1039 & 1040
Original -- Sep 20/21, 1993
Showcase --
Dene Kermond (Peter Martin)
Mark McCann (Insp. Charlie Meadows)
Paul Coolahan (Mr. Ferguson)
Andrew Robertson (Rex Gallagher)
Derek Major (Vet)
Geoff Hamilton (Ambulance Officer)
Kevin Golsby (Barry Baxter -- uncredited)
Vince Gil (Laurie Morgan)
Trent Yee (Kevin Thieu)
Simon Mills (Sgt. English -- cop at hospital)
Michael Butcher (Sgt. Wormald)
Andrew Oughton (Ronny MacDonald)
Dacre King (Mr. Robertson)
Jeamin Lee (hotel staff member)
PART ONE: Lecture from Hugo to Fatso about running away --
"You would have been stranded in Magnolia Vale, right outside the Magnolia Vale Motel. Do you know, terrible things have gone down at that motel, Fatso. They have these two-way mirrors, vibrating beds, and stuff like that. You could have been dragged into some seedy travelling planning salesman's grotesque fantasy."

PART TWO: Dialogue after Rosemary and Terence have been trapped in the elevator for 4 hours --
T -
"If I go first, you can eat me to save yourself."
R -
"If I go first, leave me alone!"
Some of the crossword puzzle clues that Tom was working on were:
- 6 letter word for horsie
- 7 letters -- edible mushroom with a lilac stem (B _ _ W _ _ S ...... the answer is BLEWITS)

The speeding black Charger has 1976 plates -- RWT 796

The Charger went off the road 22 kilometers south of Widgeera

BLOOPER: After Peter's car crashes off the deserted rural road and Tom pulls to a stop in the police car, look for the image of a blonde haired woman (presumably a crew member) reflected in the rear side window just before Tom opens the door.

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"Heroes and Villains"
Tom is doing crosswords. Anna got a present of chocolates from Jerry Ferguson for bringing his foal into the world. Tom's bored and wonders where all the villains are. Hugo is back from Sydney -- it was 8 hours on the bus, due to highway construction, and he's exhausted. Frank is trying to design a new logo for the Wandin Valley Council letterhead. He's considered kangaroos, shearing sheds, gum trees, and every other rural cliche. He's also raided the Historical Society for ideas but Ivy has taken the rest of the Library items home. She's been accused of waiving overdue fines for her friends. She got upset at that and took the best stuff home with her until she's reinstated. Tom continues to struggle with his puzzle at the station while feeding Max. Killer has Tom spend 3 hours on the Widgeera Road at a speed trap.

At the hospital, Terence is doing the crossword, too. Rosemary has arranged their weekend away in Sydney. Harry and Kate walk into the hospital just then -- Harry is still whinging about getting tagged for speeding yesterday. Rosemary is a little flustered at the unexpected interruption and orders Kate to tend to Mr. Wilson (forgetting that he died yesterday). She then picks someone else for Kate to tend (Mr. Bold and his bilirubin). Harry rubs a pencil over the top sheet of Rosemary's note pad and turns up the name of the hotel in Sydney where Rosemary and Terence will be staying. Anna has to attend to Jerry's foal. It won't drink. Tom is passed by a speeding black Charger on the Widgeera Road. The car (and presumably its current driver) is wanted in relation to an armed hold up on the way to Widgeera. Tom chases after the car and the chase continues around the twists and turns of back roads. The car eventually goes off the road. Tom stops his cruiser and goes to investigate on foot, gun drawn. When he sees movement in the car, he yells for the person to not move but hears a gun shot . He ducks for cover only then really noticing that he'd been shot in the left upper arm and superficially wounded. He radios for an ambulance for the offender then goes after him as the suspect flees through the woods.

Hugo bonds with Fatso after he wakes up. Frank returns from Ivy's and wants Hugo to see to letting in a repairman for one of the poker machines -- Hugo, unfortunately, can't as he has an appointment with Doug Briggs (to get his support for Hugo's idea for a youth centre/camp). Tom tracks the suspect down a cliff and is shot at again when he calls out. Jerry's foal has a ruptured bladder and needs an operation at the Equine Hospital in Burrigan. Anna leaves the house just before the news reports air -- Terence, Harry, Kate, and Rosemary hear, though. Hugo returns to the Club from his meeting with Briggs and he and Frank hear on the news that Briggs has decided to open a youth centre in Burrigan. Hugo thinks that Briggs has ripped off his idea. A poker machine wins noisily before they can hear the details of the police chase. Tom finally reaches the suspect, who is a young boy and is seriously hurt. Tom gets the boy's gun. At the Gilroy house, Fatso lies forlornly next to his empty food dish -- looks like everyone has forgotten to feed him, porr thing. Hugo has hidden the library books on top of the bookcase so that Fatso won't get at them.

The boy Tom was chasing has a broken collar bone among other injuries. He passes out and Tom is forced to carry him back to the car (if he can remember where it is). He finally gets back to the car to find the ambulance already there. A reporter tries to talk to him but Harry clears him off. Anna is asked to scrub in on the operation on Jerry's foal and hears about Tom while changing into her surgical garb. She is disturbed by the news and Darcy goes to find out more information for her. Terence and Harry prepare to operate on the boy. Frank arrives at the hospital and talks to Tom. Tom is tired but goes to the station to complete his paperwork after Kate fixes up his arm. Terence tries to find the source of the boy's blood loss. Anna and Darcy wait with the four-day-old foal while it recovers from the surgery. Terence finds damage to the boy's intestines. Tom gets a visit from a police inspector and is asked a few questions (could the pursuit have been called off, etc.). Insp. Meadows tells Tom there will have to be an investigation. The boy is Peter Stephen Martin, a year 9 student at Burrigan High. Meadows requests that Tom take some leave now, not later -- sick leave, maybe a little counselling. Barry Baxter goes on about police chases on the radio. Tom returns to the hospital and talk to Harry about Peter. Harry offers to give him a lift home.

Hugo looks for Fatso but they can't find him. He and Frank argue over who fed him and realize neither of them did. Frank panics that maybe Fatso is after Frank's roses. Anna arrives at the hospital looking for Tom. Anna freaks out at Tom over how close he came to dying. Anna later gets news that the foal is well. Tom starts fretting about the chase.Rosemary is there when Peter wakes up. He won't talk when she asks about his parents. Hugo and Frank find Fatso "running away" on the Magnolia Vale Road. Hugo lectures him. Frank decides to make Fatso the official logo of Wandin Valley. Terence is tired from the surgery. Rosemary lectures him and suggests a holiday for two. Rosemary sends Harry home and she and Terence leave for a drink. Kate brings Harry a pizza. Hugo spreads rumours about the siege and Frank puts him in his place. Tom and Anna have chocolates for tea. Anna knows what the mushroom clue is from the crossword puzzle -- that was Tom's thoughts as the gun pointed at him. He berates himself.

Terence and Rosemary plan their weekend away. They tell Frank that Terence is going up north and that Rosemary wants to visit a cousin in Gallagenborough (sp?). Harry arranges for a bottle of champagne and box of chocolates to be delivered to the Sydney hotel room for them from the "Doctor of Desire" to the "Director of Love". Kate admonishes him. Tom deals with his time off. Anna is very upset about the shooting -- she wants Tom to quit the police service. Kevin Thieu is just leaving the hospital after a two-day stay. Kate is quite fond of the young boy. Tom visits Peter Martin in the hospital. He feels sympathy for the boy but Peter hurls obscenities and abuse (and spit) at him. Kate ushers Tom out because Peter gets too upset. Tom returns home distraught over the visit and decides he wants out of his thankless job. Terence and Rosemary arrive at the "historic" Grandview Hotel in Sydney only to be greeted by Mike Robertson, the manager of the hotel, and a photographer (Mary). They are informed that Terence and his "wife" are the millionth customers at the hotel. Terence and Rosemary stumble over a name to give when asked and wind up being called the "Prior-Elliotts". As their prize, their weekend at the hotel is free -- they only have to meet with some reporters. Terence thinks this is Harry's idea of a joke and they laugh it off and go up to their room(s).

A man calling himself Jack Martin and claiming to be Peter's paternal uncle arrives to visit Peter. He's really Peter's dad, Laurie, and Peter is thrilled to see him. Laurie is a criminal on the run and Peter wants to be just like his old dad (he got $2000 out of the heist). His father is disturbed by Peter's words. Anna talks to Darcy about Tom leaving the force. Tom doesn't want to talk about his decision or Peter. Anna talks to Kate about Tom. She walks past the door of Peter's room annd looks at him before moving on. Tom goes into the station and logs onto the computer to look up info on Peter Martin. He finds that Peter changed his name three years ago, from Morgan to Martin (his mom's maiden name). Peter's dad comes into the Club as Hugo and Darcy are talking about Tom and Peter. They give him directions to Tom's place (Darcy even draw him a map) because he says he wants to thank Tom. Kevin comes in to pick up slippers he left behind. Harry thinks that Kevin is getting a crush on Kate. Kate offers to take him horseback riding. Tom talks to Killer Burke about Laurie Morgan. The cop at the station sends him. He gets there to find "Jack Martin" talking to Anna.

Terence and Rosemary laugh over Harry's note. They enter the elevator and it gets stuck near the ground floor without opening its doors. Tom asks Anna to check the surgery (he insists, actually) but Laurie grabs her arm. Tom admits that he knows who Laurie is. The phone rings and Tom answers it. He says "I'll pick it up later" and tells Laurie that the police are on to him. Tom gets after Laurie and comments about how Peter will fare in prison. Laurie smashes a chair and starts crying. Tom tells Anna to call the police. Kate and Harry bring Kevin and two other kids to the Club after horseback riding. One of the kids, Ronnie, pushes Kevin down during a spat and Kevin's dialysis bag shows. Laurie wants Tom's help to get Peter back on the straight and narrow. Tom tells him to do it himself. Terence and Rosemary learn that it'll be two or three hours before the elevator is fixed. Rosemary is distraught -- she had too much champagne in the hotel room and really has to go....badly. Terence has an allergic reaction to her perfume and starts sneezing. Darcy tells Hugo and Frank about the stand off at Tom's. Laurie is brought into Peter's room. He speaks sharply to Peter about the follies of being like him but Peter still has dreams of being like his father. Laurie ends up having to tell Peter that he sucks as a criminal. Peter accuses him of selling out.After three hours in the elevator, Rosemary is frantic. Terence tells her to bury him in Wandin Valley if they don't get out in time. Rosemary then remarks "If they don't get here in time, my bladder will need a separate grave." and Terence laughs. Kate explains Kevin's dialysis process to Ronnie. He and Kevin talk about computer games. Frank sits down with Anna at the Club. They begin to discuss the whole situation that's occurred (the chase, etc.). She says she doesn't want to talk about it. Frank says he just wanted to tell her where she could get another chair, cheap. Tom tries to talk to Peter again and explains about Laurie and about Peter's future. Peter cries.

Tom finds out he's being awarded the Commissioner's Commendation on the 7th. He tells Anna that he can't leave the force. Anna teases him about the medal -- "Are you going to wear it to bed?" They kiss and make up. Kevin brings Kate a box of chocolates he won playing computer games. After four hours in the elevator, Rosemary is fit to burst. They both despair of ever getting released. She finally can't last any longer and prepares to take care of her business in a corner of the elevator -- she and Terence begin to empty her purse. Suddenly the doors open to reveal a group of reporters with cameras. They chase Rosemary all the way to the washrooms (she heads into the first one she reaches, which just happens to be the Gents). Terence tries to hide behind a pillar, clutching Rosemary's shoes, purse, etc., but is accosted by the reporters and hotel staffer. Back in Wandin Valley, Tom and Anna see Terence and Rosemary on the news on TV and have a good laugh. Tom decides he's glad of three things: (1) "That I'm me", (2) "That I'm here with you", and (3) "We're not Rosemary and Terence come next Monday morning!"


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