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1991 Episode Synopses

793/794 -- "The Two of Us"
Young haemophiliac sufferer Justin Goodwin is fed up with his father’s constant over-protective nature. Luke begins his aircraft apprenticeship and gets more grief than he bargained for. Justin is injured on a camping trip with Cris and Ann. Luke receives a surprise visit from Steve in Sydney. Cookie falls for Anita...or is it Larry?! With Cris and Ann’s help Phil Goodwin begins to realise that his son needs some independence just as much as any other teenager. Luke decides to leave Sydney and return home to Wandin Valley.

795/796 -- "The Covenant"
Terence is visited by Olivia Harrison, an ex-girlfriend, who tells him she may have Alzheimer's disease. Matt refuses to investigate the death of some cockatoos and Lucy is far from happy. Terence looks into Olivia’s illness and gives her some hope for the future. Matt unwittingly reveals some intimate details of his marriage to Lucy to the locals over the airwaves.

797/798 -- "Over the Rainbow"
John Bushel and Goldie Harper tell everyone that she is expecting a baby and John’s mother Sue is not pleased. Bob helps Jessie scare the birds with his home-made scarecrow. Shirley suggests that the Valley should become a plastic-bag-free-zone. After a heated row between John, Goldie and Sue, Goldie runs off and wanders into the countryside. Absorbed in her problems she fails to pay attention to the passing traffic and she is knocked down by Steve who is taking Luke for a drive. Goldie is not badly injured but she is nearing labour. Foolishly Goldie runs away again to be with John where she goes into labour. Ann regains the couple’s trust and Goldie returns to hospital just in time to give birth to a baby boy.

799/800 -- "The Promised Land"
Luke falls for Donna Grifliths, a director who is making a post-holocaust film in Wandin Valley. Bob Hatfield becomes a stand-in for Arnold Schwarzanegger!! Stuntman Tom Grace is exposed as a terrorist involved in ecological warfare. Luke and Steve get advice on boy/girl relationships. Frank is rushed off his feet with all the comings and goings in the Valley.

801/802 -- "Motherly Love"
When an RSPCA inspector is murdered, suspicion falls on farmer Dave Watson. Daphne Jones consults Cris on her daughter’s strange behaviour. Jessie plans a surprise for Cris and Ann Brennan. Bob is asked to kill six sheep but be cannot find it in his heart to carry out the dreaded deed.

803/804 -- "Wisdom of Solomon"
Vince Bryant is devastated when Tim Lord, the former husband of his dead wife Sally, returns to claim custody of Tim's daughter Jane. A sheepdog causes problems for Steve. Terence is attracted to the new occupational therapist, Linda Shelley. Lucy attempts to impress the CWA with her cake-making prowess. Linda helps a disabled farmer but confuses Terence with her methods of doing so.

805/806 -- "Flying High"
Luke flies into trouble when he is given flying lessons as a birthday gift. Frank saves Effie Winslow who has been stuck in the bath all night. Linda Shelley convinces disabled Kate Bartlett that there is nothing wrong in accepting help with her new baby and that all new mums need help, not just disabled ones. Luke is forced to take control of the plane when the pilot is shot by drug peddlers. Terence finds himself becoming romantically involved with Linda. Cris receives some disturbing news from Melbourne.

807/808 -- "Wrong 'Un"
Nurse Carol Baker returns to take revenge on her father for years of drunken abuse. Luke’s Dream Machine is stolen. Terence is shocked to learn of the impending arrival of Linda Shelley’s daughter, Jane, to the Valley. Cookie fears for his life when he hears that prisoner Bluey Edwards is due for release. Ann finds Carol’s father locked in the cupboard and her suspicions of abuse are confirmed but after Carol explains why she is treating her father this way, Ann tries to help Carol come to terms with her father’s abuse all those years ago.

809/810 -- "Doctors in Love"
Linda's daughter, 17-year-old Jane, arrives. She seems to have an "artistic temperament", given to moodiness, but it becomes obvious that something more is wrong. Terence thinks she needs psychiatric help and refuses to have any part in the whole situation, effectively breaking it off with Linda. It is later discovered that Jane has a disease called
porphyria, a metabolic disorder. Linda and Jane return to Sydney for treatment for Jane. It's Frank and Shirley's 8th anniversary and they both make secret plans for a surprise dinner, of which they both find out about and cancel both dinners in order to not upset the other. Luke organizes a party at Matt and Lucy's. At the party Cris announces that he has convinced Stephanie to hang on for another few months without him, that way he and Anne can have more time together. Cookie wins $20,000 on a scratch ticket and ends up paying off his debt to bookie Shorty and then gives the rest to his sister Coralie because her "mongrel" husband has run out on her and the kids again. Bob thinks he blew the money at the track.

811/812 -- "Such Sweet Sorrow"
Andy Johnson accuses Cris of deliberately giving a drug overdose to his terminally ill wife Helen. Ann struggles to get along with Jessie. Cookie buys a car from Tiger Kelly, but then sells it to Luke when he hears that it is stolen. Terence is forced to suspend Cris from duty when Andy Johnson insists on a full inquest into his wife’s death. Lucy develops a strange allergy to the dog that Matt has taken in. Cris and Ann announce that they are to leave Wandin Valley and head to Melbourne, even though Terence tries to talk them out of it. Cris is fully vindicated when Andy realises that he wasn’t to blame for his wife’s death.

813/814 -- "Out of Africa"
A major bout of food poisoning (due to bad fish) affects most of the townsfolk after a wedding. This episode also heralds the arrival of the new Director of Nursing, Rosemary Prior. She gets on the wrong side of many people because of her curt and officious manner and her extraordinary concern about the waste of supplies and water, things that were in short supply in her previous work in Africa. Lucy helps keep the newlyweds from breaking up and Frank, originally thought to have food poisoning like everyone else, is diagnosed with acute appendicitis. Luke moves in with Steve (as a lodger), much to his delight. Terence succombs to food poisoning and exhaustion during Frank's operation and Rosemary has to take over. Kerry Homes goes into labour while Terence is laid up and Rosemary safely delivers the baby. Luke is bitten by a (non-poisonous) snake. Esme loses a $3000 budgie from Matt's surgery but the budgie is later found.

815/816 -- "Family Business"
Steve takes in a new lodger, Janine Dillon, only to be robbed by her the next day. Bob and Cookie try to use the hospital morgue to store large amounts of gemfish cleopatra but are caught in the act by Rosemary and Frank. Terence finds out his cholesterol is high and is put on a diet by Rosemary (with Esme's help). Glenn Harvey, who runs a communal farm, is put in hospital for a ruptured cyst on his lung. His brother, Tony, who was up from the city to convince him to return, takes over running the farm while his brother is laid up. After Glenn is released, he agrees to go Sydney only if they can make the commune a self-sufficient going concern before he leaves. Tony suffers a heart attack while working and dies in hospital. Glenn's father comes to the valley to convince Glenn to return to the family business.

817/818 -- "Bigger Than Texas"
Terence awaits the arrival of his new partner (at least for 3 months or so). Judy Goodall finds out she's pregnant but doesn't tell her husband Pete because he's busy with their orchards and milk run business. Frank and Matt play golf and encounter a young man named Harry who interrupts their game, getting on the wrong side of Frank. In the parking lot of the golf course, Frank tickets Harry for his van ("Old Nelly") being in disrepair. Lucy's kitchen is ransacked and she's thinks it's ghosts (but it turns out to be a possum and her baby). Steve meets Harry while he is hitchhiking and they go to the club where he wins money challenging people to snooker games. Rosemary turns out to have great snooker skills herself and takes him down. Everyone learns that Harry is Terence's new partner and Terence isn't impressed. Harry deals with Esme, Herb Munro, and Terence on his first day at the clinic. Esme invites him to stay at Camelot but has to tell him no once Terence finds out. Pete has a stroke while picking oranges.

819/820 -- "Polly Had a Dolly"
Rosemary wins an

821/822 -- "Price of Love"
Matt brings a young pregnant woman in to the hospital. Steve is hung up on Harry and Luke is frustrated by it. Rosemary finds a donkey in her garden. Mrs. Deagher, an actress, is hospitalized by Terence, where they discover she is suffering from mercury poisoning caused by 20 years of using a facial bleaching creme. The hospital staff finds out that Tracy, the young pregnant woman, entered into a contract to "sell" her baby to Meg, her former employer, in return for $25,000. After the baby's born, Tracy changes her mind. The baby boy is born with a club foot and will require much surgery. Cookie decides to hold a 20's-style dinner dance. Steve hopes that Harry will ask her to go with him. Both Luke and Steve talk to Matt about their respective crushes. Meg steals the baby but returns him the next morning. She isn't charged and Tracy ultimately gives her the baby, because Meg can afford the surgery. Meg and Tracy come to a compromise where the baby will know both of them. Cookie wants to sell yabby meals at the dinner dance and contracts Luke to catch the yabbies at 50 a head -- Bob isn't happy to be undercut so he gives Luke bad instructions for catching them. Esme comes to Luke's rescue and he catches 32. No one eats them, though, because Lucy, Esme, Bob, and Matt have named them all. Harry asks a nurse at the hospital, Sandra Williams, to the dance and, heartbroken, Steve decides to stay home. Luke comes back for her, though, bearing a corsage, and convinces her to go anyway. Their grand entrance draws appreciative looks and Harry realizes how pretty Steve is, much to Luke's chagrin.

823/824 -- "The Hunt"
Ian Watson, a young boy, helps return recovered animals to the wild with Luke and Trevor Jackson. The tax man is in the Valley and Cookie is nervous. Dave Watson, Ian's father, is hard up for money and places an ad in a city paper for experienced hunters to come to his farm to help cull kangaroos. The hunters arrive with plenty of beer, a crossbow, and a deer to liven up the hunt. Harry is trying to avoid Sister Williams. Patty Chater, a very talkative patient, has to be operated on after she swallows a thermometer. Ian lets the deer loose and one of the hunters, Brad Locker, decides to go into the National Park after it. Ian goes after them and is accidentally shot. Esme helps Cookie do his taxes and finds out that he's owed $500 -- unfortunately, he also has some overdue library books (3 copies of "So You Want to be a Millionaire") and, after 16 years, the fines amount to $500. Steve makes her feelings for Harry obvious to him, making him uncomfortable. After Ian is saved by his Dad, Luke, and Tervor, the hunter is arrested. Dave decides to buy the deer and donate it to a wildlife park. Ian changes his mind about going to live with his mother. Esme thinks she's having a heart attack but it's only stress caused by the death of a friend. She is the last survivor of her grade 1 class and feeling her age. She tries to resign as pink lady but when Rosemary says she'll replace her with Ivy Clements, Esme makes a remarkable recovery.

825/826 -- "Gift of Life"
Harry falls for a strange woman on the golf course. Steve almost hits a horse (Lightning) that wanders across the road. She discovers a 15-year-old girl (Lynette Copper) has been single-handedly running the farm and living in squalor after the farm manager, Joe Phelps, goes off on a bender. Shirl comes back from her mother's and is hospitalized with pneumonia. Harry hits himself on the head with a golf ball and finds out at the hospital that the strange woman is the new sister -- Kate Bryant. Lynette's sister, Rowie, arrives after breaking out of a juvenile facility. Shirley is stressed out over her mother. Luke gets after Frank for contributing to the stress and Frank offers to bring his mother-in-law down to live with them. Shirl's mom has other ideas. Harry milks his visit as a patient for all it's worth. Rowie wants to run away with Lynette. Lynette goes to round up cattle and Lightning is spooked by a snake, throwing her. She damages one of her kidneys and the other is shriveled and useless. Ultimately, Rowie offers one of her kidneys, even though it means she has to turn herself in. Tiger Kelly gets out of jail and is mad at Cookie because Cookie's fumigating caused the termites to emigrate to Tiger's mother-in-law's house. He terrorizes them and then drives a truck through Bob's house, getting arrested again in the process. Homeless, Bob and Cookie decide to rent Esme's empty house. Harry starts avoiding Steve and decides he'll have to move out of her farm. Kate meets Joe Phelps, who finally returns. She insists on getting Matt to look at Lightning and when Joe finds out what it will cost to fix the broken bone, he decides to shoot Lightning. Kate gives him the cost of a box of bullets and takes possession of the horse, giving Matt a cheque for the cost of treatment. Harry talks to Terence and ends up moving into Camelot. Steve offers Kate the empty room at the farm.

827/828 -- "Hot and Cold"
Luke takes Steve's ute in for repairs and offers to help the panel beater, Barry Carlos, if he'll do it right away. He discovers that Barry is fixing up stolen cars for Ray Hill, a shady car dealer in Burrigan. Cookie shows off his new cool room and he and Rosemary inadvertently get locked in it when she returns to find her missing wallet. Roxanne Hartley, Harry's girlfriend from Sydney, unexpectedly arrives in Wandin Valley. They had agreed to take a break from each other and see other people but she thinks she's pregnant. It turns out she's just exercising too much. Ray Hill and his "associates" beat up Barry after Luke lets it slip that Barry wants out. Barry's been keeping a diary, though, and hides it in the back of Steve's ute before they beat him up. Ray leaves his german shepherd in the yard to guard things. Luke and Frank discover Barry locked in the trunk of one the cars and Matt has to tranquilize the dog in order for them to get inside the yard. Cookie and Rosemary teach each other while waiting to be rescued -- Rosemary teaches Cookie proper grammar and Cookie teaches Rosemary Aussie slang. Roxanne goes for a run with Kate after drinking all night and neglects to drink water or wear a hat -- she is hospitalized with hyperthermia (heatstroke). Steve picks up her ute and is followed by Ray Hill, who is in search of the diary. Frank becomes attached to Ray's dog, who has been mistreated by his trainer. Lucy and Matt look after Hedley Johnson, who's diabetic mother is hospitalized for a leg ulcer. They become very attached to him and decide to become his "aunt and uncle". Ray knocks Steve out and then holds her hostage when Frank and Luke arrive at the farm. Steve punches him in the stomach and Frank arrests him. At the jail, Ray tries to take Frank's gun and the dog is shot in the struggle. Frank is upset because the dog saved his life by attacking Ray as they were struggling. Roxanne and Harry decide to break up but remain friends.

829/830 -- "Facts of Life"
Frank, Shirley, and Terence go for a sail on a 40-foot sloop. Terence gets seasick and the captain, Helen Cook, gets struck by a boom and knocked out. A twelve-year-old boy, Ben, brings his twin sister Hannah into the hospital after her arthritis kicks in again and she takes too much aspirin and codeine to counteract the pain. Kate has problems dealing with Hannah as it brings back memories of nursing her niece, Sasha, while Sasha was dying of leukemia. Luke is torn between working for Matt, helping out on Steve's farm, and doing his HSC studies. He decides to give up school but Steve promises to let up on him if he stays in school. Terence considers not finishing his yacht but, once on dry land with the memories of his seasickness well behind him, decides to take sailing lessons once Helen recovers. Kate feels she has to resign since she can't work with children. Ben is not happy at the preferential treatment Hannah is getting. He pushes her wheelchair and it hits a tea trolley, spilling boiling water over Hannah. He's heartbroken over over hurting her and she doesn't want to see him. Frank moons over a boat, a cruiser. Fatso becomes ill and Matt struggles to save him -- Luke discovers that Fatso's been digging into the neighbour's yard and eating snail pellets. Cookie is barred from the racetrack for bringing a battery from his electric shaver into the track. Hannah is upset over getting her first period and Kate offers comfort. Harry has a chat with Ben about the injustice of girls growing up faster than boys. Kate decides to stay at the hospital and Hannah forgives Ben.

831/832 -- "Beyond Doubt"
Steve has mouse problems. She hires Cookie, then Bob (along with Cuddles the snake) to help her when Lionel, her cat, fails to live up to his duty. Matt gives Lionel an injection of hormones and Lionel gets rid of the mouse problem. Harry is overly eager to begin doing his own surgeries, instead of being the anaesthetist. Matt finds a catalogue of Lucy's -- Community Aide Abroad. She bets Matt he can't last 24 hours under third world conditions. If she wins, she gets to buy all the stuff she wants from the catalogue. The trick is that she's already bought the stuff. Matt eventually gives in, because it's a good cause, and doesn't mind that she's already bought (and given away most of!) the stuff. He gets a set of bongo drums for his troubles. Linda Shelley returns to Wandin Valley, and drops the bombshell that she's engaged. She drinks too much wine at Camelot and then drives away distraught. Her purse gets caught under the brake pedal and she flips the car. Harry and Kate come upon the crash on their way to an acupuncture seminar in Burrigan. Linda's left hand is trapped under the brake pedal -- it's almost severed and she's losing a lot of blood. Harry decides to amputate, both because of the bleeding and because the car could explode from the petrol leak. Terence is shocked and blames Harry for amputating when there must have been another option. Harry and Rosemary don't understand why he's so upset until Shirl arrives and tells them about Terence and Linda. When Linda's fiance arrives and starts blaming Harry, Terence is forced by Rosemary, Frank, and, ultimately, duty to admit that Harry did the best he could in horrible circumstances. Luke convinces Matt to accept a student, Libby, on work experience. Libby is very intelligent but nervous about practical stuff (she gets sick to her stomach) -- Luke gets a bit jealous. Linda tries to push Alec away but he persists and brings her letters from former patients. Bob attends an environmental conference and installs an Enviro-Safe grease trap in the Club (officially making Cookie a "greenie"). Harry decides to leave Wandin Valley because of the tensions in the hospital but Terence has a change of heart and convinces him to stay.

833/834 -- "For the Good Times"
Esme is back from her herbal course. Fiona Farrell's dog get sick and Matt urges euthenasia. Fiona won't consider it but the dog dies anyway. Luke is expecting a visitor -- Donna Hume, his old girlfriend from his days on the streets in Sydney. They were separated when Luke came to Wandin Valley and she went into treatment for drugs and pathological jealousy. Money goes missing at the club and Donna is suspected at first. They later find out that town drunk Archie Hamill "borrowed" it. Luke doesn't see Donna's bad side but she rubs everyone else the wrong way. Steve doesn't like her at all. Donna slips some acid into Luke's coffee and he is taken to the hospital by Steve and Kate after being found wandering the road. Harry explains the details of new medicare funding and drugs to an elderly patient, Trevor Flood, who eventually takes the wrong dosage of his medication in his confusion. Cookie gets a box of live snails instead of ready-to-go escargot and decides to hold snail races -- he bets heavily on his entry and loses. Donna's jealousy gets worse and she tries to kill Kate with a scalpel at the hospital. She flees, takes more acid, and attacks Steve with a pickaxe. While struggling with Matt and Frank, she collapses and is rushed to hospital. She dies anyway and Luke takes it badly, thinking that his friends are glad she died.

835/836 -- "Off the Rails"
Matt brings a pregnant collie named Princess to his surgery to perform a caesarian section and discovers that she has kennel cough. Local math teacher, Noel Lewis, sees Terence for sleeplessness. Luke is still grieving. Lucy is supposed to present ribbons at the Wandin Valley Dog Show but is not allowed to after Princess's owner, Mrs. Howie, spreads malicious gossip that Matt's surgery is infected with kennel cough. Shane "Spider" Webb goes missing and his friend, Josh Lewis (Noel's son) is questioned. Josh clashes with his father, who is an emotionally abusive alcoholic, and rebels by trashing a classroom at the school. Matt is vindicated when a puppy purchased from Mrs. Howie also comes down with kennel cough. Harry has been using abbreviations on patient files and gets into trouble when Esme tells Herb Monro about the mysterious code on his file. Herb's code was BIBT, which Harry used to mean "Brain in Big Toe", and Harry has to come up with another meaning to give to a worried Herb. Josh drinks himself into a stupor in the lodge and is found by Luke and Steve. He eventually confesses that Spider was killed while they were horsing around on the railroad tracks. Rosemary confronts Noel Lewis about his alcoholism after Josh is brought in. Cookie unknowingly agrees to loan his residence to an environmental products sales representative, thinking she wanted to meet him for a date. She gets him to become a rep himself. Luke goes for a walk and Matt, Lucy, Steve, Harry, and Kate go after him. Harry talks to Luke about a patient he lost and Luke starts coming out of his grief. Josh and Noel begin to get along. Matt and Lucy decide to go camping on the next long weekend.

837/838 -- "The Long Weekend"
Matt and Lucy bicker during a weekend camping trip with Kate, Luke, and Steve. After Lucy falls down a cliff, Luke and Steve must race to find help.

839/840 -- "Whole New Ball Game"

841/842 -- "Day By Day"

843/844 -- "When Harry Met Karen"
Harry is in trouble after a young teenage girl accuses him of raping her.

845/846 -- "Farewell My Lovely"

847/848 -- "Mother's Little Helper"

849/850 -- "Down Lonely Street"

851/852 -- "The Long Goodbye"

853/854 -- "As Time Goes By"

855/856 -- "Beauty and the Beast"

857/858 -- "Glory Days"

859/860 -- "Simply the Best"

861/862 -- "Camelot"

863/864 -- "All About Love"

865/866 -- "A Trouble Shared"

867/868 -- "Words Unspoken"

869/870 -- "Paying the Price"

871/872 -- "Unchained Melody"

873/874 -- "Brief Encounter"

875/876 -- "Dangerous Liaisons"

877/878 -- "The Goodbye Plan"

879/880 -- "Deep Water"

881/882 -- "Compulsion"

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