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  About the Channel 10 Series  
  After Seven Network cancelled "A Country Practice" in 1993, the series was picked up by Channel 10...perhaps they thought they would make up for having decided not to produce the show way back in 1980. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Channel 10 made some very major changes to the format of the show, changes that no doubt helped contribute to the eventual failure of the series.

Production of the original series took place in NSW, in and around Sydney. When it tried to revive the series in late 1993, Channel 10 moved production to Melbourne. Since they could no longer make use of the familiar locales of Pitt Town and Ebenezer, a "new" Wandin Valley was created in the town of Emerald, Victoria. Emerald is a lovely little town but it doesn't have the same look or feel that fans of "A Country Practice" had grown to love (and expect!).

In addition to the glaring problems caused by moving shop to an entirely different state, Channel 10 also decided to make more trouble by changing the format of the show from a two-hour block per week to one hour-long episode per week. This changed the whole feel of the show, making it seem more rushed and superficial. The camera work was different, as well, though I can't place my finger on precisely what was so different (a different type of film or recording process?).

The only thing that the new series had going for it was that JNP was still the production company and some of the writers and crew from the original series continued to work on the new one. They were all tired, though, and it quickly became obvious that this was a show that never should have been made.

The gracious exit carefully orchestrated for the final episode of the original series was wasted.

The Channel 10 series picks up the original story a few months after the bushfire that destroyed the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital (and apparently a huge chunk of the town and surrounding area). A new community health centre has been built in Wandin Valley and life is beginning to return to normal
[as normal as it can be after a fire that completely rearranged the geography of the area and caused the apparent sudden mass exodus to parts unknown of the town's senior doctor, matron, mayor, only police officer, and vet].

Few regular characters remained from the original series -- only Dr. Harry Morrison, Esme Watson, and Maggie Sloan (who returned from her world travels for the last episodes of the original series and stayed on to become matron of the Health Centre). Two new characters, introduced in the last few episodes of the original series, became mainstays of the Channel 10 series -- Ian McIntyre, the new park ranger who replaced Trevor Jackson, and Claire Bonacci, a new nurse at the hospital. A new vet and police officer character were introduced.

Very little was ever mentioned of the "missing" characters from the original series and we never learn what happened to most of them. It is presumed they all moved away and lived happily ever after
(but for all we know they could all be living in a hippie commune in Nimbin with Bernice or were all victims of a mysterious post-fire plague that swept through the Valley, killing 4 out of every 5 people and completely changing the face of the land...uh, sorry, got a little carried away..let's just leave it at "they all lived happily ever after").

The new series was not a hit with fans of the original series and it was cancelled after approximately 30 weeks. What did I think of it? Click here to find out.

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