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1984 Episode Synopses

191/192 -- "A Part of the Family"
A family finally reunites with the Down's Syndrome child they institutionalized six years earlier and fight to get him allowed in the school. Muldoon is hurt when a shoddy brick wall built by his cousin falls on him. Molly chafes at Brendan's chauvinistic joy over the impending birth of his fine son.

193/194 -- "Second Chance"
Simon and Vicky try to get used to married life. Gabe's mother comes to bring Gabe back to Sydney. A pretentious would-be writer struggles with his first novel while his girlfriend copes with ulcerative colitis.

195/196 -- "It's So Easy"

197/198 -- "Partners"

199/200 -- "Once Upon a Time"
Molly interviews the oldest person in Wandin Valley before the old lady dies; she begins daydreaming of turn-of-the-century Wandin Valley, picturing familiar friends and acquaintances as the vivid characters Miss White knew so long ago.

201/202 -- "When the Bough Breaks"
An opinionated single mother and radio personality copes with her daughter's troubles. Molly falls from a ladder while painting and goes into labour 8 weeks early. The doctors are forced to perform an emergency caesarian section and struggle to save both mother and child. Despte all efforts, the baby, whom Molly names Christopher, dies and Brendan blames Molly because she wouldn't take it easy.

203/204 -- "A Sense of Loss"
Brendan and Molly struggle in their own separate ways to cope with the death of their child but they move apart from each other as they do so. Simon's "black sheep" uncle arrives for a visit, leaving a trail of debt behind him for Simon to clear up.

205/206 -- "On the Sheep's Back"
Molly and Brendan try to mend their marriage. It's sheep shearing season and trouble brews when the shearers black ban one of the local sheds. One of the young shearers is attracted to Molly, thinking she's a young single mom. Simon gets a job offer from Sydney.

207/208 -- "The Last Laugh"
A comic long past his heyday comes to the Valley to perform, with tragic consequences. Molly harvests and sells her first potato crop. The Delltones perform at the Club.

209/210 -- "Elementary Miss Watson"
Esme's noseyness gets her in trouble when she becomes suspicious of the odd goings on at her new neighbour's house. A man longing to marry deals with his controlling, wheelchair-bound mother. Simon and Vicky cope with a stoned goat left with them by a hippy couple passing through town.

211/212 -- "The Best Thing for Everybody"
Tania Menzel, a rather mysterious Czechosolvakian woman, takes a job as nurse's assistant as the hospital and only Terence guesses her secret. Young mechanic Barry Hall battles his in-laws for custody of his daughter after he injures his leg at work.

213/214 -- "Moment of Truth"
Simon (and everyone else) speculates that Vicky is pregnant when she presents with all the symptoms, including morning sickness. Tania, a qualified surgeon in her own country, is forced to operate on a car accident victim whose carotid artery has been cut by glass from his windscreen. The fact that Terence arrives and doesn't take over the operation puts both of them at risk of manslaughter charges after the man dies from his injuries.

215/216 -- "A Touch of Class"
The economic classes collide when a rich young woman falls for a poor young man. Terence tries to fight poor conditions in the garment industry in order to help one of his patients. Simon and Vicky debate accepting $40,000 from his parents for a house. Frank considers retirement when he feels unappreciated by the town.

217/218 -- "Unemployment - Health Hazard"
Dinny, Hodge, and Philby are three unemployed young people who come to Wandin Valley to try to get work. Dinny is enthusiastic, thinking up all sorts of schemes, and finally obtains employment as a nurse's aide at the hospital by lying about her qualifications. Philby, a qualified mechanic, is morose at his lack of work, and after trying unsuccessfully for his 137th job application, he steals the retrenched Des's car and kills himself. Hodge spends most of his time asleep in the squat, but, during a rare meal of steak at the Club (bought with Dinny's first earnings), he overhears Simon's mother offering Simon and Vicky $40,000 to help buy a house. Hodge is angry at this display of wealth; there is an argument and he is thrown out of the Club. Later Des, who has changed his mind about "dole bludgers" after Philby's death, persuades Bob to employ Hodge (who is a qualified plumber). He works hard and changes Bob's opinion about "bludgers" too. After her lack of qualifications are discovered and she is sacked, Dinny decides to move off looking for work somewhere else, leaving Hodge alone. Hodge decides to look for work in the neighbouring town. Terence angrily tells Brendan that unemployment is a health hazard. [this description comes from the "
ACP: Quality Soap" book]

219/220 -- "A Horse of a Different Colour"
The doctors try to assemble a new desk for Shirley. After the owner of a local stud farm dies, his caretaker worries about his future, especially when the owner's niece comes to sell the farm. When Molly buys a horse for cheap from the stud farm, Vicky becomes suspicous. A horse stolen from the farm throws throws the young man who stole him and is then fatally struck by a truck. When the horse that Molly bought collapses, injuring Brendan, shady doping practices at the farm are uncovered.

221/222 -- "Invasion of Privacy"
Shirley worries about Simon and Vicky. Terence admires a new painting he bought in Sydney. Arnie Hodgekiss conspires with a land developer to convince a local farm owner to sell his property while Esme stirs up gossip in town about the farmer's past, including his "missing" wife. When the farmer is hospitalized, Frank and Vicky discover that the man's wife is still around, though housebound by agoraphobia. Terence is surprised to learn she is the artist of his new painting. Molly springs into action to stop the new development plans.

223/224 -- "Tug of War"

225/226 -- "Second Opinion"

227/228 -- "Hot and Cold"

229/230 -- "Breathing Space"

231/232 -- "An Axe to Grind"
Molly tries to counter Brendan's attachment to his newly grown moustache. An Aboriginal fruit picker and his son meet the usual prejudices, which makes the fruit picker reject his own background and culture. After an aboriginal artefact is found on a local farmer's property, the fruit picker is encouraged to share his background and knowledge but can't escape his own demons. There is hope for his son's future, though, as they leave the Valley, Joe with a crate of beer and Dennis with an armful of books about Aboriginal culture.

233/234 -- "Repairing the Damage"
In this harrowing episode, the town struggles to cope with the death of a teenager from sniffing solvents. The point is really driven home when a second teenager is hospitalized with brain damage from sniffing. Frank decides to begin holding Blue Light Discos to give the kids something to do. Maggie tries to find a room to rent and ends up with Esme. Frank suffers from prostate trouble and has to undergo surgery. Brendan's home plumbing work inspires Molly to renovate the whole kitchen in vivid colours.

235/236 -- "Good Intentions"

237/238 -- "So Close and Yet So Far"

239/240 -- "Splitting the Difference"

241/242 -- "Friday the 13th"

243/244 -- "The Last Picture Show"

245/246 -- "I'll Drink to That"

247/248 -- "The Hidden Trap"

249/250 -- "Close to the Bone"

251/252 -- "Leader of the Pack"

253/254 -- "Digging Up Dirt"

255/256 -- "Man's Best Friend"

257/258 -- "Taken for a Ride"

259/260 -- "A Fair Hearing"

261/262 -- "Upstaged"

263/264 -- "Ships in the Night"

265/266 -- "The Harder They Fall"

267/268 -- "Something Out There"

269/270 -- "Out of Bounds"

271/272 -- "Rituals"

273/274 -- "All in the Line of Duty"

275/276 -- "Misconceptions"

277/278 -- "Eighty in the Shade"
Brendan uses the new hospital bus to take geriatric patients for a trip, but they are apathetic. Bert, an elderly Wandin Valley resident, has been taken into hospital for a check-up after collapsing and causing his house to burn down. He makes fun of the geriatric patients returning "like zombies" from the bus trip, but is horrified when he ends up in their ward. He leaves hospital but is refused entry at the trendy renovated pub and returns through the rain, to be greeted by Matron Sloan with a cup of tea. He refuses the tea and organizes a hijack of the bus on the next trip. Brendan is left behind as the old people break free, enjoying themselves for the first time in year and reliving past memories and passions. They have a picnic, but one of the patients is taken sick; they return to the hospital, but only after a final champagne party at the pub. [this description comes from the "
ACP: Quality Soap" book]

279/280 -- "Small Comfort"

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