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1981 Episode Synopses

1/2 -- Pilot "In General Practice"
A woman passing through the Valley has to divert to the hospital when she goes into labour early. A teenage girl tries to convince her father and Dr. Bowen to let her go on the Pill.

3/4 -- "Town Tragedy"
A married woman is killed in a car accident while on her way out of town with "another man". Molly and Brendan Jones arrive in the Valley.

5/6 -- "The Itinerants"
The young son of an itinerant fruit picker develops a hydatid cyst and is hospitalized. His mother is also hospitalized after falling. Their livelihood is threatened when they can't meet their fruit picking quota.

7/8 -- "They Shoot Cows?"

9/10 -- "Coming Home"

11/12 -- "Secrets"

13/14 -- "Alternatives"

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