967 & 968
Original -- Nov 23/24, 1992
Showcase -- Jan 8/11, 1999
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Olivia Hamnett (Barbara Sajinovic)
Fred Walsh (Podge McKeever)
Mitch Mathews (Pearl White)
Saturday Rosenberg (Dorothy Mullens)
Ron Hill (Rev. Alan Denny)
Lauren Hewett (Bates Mullens)
Deian Cousins (Tim Mullens)
Luke and Daniel Harrison (Ollie and Bob Mullens)
Samuel Bright (Baby Ralph Mullens)
PART ONE: The best scene had to be Tom cuffed to his desk and trying to appear cool.
PART TWO: My favorite scene was Tom and Anna's real wedding on Christmas Day.
Tom and Anna's wedding was due to be held on December 24, 1991, at 12:10.

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"Double Happiness"
Darcy, Kate, and Anna discuss wedding preparations. Anna's mom is ambivalent about the whole thing and Anna doesn't really understand why. Tom is performing random breath testing. He pulls over a lady who refuses to cooperate. He doesn't realize who she is until she hands him one of his own wedding invitations -- it's his soon-to-be-mother-in-law, Barbara Sajinovic. He is very sheepish but she had recognized him right away. He lets her go. When she arrives at Anna's, she and Anna tease Billy about only buying him socks and undies for Christmas. Tom arrives shortly after that and he and Barbara pretend they never met before. Things are little uncomfortable, though. Bernice practices her celebrant skills. Perce thinks she is silly. She'll be performing the wedding ceremony for Pearl White and Podge McKeever. Perce hits the roof when he hears -- he can't stand Podge and doesn't want him in the house.

A cocktail party (not a hen party) is held at Anna's and Tom has his buck's night elsewhere. Anna gets a call that Tom is in protective custody at the police station. When the girls all get there, Tom is sitting very placidly at his desk. He tells Anna he's doing paperwork, that the buck's night is going on without him. Once they leave, he calls Frank out of the cell -- Frank has a pair of bolt cutters and Tom is pantless and cuffed to his desk. Barbara disapproves of Tom, especially since he's divorced. Anna makes a fake call to Tom to call it all off "because you didn't go to Uni". Billy thinks she's serious. Kate reads a magazine about bridesmaids duties. She talks to Barbara about Tom and Anna's early relationship. Darcy mentions that both Tom and Anna want lots of kids. Harry brings their dresses in but they're not the right ones (they're Pearl's and Esme's dresses). Billy asks Tom why his nana hates Tom so much. Billy worries that no one will buy him a bike for Christmas and worries if he will be Tom's kid if Tom and Anna have children of their own. He wants to come on honeymoon with them. Esme helps Pearl get ready. She tells Esme about the time Perce kissed her. Barbara wants to talk to Tom about prenuptial agreements. Her lawyer thinks it's a good idea. He, on the other hand, thinks it's a sordid idea and refuses. Billy keeps piping in about the honeymoon and Anna gets a little sharp with him and sends him out. Darcy comes across Billy later on collecting grubs by the woodpile, frustrated at adults in general. Barbara tells Tom that his relationship with Anna isn't 50/50, that Anna made up the monetary difference when the flight discounts fell through. She tells him she would do anything to stop the wedding.

Pearl tells Perce she remembers the kiss they shared. He promises not to tell and she goes to give him a kiss just as Esme and Podge walk in. They face off. Billy tells his nana he doesn't like her anymore. He turns to leave and faints after complaining of feeling ill. Barbara calls for Darcy and they take him to the hospital. He's nauseous and achy. It doesn't appear to be anything he ate or the grubs he was collecting hat are the source of his trouble. Perce and Podge argue over the past. Pearl thinks it's wonderful that two men are fighting over her. Perce and Podge square off in Perce's living room. Esme accuses Pearl of being a shameless flirt and Pearl accuses Esme of cheating in embroidery class long ago by using her Aunt's work. Bernice and Hugo try to break everything up but the combatants are determined -- they hand Hugo their teeth to hold. Esme upsets Pearl by calling her common. Esme finally enlists Frank to break up the fight. Anna gets to the hospital with Tom. Rosemary takes Barbara to the staff lounge to stay while Tom and Anna visit Billy. The docs discover a spider bite on the back of Billy's leg. They show him a chart of different spider species and he's points out a red back spider. They send out for the appropriate antivenin. Rosemary comes to get Terence to talk to Barabara. Barbara tells him about the child she had, a son, in Egypt before Anna was born. His name was Gregory and he was nearly two when he died. He had Duchennes Muscular Dystrophy and she only clued in to the hereditary factors involved when a cousin's grandson was stricken

Anna and Tom bicker about her mother and Billy blames himself. Esme asks Perce about history with Pearl nearly 50 years ago, when Pearl and Podge were broken up so long ago. He tells her that his troubles started when Podge was made prefect and got Perce in trouble. He says he didn't remember the kiss until Pearl brought it up. Esme feels better to learn that. Terence wants to make inquiries before telling Anna about the Duchennes. Bernice's ceremony for Pearl and Podge at the farm is very eclectic and very dramatic -- lots of Bible quotes, poetry, and New Age thoughts. Perce scowls throughout the ceremony and Esme catches the bouquet. Terence explains Duchennes to Anna and Tom -- how it only affects males but females can be carriers. So there is a 1 in 2 chance of Anna having an affected child (i.e. if she's a carrier). Tom struggles to understand it. Symptoms of the disease usually appear before the age of 4 so Billy is obviously normal (and thus his mother wasn't a carrier). Anna plays it tough. Bernice meets up with Frank at the church and learns that Rev. Denny is wrestling with a difficult decision -- to stay to perform Tom and Anna's wedding or accept an invitation to take over Christmas services for the Bishop of Garridan. Bernice decides to ease his mind for him, to ease his burden. Anna is putting on a tough front but Tom wants to talk to her. She thinks Tom shouldn't marry her -- he wants children and she should avoid having them. Bernice arrives in midst of their discussion to announce that she will be performing their wedding ceremony. Tom blurts out that there might not be a wedding and Anna takes it as confirmation that he doesn't want to marry her.

Bernice tells Kate, Esme, and Darcy about what happened with Tom and Anna. Bernice is more upset over her lost chance to do the wedding. Dorothy Mullens collaspes in the shopping centre with hyperglycemia. She's lost weight and has probably been letting herself go to look after the kids. Billy feels dumb and guilty for getting sick. He wonders why Tom and Anna haven't visited him. Tom and Anna discuss things. Anna is distraught. She doesn't want to trap Tom in a marriage without kids if she turns out to be a carrier. He tries to reassure her and they decide to go ahead with the wedding. Darcy and Hugo arrive at Rainbow Farm with the Mullens kids -- Dorothy will have to stay in hospital for awhile while they regulate her blood sugar and Darcy and Hugo didn't want to see the kids sent to Family Services. Bernice has a brainstorm to float a pontoon out onto the dam for the wedding. Frank, Harry, and Anna have problems raising the marquis tent. Anna is hassled by the whole thing and tells Bernice she can do what she wants. Perce is grumpy over having young kids in his home. Darcy has to leave them in his care and once she explains their situation, he relents. Tom picks up Billy's bike. Both he and Barbara have bought a helmet to go with it. Tom lets her keep the one she bought and she agrees (a first!).

Esme helps Anna get ready. Anna and her mom have a surprise planned for Billy. Barbara talks to Anna and she wishes Anna and Tom well. Billy gets to see what Tom and Anna look like in their wedding duds -- separated by the hospital curtains, of course, so they don't see each other -- and says "She's not all that ugly" to Tom. Anna comes out after Tom and he sees her in her gown. They go together to the wedding as Rosemary looks on with a silly smile on her face. They all arrive at the dam and the wedding party goes out onto the pontoon. The pontoon gets loose from its moorings and is set adrift. Harry tries to grab the rope and tosses it to shore to Terence, who ends up in the water grabbing for it. The pontoon starts to list to one side as Bernice babbles on and as Terence tries to pull them all to shore. Harry and Frank fall into the water as the rest of the wedding party scrambles to dry land. Hugo tries to cope with the kids. Perce calls them to attention and gets them occupied with Christmas decorations. Terence says a few words back at the reception. Later Darcy, Bernice, and Harry bring a tree for the kids and Kate brings wedding leftovers. Perce and Hugo make treats.

Tom and Anna start to enjoy their first night together as a married couple when the phone rings -- it's a report of an accident, supposedly from Killer Burke. The phone rings again, calling Anna out to the Valley Road as well. Bernice reads her mail and learns that she is not a legal celebrant, not until they approve her proposed ceremony. Tom and Anna get to the Valley Road to find no accident. Tom calls Burrigan to find out that it is a hoax they know nothing about. Billy wakes to find his new bike beside the bed. Terence arrives at the hospital at 05:30 to find Rosemary there. He kisses her, after a furtive look around to make sure no one was watching. Tom and Anna see a deer. They return to the house to find Bernice there. She gives them their money back and then breaks the bad news to them. Anna thinks that it might be for the best, to give them time to properly think about things but Tom is determined to get married that day. Bernice tries to find Pearl and Podge to tell them the bad news but has no luck. The Mullens kids wake up to find Perce dressed as Santa Claus, doling out pressies. Tom and Anna rush to the church to ask Rev. Denny to marry them. They decide to have Billy there this time and send Hugo to get him. Terence, Rosemary, Kate, Harry, Esme, and Frank celebrate Christmas at Eden. They give Frank a present -- a book about the Himalayas -- and they all make a toast to Shirley. Tom and Anna say their vows again, with only Hugo and Billy as witnesses, with Anna dressed in red and Tom dressed in casual attire. Afterwards, Billy tells them it's OK if he doesn't go on the honeymoon.


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