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1988 Episode Synopses

533/534 -- "A Clean Slate"
An itinerant farm labourer’s reluctance to settle down is putting a strain on his marriage and prompting his wife to hit the bottle. The locals has conflicting views on how best to put Lover’s Gully to good use. Michael helps Pam Allen forget her problems but lands himself in trouble with her husband and a black-eye to boot. Councillor Alf Muldoon is up to no good again when he announces his plans for Lover’s Gully and the locals put Operation Platypus into action. Is there romance in the air for Terence and Alex?

535/536 -- "Mixed Blessings"
When Leanne Madden finds that she is pregnant, her husband, Dave, isn’t exactly overjoyed. They already have one Downs Syndrome child and Dave is fearful that they could end up with another. Terence asks Alex to accompany him to a medical seminar in Canberra. Young Christopher Madden feels rejected when he over-hears his parents talking about the new baby. Alex is hesitant about giving Terence an answer, she is scared to make a commitment. After discussing it with Cathy, Alex decides to go to Canberra with Terence.

537/538 -- "Life Sentence"
Jo has a hard time dealing with an over-zealous rookie cop. And when he decides to interfere in her love life, Jo blows her top. Terence and Alex return from Canberra very much in love. A mother is shattered when her son’s simple case of measles develops into a potentially brain-damaging virus. The discovery of bags of white powder leads Wandin Valley’s relief policeman to believe that big-time drug dealers are moving in. Andrew the chef has personal problems which means trouble for both staff and patients at the hospital. The town is awash with gossip of Terence and Alex’s romance.

539/540 -- "Revelations (parts 1 & 2)"
When Terence’s daughter Sophie comes to Wandin Valley to spend some time with her dad, her arrival places a strain on Terence and Alex’s relationship. Ben is captivated by Millie Alcott, an innocent girl who has grown up out of touch with the modern world. Alex finds herself overshadowed by Terence’s daughter and her adventure-packed life. She feels that she cannot compete with Sophie and tells Cathy she’s not exciting enough for Terence. Michael helps and old jazz musician get back on his feet.

541/542 -- "Revelations (parts 3 & 4)"
Alex is torn between her professional ethics and her feelings for Terence. Should she tell him that his daughter has a drug problem? A “sweet” old lady injures herself in the National Park and decides to sue for millions in damages. Terence decides to help her daughter fight her problem, whether she wants his assistance or not. Michael and Ben are at loggerheads over Ben’s involvement with Millie.

543/544 -- "Tomorrow's News"
A father is displeased when his son befriends a handicapped person in hospital. A hard-nosed television journalist arrives in Wandin Valley to do a piece on Frank Gilroy, but has a little trouble finding an exciting angle for the story. Terence asks Alex to marry him. A full-scale search is organised when two patients go missing from the hospital. Alex agrees to many Terence.

545/546 -- "Love Hurts"
Jo’s friend Darren Greenway is having more problems than usual with his father. Ron owns a junkyard and trying to force his son to leave school in order to help with the business. Alex and Terence announce their engagement and the pressure is on them to name the date, time, and venue for the big day. A family is torn apart when an undiagnosed medical condition causes a normally loving father and husband to become violent. Jo organises self-defence classes at the club and is crushed when Michael falls for the teacher. With a bit of input from their friends, Terence and Alex reluctantly agree on a big wedding.

547/548 -- "Give Me a Break"
Jo and Cathy think they’ve discovered a Yowie in the National Park, but what they really find is an escaped murderer who’s being hiding out for more than twenty years! The club gets a pool table and the competition is on to see who will be Wandin Valley’s competitor against Burrigan Slim. Ben has an accident with an uncontrollable horse. Alex is lumbered with a pre-wedding talk from the reverend, while Bob organises a bucks-night for Terence. After injuring his back Ben succeeds in annoying both the hospital staff and his friends with his demands and irritable behaviour. Jo wins the pool competition.

549/550 -- "In Sickness and In Health"
There are pre-wedding jitters all round as the big day draws near. Alex’s parents arrive in town and her father immediately takes over, causing Alex and Terence to have a blazing row. Alex's mother thinks she has cancer. Ben’s locum arrives and Cathy is far from pleased to meet up with Matt Tyler again. Jo asks Michael to the drive-in. The wedding arrives but Frank’s precise schedule falls apart when Matt Tyler enlists his help to unbog his car, leaving Alex waiting at the church. Terence ends up arriving at the church on a bicycle, but there is still no sign of Frank. Terence and Alex are married and Frank arrives covered in mud!

551/552 -- "Matters of the Heart (# 1 & 2)"
Jo’s father arrives unexpectedly in the Valley along with a little sister Jo never knew she had. Ben’s former girlfriend, Barbara Gottlieb, arrives at the hospital to take care of him. Terence and Alex have a medical emergency to attend to on their honeymoon when Penny’s grandfather suffers a heart-attack. Mitt find himself in the dog house when one of his patient’s passes away. Penny decides to stay with her grandparents in Sydney rather than return to the Valley with Alex and Terence.

553/554 -- "Matters of the Heart (# 3 & 4)"
Jo resolves to look after her little sister, but Frank and Shirley realise this can’t go on forever. Terence and Alex return from their honeymoon. Ben’s future as a country vet is in doubt as a result of his accident. Jo is hurt by what she sees as Frank and Shirley’s betrayal and failure to stand by her when they call in social services and then Michelle’s mother turns up. Terence and Alex are having trouble finding the right bed to suit the both of them. Ben and Barbara decide to leave the Valley and the locals throw them a party to send them on their way. Jo moves out of the Gilroys.

555/556 -- "Common Cause"
Jo settles into her new flat and inherits her school friend Sandy as a flatmate. After treating a twelve-year-old girl who thinks she is pregnant, Alex decides the time has come to set up a community health centre in the Valley. A young couple find their relationship put to the test when one of them reveals they have a sexually-transmitted disease. Jo enlists Michael’s help in catching a prowler.

557/558 -- "Fallen Idols"
A man’s imprisonment has meant a sentence not only for himself but for his family too. Jo and Sandy plan a romantic dinner party but the evening does not go the way they’d hoped or planned. Tommy Hibbert returns to Wandin Valley from prison to a frosty reception from friends and family. The doctors have some bad news for old Polly Waterford.

559/560 -- "False Pretences"
Alex organises the opening of the Community Health Centre to less than spectacular reception. Cathy and Man go droving and up spending the night under the stars together. Jo finds out that Sandy’s boyfriend is married, but Sandy doesn’t believe her. A grieving mother abandons her child and Alex is left holding the baby. Frank eventually finds the mother at the cemetery and Alex helps her come to terms with her grief over her dead baby daughter. Sandy finally learns the truth about her married boyfriend.

561/562 -- "Dark Horses"
After receiving a bang on the head, Bob mysteriously develops clairvoyant powers. A girl returns from a holiday cruise to find that she is pregnant. Cookie tries to take advantage of Bob’s powers. Cathy is bitten by a deadly snake and ends up in hospital, leaving Matt and Michael to cope with farm. Alex treats a patient with a rare tropical disease and ends up reuniting a young couple in the process.

563/564 -- "Going the Distance"
A boy’s illness could be a lot more serious than it appears. Michael’s attempt to help a man who has given up the will to live fails. Matt is offered first refusal on Ben’s practice. A father decides to take desperate measures to pay for medical treatment for his son, while Matt has a money-making scheme of his own. Matt beats Ted Campbell’s age-old long distance record to raise money for Jake Cooper’s medical treatment, and Cathy sees Matt in a whole new light. Jo and Sandy give the tuck-shop some competition.

565/566 -- "Seeing the Light"
UFOs in Wandin Valley? It certainly seems that way when Bob and Cookie discover a landing site, and when a strange man is admitted to the hospital Esme thinks he is an alien. Cathy’s admiration for Matt fades quickly when he spends the night with another woman. When Alex opens Terence’s old trunk, she’s amazed at what she finds. After discovering the identity of the stranger, Frank is determined to get to the bottom of the great UFO mystery. A man makes a fool of himself over a younger woman.

567/568 -- "No Place Like Home"
Michael and Cathy spend a romantic afternoon on the river. Alex’s attempts to help the tenants of a dilapidated boarding house backfire when the landlady decides to evict them. Terence becomes environmentally-friendly when he reads about the destruction of the ozone layer in the local paper. Jo is fed-up with Sandy’s burger empire and quits her job. An old man refuses to leave his home and barricades himself in. Sandy leaves Jo’s flat and moves to Burrigan. Alex and Cathy convince the landlady to get the repairs done on the old house.

569/570 -- "Everybody's Doing It"
Jo’s search for a new flatmate ends when Sally Lewis moves in, but Jo doesn’t know Sally as well she thought. Terence and Alex have a difference of opinion - his idea of a relaxing pastime is planting parsnips, hers is sinking into aspa. Michael and Matt try to force Cathy to see a doctor. Jo finds it hard to deal with the fact that her flat mate is a drug dealer.

571/572 -- "Sparring Partners"
Jo is battling the HSC blues. She’s having trouble juggling school and work and is arguing with everyone. Jeff and Jill Ryan appear to be the perfect couple but looks can be deceiving. A girl’s attraction to a married man leads to a dangerous turn of events. Jo ends up at the hospital as a patient when she collapses out of sheer exhaustion.

573/574 -- "Hard Act to Follow"
An aging drifter and his grand-daughter arrive in town. When Esme is charmed by the stranger, Cookie is less than impressed. Alex becomes the object of a lovesick camel’s affections. It’s HSC exam time and Jo is very nervous. Charlie proposes to a smitten Esme. A boy’s hopes for a brilliant career nose-dive when he’s caught cheating. Esme and Charlie have second thoughts about marriage and Charlie decides to leave the Valley.

575/576 -- "Thanks for the Memory"
A woman’s memory lapses and her forgetfulness proves almost fatal when she sets her house on fire. Shirley develops a severe case of triskadekaphobia - a fear of the number thirteen. Matron Sloan is acting like a bear with a sore head, all because of a toothache and her fear of dentists, but she soon comes to her senses when Terence threatens her with a pair of pliers. A woman decides to sacrifice the man she loves because of her mother’s incurable disease.

577/578 -- "Stand and Deliver"
A boy who believes he is descended from Captain Midnight takes to his ancestor’s bush-ranging ways. A woman is reluctant to let Alex operate on her son. The town is in uproar over the Bicentennial Art Exhibition-ist! Eddy Midnight and company smash a dog fighting ring.

579/580 -- "Young Girls"
A reform school girl arrives for work experience at the park and takes a fancy to Matt. Michael decides to set matters straight between himself and Jo, once and for all. A girl with epilepsy has trouble coming to terms with her condition. Michael tries to explain how he feels to Jo, but she doesn’t seem to want to listen.

581/582 -- "Paddling Your Own Canoe"
Jo’s HSC results arrive. Terence tries to convince the mother of a terminally-ill boy to give her son a chance to enjoy life. Jo’s results are not what she expected, but she consoles herself by accepting a date with Rob Campbell. Michael has to come to terms with a ghost of his past in order to help a sick boy. After Alex accidentally drinks one of Terence’s prized wines, she and Cathy decide to join a wine appreciation class to get more clued up on good plonk! Jo finds herself falling for someone other than Michael.

583/584 -- "Off the Leash"
Is there a werewolf stalking the Valley cemetery? Cookie thinks it’s curtain time when he is bitten by a mysterious monster. Michael has a secret admirer. Jo finds herself drawn closer to Rob Campbell, despite his father’s disapproval. Rob blames himself for his father’s heart attack, but Ted decides to use the situation to his own advantage. Michael makes a fool of himself when he tries to uncover the identity of his secret admirer. Rob asks Jo to leave the Valley and go on tour with him and his band.

585/586 -- "Hooked"
Terence’s old flame, Marianna Kubik, starts work at the hospital and Alex is not impressed. Jo tells Frank and Shirley of her plans to go away with Rob. Alex keeps drawing comparisons between herself and Marianna and can’t help feeling inadequate. Jo is put out by Sheena Johnston’s arrival. Sheena is an old friend of Rob’s and Jo’s jealousy is evident. Jo reluctantly tells Rob she can’t go on tour with him. Michael has an accident on his motorbike.

587/588 -- "Accident"
The battle begins to save Michael’s life. It seems as if his chances are slim and the doctors have no option but to operate. Meanwhile, Jo is baby-sitting an insomniac child and is unaware of Michael’s accident. Sophie Elliott is back in the Valley, and her arrival is bound to cause more trouble for her father and Alex. Jo finds the thought of nursing Michael difficult and decides to take the impersonal approach. Alex has trouble believing Sophie’s claim that she is off heroin for good. Matt and Cathy uncover a bird-poaching racket.

589/590 -- "Fight or Fly (Bird in the Hand)"
Michael’s sister arrives in town and tries to hide the real reason for her visit. Cathy resigns when she is accused of being part of the bird-poaching racket. Alex tries to speak to Terence about Sophie, but he refuses to listen to what she has to say. Matt comes up with a plan to clear Cathy’s name. Alex helps Michael’s sister and her husband get back together. Cathy is reinstated, but she is not sure whether being a ranger is what she really wants to do. Terence receives some bad news about his daughter from Sydney.

591/592 -- "Sophie (parts 1 & 2)"
Terence combs the seedy back alleys of Sydney searching for his daughter Sophie. Cathy is disillusioned with rangering and tries out for a job as a barmaid. Bob is admitted to hospital convinced that he is going to die. Terence finds Sophie, but she doesn’t want to see him and tells him to leave. Alex tells a relieved Bob the results of his tests.

593/594 -- "Sophie (parts 3 & 4)"
Terence has trouble accepting Sophie’s news. Matt tries to impress a woman by borrowing Michael’s identity. Terence and Alex find their lives torn apart once again by Sophie. Jo and Frank go to the aid of a teenager who has been cheated by her employer. Sophie overdoses on heroin and her heart gives out after all the years of abuse. Terence cannot believe his daughter is dead.

595/596 -- "Doing It Tough"
Terence, still grieving over Sophie, leaves Alex and she doesn’t know how to handle it. Cathy is working at the Club and has to put up with Muldoon. Michael is fed-up with hospital life. Shirley returns from Queensland and tells Frank she has taken up golf. Cathy is having trouble coping with a temperamental French chef. Alex talks a patient out of committing suicide. Michael finally shows his trues feelings for Jo. Alex is finding it increasingly difficult coping without Terence, and there is still no word of his whereabouts.

597/598 -- "Ethics"
Alex’s plan to go and find Terence is foiled when she learns that the truth about the locum she had intended to leave in charge. Michael is jealous and suspicious of Polly Waterford’s private nurse, Scott Hennessy. Polly collapses and Scott finds himself faced with a difficult decision. Cathy gets carried away during a moonlit stakeout with Matt.

599/600 -- "A Wing and a Prayer"
Matt is convinced that Cathy’s gone mad when she decides to take flying lessons. Matron Sloan has to act quickly when a boy has an accident on a tractor. The search is on to find the missing plane which has gone down in the National Park complete with Matron Sloan, Cathy and young Craig Marshall all on board. Terence returns to Alex, but he has a lot of explaining to do. Matt and Jo find the plane just as night is drawing in. Alex has difficulty accepting Terence’s reasons for his disappearance.

601/602 -- "Back on Course"
Terence tells Alex of his intention to give up medicine and take up farming full-time. Esme finds it difficult entertaining a nine-year-old computer whiz. Terence is refusing to involve himself in hospital affairs, much to Alex and Maggie’s frustration. A woman finds it hard to get a straight answer on her newborn baby’s condition and jumps to the wrong conclusion that her daughter has died. Alex argues with Terence and forces him to go to the hospital. Once there he continues his “discussion” with Maggie and finally comes to his senses. He explains to Alex that he was frightened of getting involved with people’s personal problems after Sophie’s death.

603/604 -- "The Damage Done"
A boy turns to his father for help when he is tormented by a fellow student. The hospital chef decides to propose to the girl of his dreams, but wakes up the next morning only to find he has popped the question to someone entirely different. A terrified boy takes desperate measures to stop a bully. There are a few surprises for Jo on her eighteenth birthday.

605/606 -- "Remember Me"
A dying woman comes to Wandin Valley in search of her daughter. Could the girl who she’s looking for be Jo? An asthmatic teenager believes that her condition is turning her into an outcast. Jo is determined to help Wendy find her daughter, even though everyone else is telling her not to get involved. Alex tries to stop a local cigarette company encouraging teenagers to start smoking by giving away free samples. Jo learns that her fnend, Fiona McKenzie, is Wendy’s daughter, and she is caught between her friendship with Fiona and the promise she made to Wendy.

607/608 -- "Personal Choice"
Jo decides to look for her mother and places an ad in all the local papers. Alex blames herself when Jenny, a girl with renal failure, checks herself out of hospital. Jo is astonished when Michael tells her he wants to buy another motorbike. Jenny, frightened at the prospect of dialysis, takes off. Matt is fed-up of looking after just small animals all of the time. The race is on to find Jenny after she calls the hospital and is in need of urgent medical attention. Michael finally decides on buying a car, much to Jo’s relief

609/610 -- "Power Play"
Frank finds Sue Daley injured in her car. She says she had a car accident, but Frank has trouble believing her story. Matt is blamed for the death of a prize bull. After much coaxing, Sue finally breaks down and confesses to Alex that she was raped by a guy she gave a lift home to. Maggie has some disturbing news - she is being orced to take a month’s leave. Who will she choose to be acting Matron?

611/612 -- "Sins of the Fathers"
Michael starts his stint as acting Matron and finds that life certainly wasn’t meant to be easy. Matt is disappointed when the lady vet he had been expecting turns out to be male. Old ghosts come back to haunt Terence on Sophie’s birthday. He feels that he’s failed as a father and as a husband to Alex. Cathy is instantly attracted to Mario, the Italian vet. Michael is ready to throw the towel in when plans for the fashion parade go drastically wrong. Bob and Cookie dream of life as millionaires when they strike oil in the National Park.

613/614 -- "A Tangled Web"
Bob is arrested for drink-driving, but proclaims his innocence. Michael is blamed for the death of a patient in his care. Cathy is swept off her feet on a romantic trip to Sydney with Mario. Over a candlelit supper, Mario proposes to a stunned Cathy. Michael offers his resignation to save the hospital embarrassment when a grieving widow threatens to sue. Alex and Terence try to assure him that it was not his fault, but he refuses to listen. An autopsy then reveals that Michael had absolutely nothing to do with the man’s death.

615/616 -- "If Good Men Do Nothing"
Cathy prepares to fly off to Italy with Mario, but more important matters come first when she uncovers a marijuana plantation in the National Park. Frank is excited at the thought of making a big drug bust. Cathy starts to have second thoughts about her trip and Mario when she realises that she doesn’t know him as well as she thought she did. The Valley gets ready for a fancy dress ball when Shirley finds an old trunk full of costumes. Cathy tells Mario she can’t marry him and decides to stay in Wandin Valley, much to the relief of Matt.

617/618 -- "Legacy"
A boy is seriously injured in a car accident and Frank is having trouble finding the driver responsible. Matt’s day doesn’t start too well when he gets a visit from the taxation department. A woman has a difficult decision to make when her young son dies, while her friend grapples with a guilty conscience. Cathy and Matt do battle with a crotchety old man. Michael cannot wait for Matron Sloan’s return as he is not enjoying his stint as acting Matron.

619/620 -- "Family Ties"
Matt helps a young girl give birth in Cathy’s barn. Alex has some news for Terence, but she’s not sure how he will react to it. Why is Matron Sloan in such a good mood on her return from holiday? Is there a new man on the horizon? A goat wreaks havoc in the hospital when Jo tries to help a lonely old lady. Alex finally plucks up courage and tells Terence that she is pregnant. To her delight, he is as happy as she is with the news. With a bit of encouragement from Do Ryan, Michael proposes to Jo, who ecstatically accepts.

621/622 -- "The Right Medicine"
A flu epidemic hits town and Alex ignores Terence’s plea to take it easy. Jo shows off her new engagement ring. Cathy is being forced to choose between being a farmer and a ranger, as she is finding it hard juggling both jobs. Alex is finally bitten by the flu which then tums to pneumonia. Man helps Cathy in her fight to save the farm. Alex is getting worse and fears for her baby’s well-being. Cathy decides to sell the farm and concentrate on being a ranger. After having a scan, Alex tells Terence the sex of their baby - it’s a girl.

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