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1982 Episode Synopses

15/16 -- "Golden Fleece"
Dr. Elliott delays returning to the hospital when he meets a lady trucker; a boy's punishment creates havoc for some of the hospital staff. Bob Hatfield works on the Jones' new indoor loo.
The arrival of Dr. Elliott's new friend sets off shock waves at Wandin Valley; Bob Hatfield's dentist disappears.

17/18 -- "Teamwork"
Dr. Bowen's amorous plans are interrupted by his famous father's arrival. The hospital's staff works overtime when a shocking accident devastates the town.

19/20 -- "Suffer Children"
Dr. Bowen treats an aboriginal girl whom he suspects is a victim of abuse.
A child in trouble causes a rift between Simon Bowen and Terrence Elliott.

21/22 -- "Mates"
A tennis coach's life is put at risk after he saves a young boy.
Prejudice and hypocrisy destroy two residents of a small town.

23/24 -- "Agrophobic Sons & Other Lovers"
Dr. Elliott has a tough time treating a woman with psychological problems. The doctors search for the carrier of a contagious disease that strikes the high school.

25/26 -- "I Know Where She's Gone"
A young pregnant woman is found in the woods, dead. Detectives are called in from Sydney to investigate the events surrounding her death but it takes Dr. Bowen and Sgt. Gilroy to crack the case.

27/28 -- "A Little Knowledge"

29/30 -- "A Pit to Hiss In"
Clare Willis, a very accident prone teenage girl, begins working at Vicky's surgery on her school break. Her teacher is hospitalized after being bitten by a snake and they discover that she and her cat are being poisoned by the house she lives in. The doctors determine the cause of Clare's night blindness and clumsiness.

31/32 -- "Hoarse Throat"

33/34 -- "Beating Around the Bush"

35/36 -- "Never Called Me Mother"

37/38 -- "Shooting Through"

39/40 -- "Pig in a Poke"

41/42 -- "Did She Fall"

43/44 -- "Loves Labour Lost"

45/46 -- "Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind"
Shirley recovers from her hysterectomy while Molly takes over for her at the clinic. UFO sightings in the Valley bring secretive government people and a spate of unusual ailments to the Valley.

47/48 -- "The Second Coming"

49/50 -- "Come Blow Your Horn"

51/52 -- "Frankie and Johnny"

53/54 -- "The Odd Couple"
A lonely farmer tries to kill himself after putting his beloved dog down. Marta clashes with a young nurse's aide. Frank gets sloshed on his buck's night and winds up handcuffed to Simon with no key. When Simon is called to attend a birthing, Frank is forced to tag along. Frank and Shirley get married at Shirley's home.

55/56 -- "A Fearful Thing"

57/58 -- "Win Some, Lose Some"

59/60 -- "In the Eyes of the Beholder"

61/62 -- "Weight for Age"
A young man, desperate to become a jockey, is willing to do anything to lose weight and make his dreams come true. Frank and Shirley meet a rather odd couple to play Bridge with. Brendan has to cope with Sophie Elliott's crush on him.

63/64 -- "Prisoner of the Valley"

65/66 -- "Cheap Dreams"

67/68 -- "Occupational Hazard"

69/70 -- "Hear No Evil"

71/72 -- "Luck of the Draw"

73/74 -- "One for the Road"

75/76 -- "A Fair Day's Work"

77/78 -- "No Apparent Reason"

79/80 -- "Road to Nowhere"

81/82 -- "Coming Ready or Not"

83/84 -- "What It Takes"

85/86 -- "Secondly Deadly Sin"

87/88 -- "The Seeds of Discontent"

89/90 -- "Sign of Affection"

91/92 -- "Field of Thunder"

93/94 -- "The Push"

95/96 -- "Acts of Kindness"

97/98 -- "A Human Reaction"

99/100 -- "Show Down"

101/102 -- "Pie in the Sky"

103/104 -- "Stirring the Possum"

105/106 -- "Cup Fever"
Everyone attends the horse races. [
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