973 & 974
Original -- Feb 1/2, 1993
Showcase -- Jan 18/19, 1999
Noel Ferrier (Victor Tutt)
Beverly Dunn (Leonie Sterling)
Jeremy Stanford (Chris Brooks)
Lorna Kelly (Vanessa Rennet)
Aleesa Henricks (Miranda Grey)
Vanessa Patterson (Chantal Cooke)
Carmel Mullin (Doctor)
Toula Tzoras (Sr. Amelia Theopoulos)
Arthur Percival (patient)
BEST LINE: "You're like a pair of naughty school boys playing up behind the teacher's back" [Kate, to Harry and Terence]
BEST SCENE: Anna trying to explain sex and genetics to Billy without going stark raving mad
Other favorite lines are right in the episode description (there are several of them -- it was tough to choose just one fave!).
The food and drink that Frank and Hugo brought for Bernice included: tuscanny toast, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, caviar, smoked salmon, shrimp in brine, taramasalada (sp?), reds, whites, sherries, and champagne
Victor Tutt's "Tutt's Guide to Rhine Wine" was one of Terence's favorite books
Some of the items in Victor's little mini-pharmacy were: laxatives, maxindol, halfleuramine, diethylapropriene hydrochloride (an appetite supressant?)

Please excuse my rather phonetic spelling of the things I've never heard of before. :-)

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"Twice Shy"
Rosemary is at a nursing conference. Bernice is going to great lengths to prepare for the imminent arrival of noted travel writer Victor Tutt. Leonie Sterling, the temporary matron, is staying at Rainbow Farm as well. Hugo and Frank bring in soon-to-expire deli foods (a great bargain), glasses, and a variety of wines for the dinner Bernice has planned. She wants Darcy to dress in a little french maid's outfit to serve the meal but Darcy won't agree. Leonie is very accommodating to the doctors, allowing them to shift their schedules around however they want and Kate accuses them of taking advantage of the new matron's good nature. Kate calls in on Mrs. Rennet. Her daughter, Vanessa, throws a bucket of water on the neighbour's cat, Elton, when he goes for her budgie. The neighbour, Chris Brooks, is upset over that and accidentally bangs his leg against the fence while arguing with her. He's in agony and throws a broken board at Vanessa's garden gnomes. Esme calls Tom in because of that and Kate checks out Chris's leg -- she sees that he has an infected ulcer on his leg.

Anna has a new car. Bernice dresses up for Victor. He arrives in Bev's cab and they are shocked to learn that he is an extremely portly gentleman. Bernice asks Harry to keep Leonie occupied at the hospital so that she won't interrupt the dinner plans. Victor admires Bernice's "cheeky" touches -- the copies of his books, the Ruffles hotel towel, etc. Darcy refuses to be the maid at all. Anna has to operate on a dog with hip dysplasia (a birth defect) and Billy naively talks about how the dog's parents should have been more considerate. At the dinner, Victor charms Esme. Hugo has to take over serving duties. Bernice tries to monopolize Victor's conversation but isn't very successful. Terence arrives in casual dress. They learn that Victor still lives with his mother. Terence realizes that Victor wrote one of his favorite wine books. Harry examines Chris's wound. Victor stuns everyone with his very hearty appetite. Leonie arrives at Rainbow Farm unexpectedly causing Bernice to drop some of the food. Terence invites Leonie to join them for dinner. Bernice mistakenly sprinkles salt on a big bowl of strawberries, then pours wine on them to try to mask the taste of the salt. She scrambles to find something else to serve but Hugo grabs the bowl of strawberries and takes it in to the table. Victor is impressed that Bernice thought to make such a delicacy, a Florence flavour -- he last had them a Maxim's in Paris. No one else appreciates them, though. Bernice begins talking about the pyramids and her experiences there and during the course of the conversation inadvertently insults Victor. He accuses her of calling him a fraud.

Harry talks to Chris about the wound he has and they determine that he was bitten by a spider at the Lodge. Vanessa's been feeding Elton for him. Bernice apologizes to Victor. Leonie talks to Victor about all the places she'd like to visit but never has. She's sitting on his worry neads and he spins her a great yarn about how he got them. Only a small number of people are affected by the kind of spider that Chris has identified. Victor gives Leonie his worry beads. Bernice makes a nuisance of herself over the review. Victor and Leonie have a nice chat over breakfast. Bernice asks Victor if he'd like to go for a dip in the hot tub. Anna has a talk to Billy about the fuss over she and Tom not having kids. She tries to explain genetics to him. Kate and Harry go to the Lodge to catch one of the spiders. Esme talks to Chris about him and Vanessa...she offers her advice to him and to Vanessa.

Victor gets into the hot tub. Vanessa and Chris come to an agreement about their relationship -- he agrees to keep Elton inside as long as she agrees to get help for her allergies. They kiss. Tom talks to Billy about Duchennes and having kids. Billy agrees to have the blood tests to help Anna determine if she's a carrier. Bernice complains to Terence about how much Victor's visit is costing her -- Leonie tells her that Victor has decided to stay a little longer. Bernice returns home to Rainbow Farm to find him still in the hot tub. The temp is so high...she turns it down and gives him some champagne. He's a little disconcerted. Billy gets his blood test and tries to explain genetics to them. Bernice comes out to the hot tub again to find Victor unconscious, still in the water.

The hospital staff try to examine Victor. Terence talks to Bernice about the details. Tom and Anna clear up their yard. Harry wanders past after a golf game and is called back into the hospital. Hugo and Darcy practice their dancing. Darcy's crabby and out-of-sorts. Hugo tries to be sensitive, thinking that its PMS. Victor's blood pressure is up. He's told the medical staff that he's only been taking the odd aspirin and vitamins so they'll have to wait to see what the blood tests show. Bernice is beating herself up over it. Tom finds a dog on the side of the road and takes her to Anna. Anna thinks the dog may have been bitten by a snake -- unfortunately she has no antivenin, besides which it costs $400 per shot (is it worth it for a stray dog?). Victor is dehydrated and has an electrolyte imbalance and bouts of diarrhea. Terence investigates and Victor admits he's been taking diet pills ("this and that" he says). Leonie's talks with Victor have made her a little more decisive. Bernice brings Victor's shaving kit to Terence, who finds it filled with all sorts of pills.

Darcy has rung in sick so Hugo stops round to see her at home. Tom finds out the "stray" dog's name is Murphy and he brings her owner, Chantal, to see her. Anna explains how expensive treatment would be (money is tight at Chantal's house). Terence talks to Victor about weight loss and lifestyle changes. Bernice apologizes (again) to Victor -- "Rainbow Farm likes to spoil its guests. We don't want it to be terminal, though". Frank arrives looking for Bernice -- she still hasn't paid him for the discounted foodstuffs for the dinner party. Darcy is still very cranky. Frank thinks it may be that time of the month and he explains it explains it to Hugo the same way that Shirley explained it to him -- "The last thing they want is for some man to pat them on the head and say <There, there. I understand.> 'cos let's face it, he doesn't". Victor tells Leonie he rues the day he ever came to Wandin Valley. She returns his worry beads.

Anna orders some antivenin and Tom suggests getting some from the hospital for immediate use, giving Anna a brilliant idea -- the hospital has some out-of-date antivenin that can't be used on humans but should be potent enough for animals (she hopes). Kate escorts Victor to the shower room. Hugo insists Darcy tell him what's wrong -- she's found a lump in her breast and is scared. She doesn't want her mom to know so he recommends she see someone outside the Wandin Valley medical community. In the shower room, Victor has trouble maneuvering and knocks over his IV stand, wedging it in the opening under the door. He panics and starts hyperventilating. Leonie shoos everyone else away and calms Victor down, getting him to breathe into his hands to help slow his ventilation down. Tom picks up the out-of-date antivenin (for black snake). Anna hopes it's strong enough to do the trick. Leonie continues to talk to Victor and calms him down enough for him to extricate himself and the IV stand. They go for a walk later and he tells her his secret -- that he uses researchers for his books and then writes up their notes; he never goes anywhere himself.

Bernice gives Victor advice about Leonie ("go get her!"). Darcy gets a needle biopsy done at the Women's Clinic while Hugo waits. Bernice talks to Leonie about Victor's feelings. The two finally talk to each other and admit that they have feelings for each other. Victor asks Leonie to see the world with him, as his wife, and she agrees. They're to be married in London. Back at the hospital later, Leonie tells everyone she's leaving and finally lays down the law to the docs. Murphy the dog wakes up OK. Bernice renames the farm Rainbow Health Farm and invites Terence in to have a spa, caviar, and chilled champagne. Terence dances with Darcy until his back starts to twinge. Darcy's biopsy showed the lump was benign. Hugo's been reading up about "women's troubles" and recommends Evening Primrose Oil to Darcy -- she is amused but tells him she already takes it. Chantal brings Anna some flowers from her parents' business and offers to clean the kennels to help pay Anna back. Anna asks Tom how much he's paying her (since he'd been neatly trying to avoid helping Anna out by doing that very job himself).


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