971 & 972
Original -- Jan 25/26, 1993
Showcase -- Jan 14/15, 1999
Janet Andrewartha (Lisa Davis)
Peter Curtin (Sandy Davis)
Caitlin Wright (Jo Davis)
Raelene Winter (Cassie Davis
Noel Trevarthen (Doug Briggs)
Antony Waddington (Minder? -- can't read exactly what it said)
(1) "Mrs. Prior is familiar with my routine" [Terence in response to the request that he do his conjuring act with someone other than Rosemary.] "I'll bet" [Bernice's response.]
(2) [Terence, after everyone has found out that the hospital will not be downgraded] "I can't tell you any more because then you'll know exactly what a scoundrel I really am and I'd hate that." Rosemary's response? "You might be a scoundrel but you're my scoundrel" as she kisses him....how very public, Mrs. Prior.

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"A Fine Balance"
Young Jo Davis is at the Lodge, practicing her balance beam routine. She hurts her ankle on the dismount and Hugo and Darcy convince her to go to the hospital. Things are very icy between Hugo and Darcy. Terence is back from the medical conference. He agrees with Harry's decision to perform the Caesar and is ready for a fight, if necessary. Anna's decided to make some renovations to her surgery, including adding an isolation ward. She's hired Perce to do the labour and Tom decides to stick around and keep an eye on him.

Harry wants Jo to stay off her ankle but she is determined to attend the selection trials in Canberra. Darcy drives her home and gets permission to take her to see Kate for an acupuncture treatment. Lisa Davis has a poor opinion of doctors but agrees. Jo's sister, Cassie, is bedridden and Lisa dotes on her. Kate and Harry, as medical practitioners, disagree over Jo's treatment. Perce convinces Anna to use old lumber instead of buying new. Bernice keeps an eagle eye on Esme at the jumble sale -- Esme bought an original Donald Edmonds painting for $25 at a CWA fete that she later sold for ~$2000. Bernice is sure she'll find another deal and wants to beat her to it. At the sale, Anna is called inside the hospital to look at Dog, who is choking on something. There is no time to get her to the vet surgery so Anna has to take care of her in the hospital...she finds a piece of the rawhide bone that Terence brought back from New Zealand stuck in Dog's throat.

Cassie Davis is sick and Darcy calls Harry in to look at her. Perce breaks a floor board and sees that it is riddled with termite burrows -- he reckons that they're active and is determined to search them out. Tom, unfortunately, has to leave him alone for a while to attend to police business. Harry axamines Cassie -- she has a middle ear infection. He sees that she needs a wheelchair and is baffled because her bout of meningitis 12 months ago shouldn't have caused that. Esme sees a rather homely framed painting she likes but Bernice manages to keep it for herself by secretly sticking a "Sold" sticker on it. Harry brings boxes of Dr. Wren's notes home to try to find out more about Cassie's situation. Tom returns home to find that Perce has ripped up the floor in the surgery looking for the termite nest. Once home, Bernice tries to remove the top layer of the painting to uncover the valuable painting she believes is underneath it (proven, she thinks, by the DE initials written on the top painting).

Harry goes to see Lisa Davis and meets her estranged husband, Sandy, whom Jo has called. Harry wants to do some tests on Cassie and Sandy agrees to it, over Lisa's objections. Terence calls someone to get the names of the MPs on the committee that is reviewing the hospital's status. Bernice shows him the painting and he tells her all about Daphne Edmonds, Donald's untalented daughter. Bernice is devastated. Anna arrives home from the jumble sale and finds her surgery in shambles. Kate talks to Cassie about gymnastics while Harry examines her. Jo tells her dad about the sprained ankle and he doesn't push her to rest it. Esme arrives at Rainbow Farm to buy the painting from Bernice for double the price Bernice paid ($20) and Bernice is ecstatic, thinking she got the better deal. The painting falls out and Esme is unconcerned -- it's the frame she wanted all along.

Anna informs Perce and Tom that the termite nest Perce found was a dead one, that it was all left over from Matt and Lucy's infestation troubles. Harry can find no physical cause of Cassie's confinement. Lisa won't consider psychiatric help. Perce and Tom put the floor back in and fix everything for Anna. Tom even makes her a sign pointing to the new isolation ward. She relaxes and shows him the tool box she bought him at the jumble sale -- the initials PH are engraved in it. Perce didn't know Bernice was getting rid of his tool box and isn't happy. Esme arrives at the farm and gives Bernice the bad news -- the frame was the one originally around the painting she bought last year and was made by Donald Edmonds. It's worth almost as much as the painting. Sandy decides to pull Jo out of the trials. Jo is upset that her mother won't listen to the doctors.

Rosemary has become a little bleak about the hospital's prospects. MP Doug Briggs has already made it clear that he is against the hospital. Harry is trying to write a song for the gala concert tomorrow. Jo and Lisa arrive for an acupuncture appointment and Harry scrambles to enlist Terence's help to keep Cassie in the hospital. They believe that there is a codependency issue at play between Lisa and Cassie and Harry wants to talk to a psychiatrist. Tom is planning to recite Australian poetry at the gala (while playing the spoons) and Anna is worried he'll make a fool of himself. Hugo and Darcy are still not being very civil to one another. Lisa wants to take Cassie home and Harry tries to convince her to stay. Everyone is getting roped into appearing in the talent show.

MP Briggs is coming to inspect the hospital and Rosemary scrambles to get the hospital shipshape. Terence has decided to do a conjuring act -- Rosemary has already agreed to be the MC and Bernice offers to take her place as assistant to "The Great Tazzer"...she can even get her hands on magician gear. Harry gets Cassie's history separately from Lisa and Sandy. After seeing Cassie attempt to walk in the garden, Lisa talks to Rosemary about what has happened since Cassie got meningitis. Sandy and Lisa both blame each other for Cassie not walking. Kate gets permission to take Cassie to the Lodge to watch Jo practice. MP Briggs arrives and begins his inspection. Tom reads a poem he wrote to Anna and she is horrified that he might actually do it in the show. He teases her with it.

Cassie thinks her father stopped loving her when she got sick because he started concentrating on Jo. Briggs slips on the floor and hurts his back. As he works on him, Terence talks politics and mentions that he's thinking of running for election next time -- he could probably take Wandin Valley if nothing else and that would put a serious crimp in Briggs' own plans for re-election. Sandy and Lisa have decided to try their relationship again and convince Cassie to have another try at walking. She makes it a few steps before falling into Lisa's arms. At the talent show, Tom does a stand up comedy bit (instead of his threatened poetry), Terence saws Bernice in half, Hugo and Darcy finally make up and do a 50's dance number, and Harry and Kate, dressed in western gear, sing the song Harry finally finished. Briggs come onstage and announces that due to the pitching he did on their behalf (ha!) there will be no changes to the hospital.


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