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1057 & 1058

Original -- Nov 1993
Showcase -- 1999

Guest Stars
Paul Gleeson (Ian McIntyre)
Claudia Black (Claire Bonacci)
Tony Barry (Peter Courtland)
Ron Blanchard (Norman Leonard Sawyer)
Colleen Clifford (Mrs. Grainger)
Penny Cook (Vicky Dean)
Matt Day (Luke Ross)
Mr. Nicholas (Roland Hastings)
Judith McGrath (Bernice Hudson)
Joan Sydney (Maggie Sloan)
Charles "Bud" Tingwell (Santa Claus/Edward Seldon)
Christopher Wiseman (Jon Dale)

Best Lines and/or Scenes
BEST LINES: Dialogue as Maggie and Rosemary meet for first time:
MAGGIE: "Sloan"
MAGGIE: "As in convictions?"

BEST SCENE: Has to be the entire wedding scene

Episode Trivia
This episode was the last episode filmed and aired of the "original series".

Filming of the final scene of this episode wrapped up shortly after 9 pm on Thursday, September 30, 1993, and was followed by a final wrap party at which several former cast members appeared to say their goodbyes.

The special shows that aired before and after the final episode were hosted by Stan Grant, a Channel Seven TV personality at the time and now a news anchor for CNN Asia.

Break #1 during the first special included a commercial for a Schweppes-Mania contest with Michelle Pettigrove as the spokewoman. The prize being drawn for that night was an Apple computer system (incl. printer, monitor, and peripheral of some kind) valued at $5000 (from the looks of it, something along the lines of a Perform 475, Performa 476, Quadra 605, or similar, all of which were released in October 1993).


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Win Rosemary's Gown

Guest Stars
Countdown to the Final Episode (23 mins; AVI/DivX format; 116.13 MB)

One-hour retrospective (49 mins; AVI/DivX format; 242.80 MB)

The wedding (9 mins; AVI/DivX format; 39.66 MB)

Guest Stars

TV Week - October 16, 1993

TV Week - October 16, 1993

Who Weekly - November 22, 1993

"Burning Bright"

Claire and Ian wrestle with a herd of Marino sheep in the National Park. There are bush fires breaking out all over. Tom has to take out an AVO (apprehended violence order) on Peter Courtland on behalf of his estranged wife Val. Anna isn't feeling well and Tom is worried. The hospital's centenary is this week. It's also near Christmas (next week). A strange bearded man in the club tells Esme, Frank, and Perce that he's lost his sack of Christmas pressies. He reckons the "rotten little pipsqueaks who work for [him]" nicked it. Claire decides to take care of several lambs from the Marino herd but Ian doesn't want any more animals in the house. Tom talks to a little boy who thinks that Santa Claus is lost because he didn't show up at the shopping centre. The stranger from the club comes in to the station and takes ownership of the bag of toys that Tom was holding on to. He insists he's Santa Claus and leaves, after giving the boy the toy he most wanted. Terence, Rosemary, Kate, and Harry reminisce over the pictures on Esme's "Wandin Valley Centenary" poster before Terence and Rosemary leave to present a certificate to Norman Leonard Sawyer (Lennie Sawyer's great grandfather), the first baby born in WVBNH (on Christmas Day 1893), at the nursing home in Magnolia Vale. All hell seems to break loose the moment they leave.

Tom serves the AVO on Peter Courtland. He's surly and tries to refuse Tom's entry into the house to retrieve his firearms. Tom's forced to get a warrant. Esme fits Harry for the santasuit for the hospital kid's party, just as a rather small Santa walks in claiming to have been hired by someone. The stranger from the club comes in to visit the children as well, making it 3 Santas for the party. Ian talks to Anna about Claire while Anna tends to the wounded lamb. Ian then leaves to go help clear fire breaks. Peter brings his guns in as Tom is typing up the warrant. Harry talks to the stranger from the club about why he thinks he's Santa Claus. While Esme talks to him, Harry and Kate formulate a plan of action to find out who he really is. Tom talks to Frank about the Courtlands and learns that Peter forgot to bring in one gun. Tom goes out to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Peter has boarded things up at his house and piled books and other objects into a pile in the middle of the room. Tom arrives to find him sitting in a chair, brooding, with the rifle in his lap.

Tom listens to Peter rant and rave about his wife. Peter accuses him of putting the idea of leaving in Val's head and confesses that the pile of objects in the middle of the room are meant to be his funeral pyre. He flicks his lighter as Tom tries to tackle him and the pile goes up in flames. Peter flees the house, leaving Tom lying on the floor. "Santa Claus" tells his amusing tale to Kate and Harry tries to jog his memory of his "real life". He's a curious fellow and you're almost convinced he might well be good ole Saint Nick. Tom gets outside to see Peter trying to start his car -- Tom's already removed the distributor cap so Peter's going nowhere. The house is engulfed in flames now.

Tom calls in the fire over the radio. Frank cuts his finger while slicing lemons at the club. Kate learns from a Dr. Gardiner that "Santa Claus" is really Edward Seldon but some things don't quite add up (different personality, different eye colour). He disappears and they are looking for him as Maggie Sloan walks into the hospital. She and Lachie finally tied the knot. Maggie is not impressed in the slightest to find that both the senior doctor and DON are away from the hospital and she firmly takes charge. Terence and Rosemary are bored to tears by Norman's longwinded stories but they can't escape. Frank finally comes in to get his hand seen to and Maggie takes care of him while they reminisce. Claire presents Ian with a list of rules to allow them to live in the same house without killing each other. They're arguing about it when Ian gets a call from Frank that the fire at Peter Courtland's is out of control and has now become a raging bush fire that is threatening the whole town.

Terence and Rosemary finally break free of Norman Sawyer and come upon smoke from the fire while driving home. They decide to take a shortcut around the back of Campbell's farm. Anna is worried when she learns where the fire started. Frank heads up the bush fire brigade at the club. Ian runs in with the news that the fire is now burning on two sides of the town. He later drives past Terence and Rosemary on the Acacia Road as they are heading to the hospital. He fills them in on what's going on. Esme is nursing some of the volunteers at the emergency HQ set up at the Lodge as Vicky Dean arrives.

The hospital staff scramble to evacuate the hospital to a safer venue. Maggie and Harry are constantly butting heads, as stubborn people will, over everything. Mr. Seldwin is wandering the bush, looking for his reindeer. Anna sends Darcy away with the animals, down the Burrigan Road to safety at the Burrigan Clinic. Vicky arrives at Anna's surgery with a heavily bleeding Fatso in her arms -- she'd run over him and was distraught. Terence and Rosemary finally reach the hospital. Maggie dresses them down for not being there all along. Maggie doesn't think Rosemary is doing an adequate job (i.e. as good a job as Maggie herself would do). Claire comes up to the counter with the awful news that fire has reached the ceiling of the annex. They step up the evacuation.

Anna takes a look at Fatso. Vicky wants her to operate and when Anna refuses to be near anaesthetic gases, Vicky guesses that Anna thinks she's pregnant. Vicky decides to do the operation herself. Rosemary and Maggie argue over who will be going with the buses and who will be staying. Rosemary finally stands her ground and Maggie is impressed at her fortitude. Frank sends Claire out to pick up a wounded man on Old Creek Road. Harry tries to coax a young girl, Virginia, out from under her bed. Anna and Vicky chat while Vicky operates. Darcy and Billy stop to look at a dead baby wallaby and George leaps out of the car while they aren't paying attention. They go search for him. The last of the buses are leaving the hospital. Terence tries to send Rosemary with them but she won't go. Claire tells Frank she came across Darcy's abandoned car. Terence and Rosemary search the hospital to make sure there is no one left behind. As they are heading out of the hospital, one of the buzzer for room 5 goes off -- they can't risk the chance that it isn't just a short circuit so they return to check the room.

Room 5 turns out to be one of the few places in the whole place that isn't in flames. They discover a radio that is still turned on in the room, the only sign of life there. Unfortunately, the corridor is engulfed and they are trapped in the room. Perce brings Ruby to Esme, so that Esme won't worry -- Camelot has been saved. Tom worries that Darcy and Billy haven't been found. They have finally found George and while trying to find their way to safety they are found by Luke, who was on his way to Wandin Valley for the celebrations. Terence and Rosemary fill in the cracks around the door with wet blankets (thankfully the room had a functioning sink, eh?) and hope for the best. After the surgery, Anna and Vicky talk about the Valley and babies and other small talk. Anna confesses that she bought a pregnancy test that she hasn't used yet. Perce is working too hard on the brigade and begins to suffer some angina pains while at the Lodge. Esme thinks he needs looking after. The air in Room 5 is becoming unbearable and Terence and Rosemary weigh their options. They decide they'll have to make a break for it. Rosemary says she'd marry him if they ever got out. Claire finds "Santa Claus" in the bush. He's hurt and is holding a teddy bear that fell out of the toy bag. Claire uses his coat as a marker so that the air rescuers can find them. While he is being airlifted, the teddy bear magically appears in his arms, where before it had been on the ground in the link of fire. The door of Room 5 is cooler and Terence and Rosemary make their break, covered in wet blankets. They reach the safety of the hospital's lawn and watch as fire consumes the building.

Flowers are beginning to bloom amid the charred ruins of trees. The Valley is beginning to recover. Billy and Tom talk about the baby Anna is carrying -- they've found out it will be a girl so she won't have Duchennes.

The town has gathered at the Lodge, one of the few public buildings still standing, for Terence and Rosemary's wedding. Rosemary is nervous and they argue a little as they walk up the aisle.

Rosemary notices who the celebrant is... ...and turns around to leave, only to be stopped by Terence If looks could kill, Terence would be dead -- Rosemary vows to never forgive him

She is shocked to see Bernice waiting at the front to perform the wedding ceremony. She turns to leave but Terence stops her and turns her back around to face Bernice who says "Trust me, Rosie."

The guests cheer as the new couple are pronounced wed Rosemary and Terence gaze lovingly at each other while Bernice watches The guests gather to see the newlyweds off on their honeymoon

The wedding goes off without a hitch. Outside, the guests mingle with the newlyweds as they laugh about who took advantage of the other's weak moment. Terence tosses the keys to the clinic to Harry and Rosemary tosses her "bouquet" (a single long-stemmed flower). It's caught by Darcy. Then Terence and Rosemary drive off into the sunset, as the wedding guests wave goodbye -- to the new couple and to the fans of the show.

The happy couple waves goodbye -- to the wedding guests and the show's fans 

We miss you, SydWe miss you, GordonWe miss you, Sophie