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1983 Episode Synopses

107/108 -- "Little Voices"
A couple's desperate hopes for children are dashed by an unexpected hysterectomy. A young girl tries to cope with her baby brother when her junkie mother abandons them.

109/110 -- "Grace and Favour"

111/112 -- "Breaking Point"

113/114 -- "Just Another Patient"

115/116 -- "Truth & Consequences"

117/118 -- "Who Cares"

119/120 -- "September Song"

121/122 -- "The Reckoning"

123/124 -- "The Winds of Change"

125/126 -- "Love & Glory"

127/128 -- "So Life Wasn't Meant to be Easy"

129/130 -- "Another Man's Poison"

131/132 -- "Hair of the Dog"

133/134 -- "See Ya"

135/136 -- "Warning Signs"

137/138 -- "No More Mr. Nice Guy"

139/140 -- "Fruit of the Vine"

141/142 -- "A Woman's Place"

143/144 -- "Still Life"

145/146 -- "Lost Weekend"

147/148 -- "The Wandin Valley Connection"

149/150 -- "The Sentimental Bloke"
Bob Hatfield's wife, Daisy, dies of cancer.

151/152 -- "A Lady's Choice"

153/154 -- "Bush Lore"

155/156 -- "Kicking the Habit"

157/158 -- "Never Count Yer Chooks"

159/160 -- "All Fired Up"
Brendan struggles to cover for Maggie, who is still living it up in Las Vegas. The head of the local bush fire brigade puts his team through their paces; they are interrupted by real bush fires raging through the Valley. One of the men on the brigade is bitten by a snake while tramping through the bush. Vicky's truck breaks down in the fire zone and she is rescued by Simon in his sprts car. Shirley worries when no one can find Frank after the fires are under control.

161/162 -- "Raking Over the Ashes"

163/164 -- "A Good Cause"

165/166 -- "Positive Steps"

167/168 -- "Kith and Kin"
While renovating her kitchen, Molly finds old newspapers and letters that tell of Esme Watson's true parentage. Simon races to Sydney after his mother is seriously injured in a car accident. He eventually meets up with Vicky who is in the city attending a vet conference and visiting old school chums. They kiss in the garden of the Bowen estate.

169/170 -- "Running Away"

171/172 -- "My Son, My Son"

173/174 -- "Tipping the Balance"

175/176 -- "Pioneering Spirit"
Gabe starts hanging around Rick, a young man who is squatting on farmland owned by a large meat company. Items are going missing all over town, including two of Molly's chooks. A truckie passing through town is hospitalized with cerebral malaria. He doesn't get along with Brendan because he thinks any man who would go into nursing must be a poofter. Rick is injured trying to pilfer more stuff and Gabe is forced to take him to the hospital. There, the recovering truckie gives them some excellent advice about how to avoid trouble over the stolen items and eventually offers young Rick a job with him.

177/178 -- "Taking the Plunge"
Bob hires a housekeeper after falling for her, only to discover she's married. A single mother tries to get permission to stay in hospital with her young son, who injured himself jumping out of a tree. Simon pretends to be returning to Sydney to visit his old girlfriend, tricking Vicky into racing after him. They finally admit their feelings and get engaged.

179/180 -- "Spell Bound"

181/182 -- "Promises, Promises"

183/184 -- "From This Day Forward"
After the usual wedding day disasters and problems, Simon and Vicky get married.

185/186 -- "Got it Made"
Two homeless men make themselve comfortable in an abandoned house but are unexpectedly joined by two strangers, one of whom is injured. Terence is forced to treat the injured man.

187/188 -- "Have I Got a Deal For You"
A concentration camp survivor is admitted to the hospital. Esme is taken advantage of by a thieving boarder she takes in.

189/190 -- "Wednesday's Child"
Simon and Vicky return from their honeymoon. Gabe informs Molly that she is 2 months pregnant and later gets lost in the bush with Chloe.

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