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1985 Episode Synopses

281/282 -- "Follow the Leader"

283/284 -- "Comes a Stranger"

285/286 -- "For the Sake of the Child"

287/288 -- "On the Edge"

289/290 -- "Swan Song"

291/292 -- "Smooth Talking"

293/294 -- "Home Truths"

295/296 -- "Seasons Come & Seasons Go"

297/298 -- "I'll Cry If I Want To"

299/300 -- "My Way"
An old enemy of Molly's reappears in the Valley. While Cookie is laid up in hospital, his friends take over the running of the pub. Simon's niece is upsetting the household. Molly starts a campaign to save the fauna reserve.

301/302 -- "Save the Last Dance for Me"
A retired ballet dancer returns to the Valley to spend what he thinks will be his last days. Bob and Cookie get into trouble when they buy a race horse. When Sir Adrian Dormin sees the potential in a young dancer he decides to continue his teaching. (Sir Robert Helpmann guest stars)

303/304 -- "Castles in the Air"
An old nursing friend of Shirley's comes to stay. Molly does battle with Muldoon while out campaigning. Simon helps Vicky nurse a sick horse. Molly gets a helping hand from Vicky and Simon to prove a point at the council meeting.

305/306 -- "Lost and Found"
Vicky reacts angrily to the attention Simon is paying to one of his patients. Cookie invests in some garden gnomes and is disturbed when he discovers that some are missing. Vicky puts herself in a dangerous position when she helps a young boy trapped down a mine shaft. Simon worries when Vicky fails to come home and suggests to Frank that they organize a search party.

307/308 -- "Coming to Terms"
Molly's mother visits. Muldoon is trying to develop some land and Molly considers selling the farm to him. An ex-lawyer turned greenie is living in a so-called "environmentally friendly" house and is incurring the wrath of the Council (and Muldoon) for it. Vicky deals with a suspected case of Anthrax. Vicky learns that Molly has leukemia. Molly eventually joins in the protest against Muldoon's land proposal.

309/310 -- "Do the Right Thing"
When the Burrigan Examiner refers to Wandin Valley as a boring place to live, war is declared between the two towns. Bob is concerned about the disinterest Molly is showing in the fight against Burrigan. Simon comes up the idea of a car rally between the two towns to prove who is the best. Matron Sloan and Terence discover some interesting gossip about Hilda Arrowsmith. Molly is admitted to hospital when she takes a turn for the worse.

311/312 -- "Molly"
Molly is frustrated and frightened when she is put into isolation and is not able to see her family and friends. Molly's friends gather together to make her dream of "Molly's Farmland" a reality. Vicky is finding it difficult to cope with the fact that Molly has leukemia and delays her visit to the hospital. Brendan is excited at the prospect of having Molly home. Molly spends her last days with her friends reminiscing and enjoying time together.

313/314 -- "New Beginnings"
A French student vet arrives to assist Vicky in her practice. Judy Loveday tries her hand at playing Cupid. Matron Sloan helps Bob cope with his grief over Molly's death in more ways than one. Vicky is put out by all the attention the student vet receives from Simon and her patients.

315/316 -- "All It Takes"
Simon suggests to Vicky that she should employ some help around the house. Bob believes that Matron Sloan needs protecting and buys her a guard dog. Judy gets a shock whilst treating one of the patients at the hospital.

317/318 -- "Lest We Forget"
Matron Sloan takes a special interest in a stranger who applies for a job at the hospital. Fatso is missing and Simon and Vicky are terrified when they hear that a wombat has been shot. Simon gets some unexpected training for the sleepless nights he can expect with the baby. Matron Sloan tries to help a Vietnam veteran suffering a breakdown.

319/320 -- "Friends"
Brendan arrives home from Adelaide with some news that shocks his friends. Simon is concerned that Vicky is working herself too hard. Shirley gets involved with setting up a half-way house for three psychiatric patients. Cookie experiments with Chinese cooking. Brendan over-reacts when he can't find Chloe and believes that one of the psychiatric patients has taken her.

321/322 -- "Waste Not Want Not"
Matron Sloan hears some pleasing news from Brendan. Vicky tries very hard to save a sick donkey for Chloe's sake. Old Bert Griffiths finds someone else living in his caravan. Brendan gets some help around the house but has no idea who the mystery cleaner is. Chloe's gentle manner has a strong effect with a sick animal.

323/324 -- "What About Me?"
Chloe has her first day at kindergarten, where she makes a new friend. Frank and Shirley buy Vicky and Simon a present for the baby. Terence suspects that a little girl with bad bruises is a case of child abuse. Frank stumbles across an illegal game of gambling in the hospital grounds.

325/326 -- "Kidstuff"
An old university friend of Simon's arrives in the Valley with his young son. Muldoon tries to convince Terence that his aging aunt is incapable of looking after herself. Esme and Cookie believe that they have found a dead body when they go fishing in the dam. Pressure on Brendan continues to increase when he tries to look after Chloe and work at the same time.

327/328 -- "Crossed Wires"
Judy gets a surprise when her cousin Jo arrives in the Valley. Simon causes a stir when he tells Terence he will not be partnering him in the tennis tournament as he has found a different partner. Communication in Wandin Valley breaks down when Esme takes control of the switchboard. Simon and Terence become rivals on the tennis court.

329/330 -- "Walk Tall"
Terence is surprised to find out he has been chosen to appear on a television quiz. Vicky tries to talk to Brendan about his moody behaviour which only makes matters worse. Matron Sloan advises Brendan to have a holiday -- for his own protection. Bob and Cookie challenge each other in the Burrigan High walk-a-thon.

331/332 -- "The Family Way"
Brendan surprises his friends on his return to the Valley when he tells them he is quitting nursing and selling the farm. Jo finds herself in Judy's bad books again when she acquires another house pet. Pressure from local media forces Terence into a rematch on the local quiz show. Brendan gets himself a new job without having to apply for the position. Vicky finally gives birth -- to twins!!

333/334 -- "All Things Must Change"
Brendan rents a beach house in Adelaide but soon discovers that he isn't the only one there. Cookie and Bob get offered some cheap mutton but don't know what to do with it. Simon brings Vicky and the twins home to an enthusiastic Frank and Shirley. Judy becomes a patient in the hospital when she discovers a lump that she fears may be cancer. Brendan talks openly to the stranger about the loss of Molly and his difficulties coping without her.

335/336 -- "In a Good Cause"
Brendan returns to Wandin Valley and has some news for his friends. Frank starts to make plans for his retirement. Simon and Shirley try to persuade Terence to try again on the quiz show. Brendan tries to help a stroke victim regain some independence once again.

337/338 -- "Another Time, Another Place"
Terence gets conned into answering medical questions on the quiz show and is concerned when he thinks that one of the callers has symptoms of typhoid. Brendan strikes a rapport with a visiting snake doctor. Judy is worries about Jo when she is admitted to hospital with suspected typhoid. Brendan believes he knows who the typhoid carrier is.

339/340 -- "Breaking Point"
Esme shocks the Valley when she returns from holiday looking like a new woman. Judy makes an extra effort with her nursing duties in the hope that she'll get promoted to deputy matron. Frank investigates the selling of drugs at Burrigan High after one of the pupils overdoses. Cookie arranges a romantic candle-lit dinner for Esme. Matron Sloan is thrilled when she buys a new house.

341/342 -- "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"
The good news for Cookie is that he is going to inherit some money. The bad news is that his wife is arriving in town. While babysitting the twins, Jo gets trapped in the house with a snake. Cookie is nowhere to be seen when his wife collapses and needs a life-saving operation. Matron Sloan receives a marriage proposal from someone she admires and cares for. Judy applies for the deputy matron's job in a peculiar fashion.

343/344 -- "Work Experience"
Esme forces Cookie into buying a taxi with the money he inherited. Brendan brings a young girl with polio to the hospital after her mother deserts her. Chloe reacts to the twins getting a lot of attention. Vicky gets a once in a lifetime offer to work in the USA but is unsure how Simon will react to the news. A fifty-year-old woman gets attached to a girl who reminds her of her own daughter.

345/346 -- "Cops and Robbers"
Frank gets some help at the station and is surprised when he finds out that it's a woman. Vicky and Simon get a mixed reaction from family and friends on their decision to go to the States. Suspicious circumstances surround the robbing of the Valley's bank when some of the money is not found. Cookie takes his life into his hands when he agrees to give Esme some taxi-driving lessons. Frank's off-sider has her suspicions about who has the missing money from the bank.

347/348 -- "A Little Knowledge"
Esme practices her driving of the taxi but gets lost in the process. terence meets a school friend of his son C. K. and is surprised to hear of his son's antics. Vicky hears that she must leave for the States in a week's time. Esme goes for her taxi license with Frank.

349/350 -- "New Pastures"
Vicky gets a shock when the new vet, Ben Green, arrives and is not what she expected. Jo gets into trouble with Frank when she disobeys him. Frank gives Shirley the biggest surprise of her life. Vicky finds an unusual way of saying goodbye to her family and friends in the Valley.

351/352 -- "Time Out"
Esme is not impressed when she meets the new girl in town, city slicker Kelly Shanahan, though the feeling is quite mutual. Ben moves into his new home - Camelot - but soon discovers he's not going to be the only one living there. Esme takes karate lessons when she feels she needs protection whilst driving the taxi. Frank is sent on a wild goose chase by a man who is set on avenging his father's death. Kelly gets the wrong idea about Simon and Brendan's living arrangements.

353/354 -- "Give a Dog a Bad Name"
Kelly and Ben have a few arguments over the prospect of house-sharing. Matron Sloan arrives home to find her sister and her sister's boyfriend have come to stay. Simon is pleased when he thinks he's found a locum to take over his half of the practice. Matron Sloan is not impressed with her sister's boyfriend when he continues to disrupt her household and then embarrasses her in front of her friends. Terence meets the new locum and is surprised to discover that he used to train him.

355/356 -- "No Love Lost"
Kelly and Cookie double-book the Club which leads to chaos for everyone. A fifteen-year-old girl, who was forced to take over her omther's duties, decides it's time for a change. Brendan is furious when he is accused of taking advantage of a lonely old lady. Esme has trouble finding the right guard dog, much to Ben's amusement. Kelly and Cookie are asked to write a report to Muldoon on who's to blame for the disaster at the Club. Will they decide to come clean or just write what Muldoon wants to hear?

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