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1987 Episode Synopses

445/446 -- "Rocking the Boat"
Ben receives an invitation to a conference in Perth and Donna is determined to go along - as Mrs. Ben Green. Jo goes along with them to search for her mother. Kenny Mitchell, a simple boy, comes down with appendicitis and finds himself sharing a room with a bitter young man. Jo spends her birthday in search of her mother and stakes out the local post office. Kenny helps a patient overcome his bitterness and gives him courage to face an uncertain future.

447/448 -- "Bitter Sweet"
Frank and Shirley go to America to see Vicky, Simon and the twins. Frank is replaced by an upfront policewoman, Sgt Sally Moore. A sales rep for a drug company tries to sell cheap drugs to farmers in the Valley. Ron Kelly buys some, uses them incorrectly, and threatens the Valley milk supplies. Ben is victimised by irate farmers when he announces that the whole milk supply of the Valley will have to be dumped. Alex becomes godmother to young Penny Richards. Ben’s surgery is vandalised.

449/450 -- "One With the Lot"
An older woman has a difficult decision to make when she learns that she is pregnant and has a one-in-two chance of having a deformed child. Kenny Mitchell gets a job at the road-house but ends up getting into trouble with the boss. Sally sets her sights on Ben. Kenny loses his job at the road-house but regains it again after he saves the boss's son.

451/452 -- "Caught in the Act"
There is a burglar on the loose in Wandin Valley. Esme is among the victims and Sally is finding it a difficult case to solve. Donna and Jo, not wanting to see Ben get too involved with Sally, decide to sabotage their date. Mrs. Coote is upset by her daughter’s harsh reaction when she tells her that the Major has proposed to her. Peter decides to impress Alex by putting up a TV aerial for her. He finally gets her alone - when they are stranded on the roof for the night. Mrs. Coote and Major Duggan get married.

453/454 -- "No Place For a Lady"
Wandin Valley battens down the hatches and prepares for Big Jules’ annual visit. Frank is treating Sally as if she’s incapable of handling anything other than paperwork, and she’s had enough! Donna is fed up with having to do all the housework at Camelot and decides it’s time for a role reversal, but Ben and Peter have other ideas. Sally files an official complaint against Frank. Alex plays cupid in an attempt to help Jules and Myrtle Burnett solve their problems.

455/456 -- "Tall In the Saddle"
Shirley convinces Jo to audition for a television commercial. Cowboy Hank "Lash" McCoy and his family arrive in town to perform a Wild West show for the primary school and Alex is rather put out by Peter’s interest in one of the show’s stars. Jo prepares to make her television debut while Frank acts the part of a nervous ‘stage mother’.

457/458 -- "Times Are A' Changing"
Andrew McPherson, an old friend of Alex’s, has come to the Valley for a break. Peter is jealous and feels he can’t compete with the hot-shot city lawyer. When the principal decides to bring some “good old-fashioned discipline” back to Burrigan High, the students rebel and Jo organises a protest. Alex learns that Andrew has a drug problem but has a hard time convincing him to do something about it. Jo is elected president of the new Student Council. Peter shows his jealousy by giving Alex the cold shoulder treatment.

459/460 -- "Foul Play"
Jo is booked to do a TV commercial for fresh chickens but is horrified when she see the conditions at the farm. Who are the mysterious “Woman of the World” and “Man About Town” conducting a hot romance through the personal column of the Burrigan Examiner? Matron Arrowsmith is admitted to the hospital, much to Matron Sloan’s horror. Andrew realises the quiet life is not for him and returns to Sydney. Maggie uncovers the identity of the “Woman of the World” and she and Matron Arrowsmith reach a compromise.

461/462 -- "Hit and Run"
Peter takes pity on teenage runaway Stewart Pedlar and lets him stay at Camelot, much to Donna and Ben’s dismay. Jo saves a dog from a cruel fate. Battle-lines are drawn for the Wandin Valley versus Burrigan cricket match. ..this isn’t just a game - it’s war! Peter is devastated when he realises that Stewart was just stringing him along. The Wandin Valley batting order collapses, can Esme save the day?

463/464 -- "Odds On"
A reformed gambler finds the temptation too hard to resist, while Esme is also bitten by the gambling bug when Cookie installs a new poker machine in the club. Peter is feeling off colour and decides to take the day off work. Jo and her friend Robyn hold a fashion parade at the club. Peter’s life hangs in the balance when he suffers a severe allergic reaction while being operated on for a ruptured appendix and Alex realises just how much he means to her.

465/466 -- "Lost for Words"
Peter and Alex organise a romantic weekend away in Sydney, but it doesn’t go according to plan when Alex’s father is found to be staying in the same hotel. Donna falls for a mysterious newcomer. Terence tries to help a couple whose marriage is falling apart due to the lack of communication. Donna is shattered when she learns that Matt has bone cancer. Frank is not impressed by Jo’s taste in men when she brings home her new boyfriend - Tyrone the surfie!! Alex is forced to go to England when she hears that her grandmother is ill.

467/468 -- "Creative Play"
Donna finds her nursing skills challenged and ends up resigning after a battle with a middle-aged valium addict. Frank cannot stand much more of Tyrone so spends as much time out of the house as possible. When Peter catches young Penny Richards and George McElroy in Alex's house they decide to get back at him with the help of a magic potion. Matt checks out of the hospital and pays Donna a visit.

469/470 -- "Outsiders"
Jo and Ben visit a rundown farm and suspect that something is amiss. Peter and Bob repair an old radio and pick up a distress signal - from a UFO!! Matron Sloan leaves for Darwin to spend some time with her sister and chaos breaks out when Sue Daley is left in charge. Hilda Arrowsmith then arrives at the Wandin Valley Hospital and announces she’s the new acting matron! The Shelley children move in with Frank and Shirley when their mother is admitted to hospital. Peter is longing for Alex’s return.

471/472 -- "A Nice Girl Like You"
Adam Campbell takes a fancy to Jo and invites her to a party at his house, but disaster strikes when they are involved in a car accident while on the way home. Arrowsmith sets out to seduce Terence and ambushes him in the hospital storeroom. Cookie and Bob can see the dollar signs flashing before their eyes when they buy a race-horse. Frank is determined to find out who is to blame for the car accident that has left jo in a coma, with possible brain damage. Peter drives down to Sydney to meet Alex at the airport and ends up helping a damsel in distress.

473/474 -- "Home and Away"
Christine Mason returns to work after the birth of her daughter, but when she brings Yvette to the hospital with a broken arm Alex suspects that Christine is guilty of child abuse. Cookie sets out to woo Arrowsmith - much to Esme’s dismay. Jo, now on the mend, helps reunite a family. Bob and Cookie have an argument and Cookie moves into Camelot. Terence and Alex have a difference of opinion over a suspected child abuse case and Alex is forced to back down when she realises that she was mistaken.

475/476 -- "Love Story"
Peter tries to find the right time to pop the question to Alex but she’s busy battling a case of hayfever to notice. Major Duggan’s health is failing him but refuses to see Terence for treatment. Terence blows his stack when a patient’s life is threatened due to Arrowsmith’s scheming. Spike the echidna decides to find a soul-mate. Jo, Glen, and Darren save the Major from drowning when he falls into the swimming hole and Terence convinces him to have further tests.
Peter finally proposes to Alex who accepts.

477/478 -- "Best Laid Plans"
The Wandin Valley residents band together to prevent the closure of the hospital. Shirley decides to solve Frank’s back problems by getting a new bed - a waterbed, and Jo is horrified. Doris the pig goes on the wagon. Matron Sloan arrives back in the Valley. Can she come up with a plan to save the hospital from Arrowsmith’s clutches? Donna gets Ben to propose to her because she’s never been asked before. Maggie defeats Arrowsmith and Councillor Muldoon when she threatens to expose some secrets. The town throw an engagement party for Peter and Alex.

479/480 -- "My Brother's Keeper"
Jo’s friend Fiona is fed-up of having to look after her little brother Jimmy and decides to play netball as planned, leaving Jimmy on his own. Shirley thinks she’s not giving Jo enough of her time and offers to join Jo’s netball team. Esme is determined to be the first to find out when Alex and Peter are to be married. Young Jimmy is found dead in the lake. Fiona runs to Jo and the Gilroys for comfort when her mother turns on her and blames her for Jimmy’s death. The pressure is on Peter and Alex to name the day.

481/482 -- "...Book By It's Cover"
When Peter allows his students to choose a book for their open-book review, their choice causes him nothing but trouble. Cookie organises a grand surprise, but Esme gets a surprise of another kind. A 14-year-old girl is brought into the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy. A diabetic boy bluffs his way into hospital to escape his over-protective mother. Sandy’s dad is far from happy to learn that his daughter is studying “Puberty Blues” at school and confronts Peter about it.

483/484 -- "The Lie of the Land"
Cathy Hayden, the new Wandin Valley ranger, has trouble coping with the attitudes of the locals and her wilful grandfather. Peter is disillusioned and not sure whether he wants to continue teaching. Frank is at a loss to work out why someone would go out of their way to get arrested. Peter decides on a life on the land and starts working on the Hayden farm, but Alex begins to worry about the man she’s going to marry. Cathy sets out to round up Ted Campbell’s cattle, and gets some help from her newfound friends in the Valley.

485/486 -- "Ghost of a Chance"
Alex picks up a young pregnant hitch-hiker and blames herself when the girl dies after she is knocked down by a truck driver. Jo is doing a school project on old houses of the district and uncovers the story of the Valley’s haunted house. Ben, Jo, Donna, and Bob go ghostbusting and end up solving a 50-year-old mystery. Terence is concerned when Alex gets too involved in the case of a newborn baby who is going through heroin withdrawal.

487/488 -- "The Right Mix"
A hard-nosed journalist comes to the Valley to interview Cathy for a story on a day in the life of a ranger, but Cathy is too busy organising the annual roo cull. Shirley is determined to prove that she is a good cook and enters the sponge bake-off. Alex and Peter’s relationship is in deep trouble and the arrival of Peter’s old school master, Walter Hopwood, doesn’t help matters. Esme is heartbroken when it looks as if she won’t be able to enter the bake-off. Walter offers Peter a teaching position away from the Valley.

489/490 -- "Keep on Truckin'"
Alex waits for Peter to make up his mind about Walter Hopwood’s job offer. The Simpson family finds it hard to cope when their father is jailed. Matron Sloan wins a raffle but is far from delighted with the prize. Peter tells Alex of his decision - he’s going! It’s now time for Alex to make up her mind -- does she go with Peter or stay in the Valley? Kevin Simpson decides to take his family’s welfare into his own hands. Alex tells Peter that she can’t go with him and is staying in the Valley. Peter says goodbye to Donna and his friends throw him a leaving party.

491/492 -- "Nobody's Perfect"
Donna’s Aunt Sally comes to visit and Donna and Cathy see a chance to do a spot of match-making. Alex, feeling lost without Peter, throws a party for Penny’s birthday. Bob and Cookie go in search of some frill-necked lizards. Jack Hayden and Sally find they have plenty in common. Jo becomes the star of a Japanese shampoo commercial.

493/494 -- "Things of Value"
Frank plans a special present for his and Shirley’s fifth wedding anniversary. Bob and Cookie are besieged by would be stars as word of their success as theatrical agents spread. A former dancer pushes her ballerina daughter too far. Jo tries to do something special for the Gilroys but ends up getting lectured instead. An old woman loses her will to live when her pet is killed. Cathy finds the culprit who has been taking pot shots at the local animals.

495/496 -- "Walking on Air (parts 1 & 2)"
Kenny Mitchell starts work at the hospital and befriends Samantha Irving, a young girl with a crippling disease. Frank turns the clinic into a temporary police station when he fills in for Shirley and Alex is not amused. Bob and Cookie advertise for a house-mate and are delighted with the response. Jo goes to Sydney to try out for a modelling job on Dolly magazine. Miranda Dupre moves in with Bob and Cookie.

497/498 -- "Walking on Air (parts 3 & 4)"
Samantha has a fight with her parents and moves in with Kenny Mitchell. Terence goes on a health kick, but Alex is concerned that he’s overdoing it. Ben and Donna go car hunting. Kenny starts making plans for his future with Samantha. Cookie, jealous over Bob and Miranda’s growing friendship, goes walkabout.

499/500 -- "Carnival is Over"
Cookie meets up with a couple of old circus performers and their sick lion. The Miranda and Bob romance is honing up and there’s more than one person involved in a little match-making. Two circus clowns decides to do one last show for the children at Wandin Valley Hospital. Ben treats a wild circus animal. Terence unwittingly sets the whole town on a health kick.

501/502 -- "Birds of Prey"
The local farmers are up in arms over plans to release a wedgetail eagle in the National Park. Terence becomes the target of a pushy publisher, but he is not the only one bitten by the writing bug. Alex decides it’s time she became a fully-fledged country girl and ropes Donna into teaching her how to ride a horse. It’s Donna to the rescue when a farmer threatens the life of an innocent animal. Alex is put out by all the attention Terence is paying Jill Rice. Bob and Cookie go hunting for the long lost bounty of a payroll robbery.

503/504 -- "Intensive Care"
Terence is in the firing line when he transfers a brain-dead girl to Wandin Valley Hospital in the hope that her father will agree to turn off the life-support machine. Jo arrives home - but she’s not the girl she used to be. A father is unable to come to terms with that fact that his daughter is in a reversible coma. Muldoon is up to his old tricks again with his plan for the Bi-centennial project. The locals plan to sabotage his plans with one of their own.

505/506 -- "Mozart Rules"
Donna organises a surprise party for Ben to celebrate Mozart’s birthday. Alex tackles Dan Richards over his all too frequent absences, but later ends up regretting her actions. A serious car accident has tragic consequences for the folk of Wandin Valley. Donna, Dan, and Penny Richards are all victims of the accident. Cathy ends up helping out a young intruder instead of turning her in. Ben is inconsolable over Donna’s death.

507/508 -- "Picking up the Pieces"
Frank senses that there is more to the accident that meets the eye and won’t rest until he finds out who caused it. Ben finds it difficult to cope with his feelings of loss. Peter returns to the Valley for Donna’s funeral. Penny refuses to accept the fact that her father is dead and Alex is at a loss at how to help her. The town pulls together for a fundraising dance-a-thon. Ben decides the only way he can come to terms with his grief is to leave the Valley for a while.

509/510 -- "Down to Earth"
Terence puts his vineyard up for sale but ends up regretting his actions. Jo buys a new sports car. A locum vet arrives in town and fails to hit it off with Cathy Hayden. Dan Richards’ will has deep implications for Alex when she is named as custodian of his daughter Penny. Jo and Frank are at loggerheads because the Sarge is refusing to let Jo anywhere near her new car. Penny’s grandmother Lillian arrives to take Penny back to Sydney with her.

511/512 -- "Not Enough Cooks"
Jo couldn’t have chosen a worse day to start work at the hospital. The nurses are understaffed and run off their feet, the cook has quit and everyone is alarmed about the strange noises echoing through the plumbing. A selfish aging model checks into the hospital and learns a few lessons about life from Jo. Muldoon causes even more problems for the hospital when he tries his hand at industrial relations. Terence falls victim to a bout of food poisoning right in the eve of an operation. Tom MacKay, the locum vet, continues to pursue Cathy Hayden.

513/514 -- "Someone to Listen"
A mother suspects that the problems she’s having with her teenage son could be caused by more than just the generation gap. Shirley returns from her holiday in Queensland and Frank is a little concerned when she keeps talking about her new friend Harry and his yacht. Jack tries his hand at a little match-making between Cathy and Tom MacKay. Terence tries to help a mentally ill boy, but his efforts are in vain.

515/516 -- "A Different Breed"
The local farmers are angry about the abundance of wild pigs in the National Park. They are blaming Cathy for the damage to their crops and accusing her of not knowing how to do her job properly. Ben returns to the Valley, but decides to sell up and move away - the reminders of Donna are too strong. Jack Hayden takes a turn for the worse in hospital and Cathy finally learns the truth about his illness. The club is black-balled and Cookie is far from happy. Terence buys Camelot from Ben, whose friends persuade him to stay on in Wandin Valley.

517/518 -- "Going for Broke"
A new nurse has an unusual introduction to Wandin Valley when Jo knocks Michael Langley off his motorbike whilst she is learning drive. Penny arrives on Alex’s doorstep after running away from her grandparents in Sydney. Jack, realising that he has little time left decides to take care of some unfinished business. Michael Langley finds himself accused of taking an unhealthy interest in a little girl.

519/520 -- "What's Love Got to Do With It"
Jack’s son Cliff arrives in the Valley to see his dying father. Penny’s grandmother convinces Alex to look after Penny for the foreseeable future. Frank has trouble with a couple of robbers and Michael unwittingly lets one of them go. Cliff Hayden leaves Wandin Valley without resolving his differences with his father. Alex finds it tough being both doctor and parent at the same time.

521/522 -- "Labour of Love"
A hot-shot city-trained nursing sister arrives in Wandin Valley. The Bachelor and Spinster Ball is coming up and Jo is trying her hardest to get Michael to ask her to it. Esme is admitted to hospital and is convinced she is going to die. Sister Tracey Harrison does little to help matters either. Cathy tries to cope with the loss of Jack. The hospital staff reassure Esme that she is not dying.

523/524 -- "Playing Possum"
Cathy cannot believe her luck when she hires what she thinks is the perfect farmhand, but she is in for a few surprises with her new accident-prone employee. Shirley takes a call from a lady in distress but cannot identify who she is. Danno, Cathy’s new farmhand, goes missing. Shirley’s mysterious caller pays her a visit.

525/526 -- "The Last Straw"
A farmer and his wife struggle to come to terms with losing their farm and home. Jo's birthday party gives her the perfect opportunity to make a play for Michael, but does he feel the same way about her? A man, desperate to save his farm, resorts to using a shotgun. Bob and Cookie fix Jo up with a “hot” date.

527/528 -- "All in the Game"
Football fever grips Wandin Valley when the Wombats take on Widjeera. Alex finds it hard to understand why Jill lets her fiancé, football star Geoff Ryan, continually take her for granted. Michael tries out for the team much to Matron Sloan’s disgust. Shirley is fed up being married to the law. The Wandin Valley Hospital is over-run with football-related injuries and Maton Sloan is not happy at the sight of Michael bruised and battered. Geoff Ryan is seriously injured during the match. Shirley continues to feel the pressures of Frank’s job. Geoff and Jill tie the knot, but Alex is not convinced that either of them really wanted to.

529/530 -- "Licensed to Kill (part 1)"
Terence is named as Wandin Valley’s Citizen of the Year and is invited to the presentation dinner. But who will he take with him? Michael’s offer to help Jo with her driving test has unexpected consequences when they fall asleep in Michael’s room and Jo fails to return home until morning. Tempers flare when Cathy decides to cancel the duck shoot. Jo and Michael are the focus of some unwelcome gossip. Terence and Alex share a kiss on the way home from the presentation dinner.

531/532 -- "Licensed to Kill (part 2)"
Wandin Valley is invaded by gun-toting hunters as the annual duck season gets under way, and Cathy is determined to find out who shot her horse. Jo refuses to talk to Michael despite his profuse apologies. Cathy decides to resign. Matron Sloan is intrigued to know why her two doctors are being so formal with each other. A shooting accident tears a family apart. Penny tries a little match-making between her two favourite doctors, although Terence and Alex don’t seem to need much encouragement. Cathy tears up her resignation.

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