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  Word Challenge  


Make as many words as you can (containing three or more letters) using only the letters in the phrase A COUNTRY PRACTICE.


No acronyms (e.g. CPU), proper names (e.g. TRACY), or geographical place names (e.g. CAIRO) -- unless those words are also used as ordinary words (e.g. POTTER can be both a proper name and a noun and would be acceptable);

(2) COUNTRY and PRACTICE don't count;

(3) Neither does a certain nasty four-letter word starting with C;

(4) Foreign language words are acceptable but you must be able to find all of the words in an English dictionary so they must be foreign words that are in common use in the English-speaking world (so POUTINE, while familiar to many Canadians, is not acceptable because it is a very localized word).

Check out my list of 499 words ...

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