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Second Series Regular Character

Dr. Harry Morrison
Click here to see Harry's character info from the original series.

In this series, he is the only doctor in practice in Wandin Valley. His wife,
Kate, went to China to study Chinese Medicine some time after the big bush fire and in early February (i.e. the first second series episode) sent him a letter saying she wasn't coming home and wanted a divorce. He began a relationship with Jessie that was unfortunately interrupted by Kate's visit home. Jessie dumped him when he and Kate slept together and he was scrambling to win her trust back when the series ended.

Matron Maggie Sloan
Click here to see Maggie's character info from the original series.

In this series, she runs the community health centre. She keeps trying to get close to her step-daughter, Jess, but Jess resists. Maggie's husband, Lachie, dropped by the Valley for a visit and unfortunately died while watching a horse race in the hospital.

Miss Esme Watson
Click here to see Esme's character info from the original series.

In this series, she seems to be an all around jill of all trades -- she sometimes mans the reception desk at the health centre, drives patients to and from the health centre, and appears to run (or at least work in) the Wandin Valley Workers Club, not to mention her many volunteer duties like Meals on Wheels.

Ian McIntyre
Trevor Jackson's replacement as Park Ranger of Gullungai National Park. Shares his house, Willow Tree, with Claire and Danny. Has a major crush on Claire that she doesn't return and a fine singing voice.

Claire Bonacci
Young nurse who arrived in Wandin Valley just prior to the big bush fire. Shared Ian's house for much of the series. Works at the health centre. She became involved with Danny Sabatini after Danny and Jess broke up and by the end of the series they were engaged.

Sr. Const. Danny Sabatini
Young policeman. Shares house with Ian and Claire. He was involved with Jess but she dumped him, citing their many differences. He began seeing Claire shortly after that and eventually became engaged to her.

Dr. Jessamy Morrison
Veterinarian. Works in (but doesn't own) the local vet practice. She is the daughter of Maggie's husband, Lachie Morrison. She and Maggie don't always get along. She was involved briefly with Danny but they really had little in common besides a physical attraction. She then became involved with Harry but that relationship faltered when Harry slept with his ex-wife Kate.

Georgina Wilkes
Young girl who is always hanging around the health centre. Her mother is the cleaning woman at the health centre.

Animal Characters

Ian McIntyre's dog (in real life, Kane is the
Daewoo dog)

Wombat; regular from the original series; lives with Ian, Claire, and Danny. Really doesn't look much like the original Fatso (this one is smaller and darker) but hey, it's a wombat.

Male piglet. Was supposed to be a dressed (i.e. dead and ready to cook) pig for Ian's big Valentine's Day meal with Claire. He tried to return the piglet but Claire fell in love with it.

baby crocodile; temporary resident of Willow tree

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