 1999]

  14. "Tuesday's Child" -- Janey Brown, a mentally challenged woman, dies of an aneurism in Esme's car enroute to Burrigan and Maggie and Georgie discover that she left behind a son named Sean that no one knew even existed. [Showcase airdate: June 3, 1999]

  15. "Dirty Washing" -- Danny is having nightmares about a shooting that happened earlier in his career, a shooting in which his partner was killed and he was injured. Jessie's ex-fiance sends her flowers and wants to get back together, bringing up very bad memories of their relationship. Danny is forced to relive the earlier shooting when he is called in to quell a disturbance at the Workers Club. Jess decides that she and Danny should stop seeing each other -- Danny puts on a very cool front but is obviously hurt by it. [Showcase airdate: June 4, 1999]

  16. "Send me a Dream" -- [Showcase airdate: June 7, 1999]

  17. "It's a Wonderful Life" -- The Burrigan Cup is on. Maggie's husband, Lachie, shows up unexpectedly and decides to stay in the Valley for awhile. Jess is not happy that he'll be around all the time. He is hospitalized with angina and he and Jess clear up the past while he's there. Lachie dies of a TIA while watching the Cup with Maggie and Jess. [Showcase airdate: June 8, 1999]

  18. "A Taste of Honey" -- Danny is mooning over Claire and Harry is mooning over Jess. Harry gets bogged down in the mud while giving Cynthia Tucker and her goat a lift home with Jess. They all go to the rescue of a crashed plane. Cynthia and Jess continue on to get help and Harry tends to Graham Irving, the pilot -- Jess returns to inform Harry that Graham is probably diabetic and Harry is forced to administer insulin without a glucometer to show him Graham's blood glucose levels. Graham survives. [Showcase airdate: June 9, 1999]

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