965 & 966
Original -- Nov 16/17, 1992
Showcase -- Jan 6/7, 1999
Daniel Wyllie (Danny Coote)
Adam Lloyd (Mark Lucas)
Kris Bedenko (Louise Fleming)
Steve Rodgers (Micky Rogers)
Glen Hoare (Rick Montague)
Elizabeth Malone (Ambulance Officer)
Noel Trevarthen (MP Doug Briggs)
Terence --
"Reminds me just how important physical contact is to people. I'd prescribe it on a regular basis."
Rosemary --
"To be taken daily, after dinner no doubt."
Terence --
"Ideally". He takes a sip of Rosemary's glass of wine.
R -- "Hmmm, you interest me."
T --
"Do I?". Smiles slyly.
The scientific name for giant prehistoric wombats is DIPROTODON. They were as big as a rhinoceros and were the largest marsupials anywhere in the world. From reconstructions of bones found, it looks like the Diprotodon had longer legs in proportion to their bodies than your basic present-day wombat (who tends to be rather squat).

See picture of a Diprotodon here (that whole site is actually quite interesting...you might want to surf it a little).
Museum Victoria's "Ice Age Mammals" web site (another cool site)

Ghurkas were ferocious Nepalese mercenary soldiers (who fought under British command)


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"Face the Past"
Kate weeds her roses with the help of Mark Lucas. He had also caddied for Harry earlier and asked for his caddy fees now because he's short of cash. Harry offers him a loan but is refused. He offers to shout Mark a meal at the Club which IS accepted. Tom arrives and questions Mark about some car rip offs in the area. One of them sounds like Rick Montague, one of Mark's flatmates. Mark used to live in Community House but moved out a few weeks ago to share a flat with some rather shady young men. Darcy has a good chat with Lou (Louise), a friend of hers, at the farm. Lou is in a hairdressing course and Darcy thinks she looks a bit tired. Her one year anniversary is coming up and her period is late by four days. She hasn't told her husband Micky yet. Bernice gets a call from someone about an application to be a JP or something. Hugo goes out to find her but Bernice is a little distracted. She's holding a large bone, an old-looking one that has sparked her very vivid imagination. There is an an archeological dig going on in the Park and she has shifty plans to take advantage of that fact.

At dinner, Kate and Harry talk to Mark about his new flat and flatmates. A strange young man buys Harry a drink at the Club after saying "I owe this man heaps." Then he leaves without saying much else. Lou's urine test is negative for pregnancy. Terence examines her -- her liver feels enlarged and her eyes are slightly yellow. He takes a blood sample for tests. Harry and Kate arrive home in good spirits after a perfect day. The young man from the Club is watching them from outside. Bernice asks for the day off -- Harry has only one patient, Danny Coote, who turns out to be that same young man from the Club. Harry doesn't remember meeting before. His leg is bothering him. Lou's blood tests show that she has Hepatitis B. She's told there is no real treatment -- they'll do regular blood tests and she needs rest. Harry gives Danny a script for pain reliever. Tom comes in for a pre-wedding checkup and quizzes Harry about Mark. Harry tells him to lay off the boy.

Bernice and Hugo have a table full of supposedly 16-million-year-old bones. The bones in the Park were prehistoric giant wombat bones. Bernice doesn't think her bones are giant wombat but she doesn't know what they are. She wants to keep it secret until they assemble all the bones and figure out what it is. Frank arrives to bring Hugo some passion fruit cake. He asks about the bones and Bernice spins a wild tale of making Nepalese Bone Soup. She thinks well while under pressure and gives out more information about Ghurkas than anyone needs or wants to know. Danny hammers boards over the open windows of an abandoned shed. Rosemary thinks Simone is a little sluggish. Bernice asks Rosemary if she has a book on fossils. Rosemary says maybe Bernice will be a little kinder to Simone now -- "You're looking at a living fossil." Bernice deliberately misunderstands her and replies "You're being a little hard on yourself, aren't you?" Rosemary clarifies and Bernice again makes trouble by announcing to Terence that Rosemary thinks he's two steps away from being a fossil. She tells him she "...likes a man with a little extra calcium in his bones" and slaps him on the butt. He calls Simone a "bloodless freak in a glass box".

Lou tells Darcy she has Hep B and that she thinks her husband has been sleeping around. Mark comes in to talk to Tom. He tells Mark what kind of criminal past his roomies have and recommends that Mark move back into Community House. Tom asks about Danny. He made some inquiries and discovered that Danny is straight out of Long Bay where he had served 3 years for armed robbery and grevious bodily harm. Why would he drive hundreds of kilometers to look up Harry? Bernice and Hugo ask Anna about a book on bones. They try to confuse her (to keep their little secret) about why they want the book. Harry comes upon Kate stopped at the side of the road with the hood up. Danny Coote is there helping her. Harry tries to hurry him on his way. He tells Kate what he knows of Danny's past but she already knows. She thinks Harry is too suspicious. Lou and Darcy wait in the Club for Micky. Lou tells him she has Hep B and how you contract the disease. They accuse each other of sleeping around but deny doing so themselves. Hugo pulls in several bags of bones and says there are more where they came from. Mark talks to Rick, his flatmate, about talking to Tom. Rick thinks Mark has no chance of becoming a doctor like he wants.

Danny walks into the Clinic unannounced. He was says he wants to see a specialist and tells Harry what a good looking woman Kate is. He had mentioned wanting to be a mechanic and Harry says that he and Kate get out to Dubbo (where he claimed to be heading) periodically and might be able to put some work his way. Harry asks for the name and address of the shop his brother has there? Danny can't provide an address so Harry lets it go (but he's suspicious). Lou talks to Terence about other ways (besides sex) to get hepatitis. He mentions tatoos and she show him the heart tatoo she got a few months ago. Terence gets the Health Board to check out the tatoo parlour in Burrigan. Harry tells Tom he thinks Danny is up to something -- there's no Coote Mechanics in Dubbo -- but Tom can't do anything. Harry still can't remember where he and Danny originally met. Tom talks to Danny at the Club. Danny picks up a case of beer to go and heads out of town. Hugo and Bernice try to assemble the bones.

Kate and Harry get ready to leave the hospital when a call comes in for a house call. The call is from a Mr. Friend, new to the district, whose wife has had a turn. They live out past the Magnolia Vale turn off. Kate decides to go to Anna's and Harry will pick up Mark, do the house call, and then pick up Kate up on his way home. Lou calls Micky into the Club and explains about the tatoo and they make up. Rosemary and Terence flirt over drinks at the Club. Mark and Harry arrive at Mr. Friend's. Harry leaves Mark in the car. Bernice and Hugo unveil their skeleton for Anna, to get her opinion. It's quite a remarkable monstrosity and her opinion is that it is "some sort of bizarre, inverted hybrid evolutionary freak". Bernice and Hugo are puzzled by her reaction. Anna asks Darcy to shed some light on things and Darcy points out that there's a femur from a sheep, spine of a cow, skull of a sheep, and other bits and pieces making up their prehistoric skeleton. It turns out that the bones came from Perce's old blood and bones pit. Bernice gets a letter and says she's been accepted to be a JP, a pillar of the community. At Anna's house, Kate talks to Tom about the wedding plans. He tells her that Anna wants her to be a bridesmaid. Harry enters the Friend house only to find Danny there with a gun and rope.

Danny tries to tie Harry up but Harry knocks his head into Danny's and runs out. He races off in the car with Danny in hot pursuit. Anna has a cheque from Ted Campbell. Kate is waiting for Harry to come pick her up. Danny remembers Harry treating him when he broke his arm at Long Bay jail 3 years ago -- Danny wanted to stay a few days at the hospital but Harry, a resident, released him. Bernice has decided to entice honeymooners to Rainbow Farm. She needs references but won't tell anyone what for. Harry races along dirt roads -- Mark is upset and doesn't understand what's going on. Bernice gets Tom to sign a secret reference for her (she won't let him read the details of it but her signs it anyway). Billy has a recycling homework assignment -- environmental soundness test of their household. Kate decides to wait for Harry at home. Harry runs off the road while fleeing Danny's pursuit and Mark is hurt badly in the crash.

The next morning Kate talks to Tom about Harry not coming home. It's too soon to declare him a missing person. At the abandoned shed, Harry has a cracked knee cap and Mark has a concussion. Harry can't walk and Mark looks bad. Danny tells Harry about their past meeting. About 3 years ago Harry, just out of med school, was working at Prince Henry Hospital in Sydney. Danny's cell mate, Dozer, had broken Danny's arm (and wanted to break his legs) and was due to be released in a few days -- Danny just wanted to stay at the hospital until the cell mate was gone but Harry wouldn't keep him there. Billy monitors Anna's recycling efforts. He keeps quoting his teacher, Miss Spicer, and it starts to annoy Anna. Danny continues his story -- at Dozer's going away party, the other inmates ran a book on how long it would take Dozer to break Danny's legs by jumping on them. It didn't take long and left Danny with permanent leg problems because the treatment he got after that was cursory at best. Danny blames Harry for what happened then. Harry checks on Mark and panics when Mark is unresponsive.

Terence is asked to chair the Annual Regional Conference of Surgeons and invites Rosemary to dinner later to celebrate. She reads off a reference for Bernice (it's very flowery and full of praise). He says he rewrote it but Bernice grabs the one Rosemary was reading before Terence can switch them. Harry thinks Mark is bleeding in his skull and Danny freaks out. He doesn't want to go to jail again. Harry swears he won't turn him in if Danny gets help for Mark but Danny doesn't believe him. Bernice rounds up some newspapers for Billy to take to the recycling depot but when she gets to the house, she suggests to Billy that he try making some homemade paper instead. Anna is overjoyed....not! Mark is dying from his injuries. Danny leaves and Harry tries to convince him to call for help on the way out of town. Bernice tries to write some wedding vows and shares with Hugo the fact that she's going to become a marriage celebrant.

At the last moment, Danny pulls up to a phone booth on his way out of town. Billy and Anna mush up the paper he's collected and Anna learns that he accidentally included the big cheque from Ted Campbell with the paper they are mushing. Anna is stunned. Bernice meets with M. P. Briggs. Tom comes upon Danny at the phone booth just as Danny is calling for an ambulance -- he directs Tom to the shed where Harry and Mark are. Terence and Kate come with the ambulance. Anna manages to get a replacement cheque out of Ted. Tom and Billy had put together a project (made of paper and newspaper) and Anna accidentally shredded it by mistake. Harry tries to defend Danny to Kate -- he thinks Danny never made the call, though. Bernice has dinner with Briggs -- he decides ("almost certainly") to recommend her. He puts his hand on her leg and she dumps coffee on his hand. Harry talks to Danny at the police station and learns that Danny did make the call (and got caught for his trouble). Harry then tells Tom that he simply had an accident, Danny found them, took them to the shed (where the gun was found), and went for help for them. Tom doesn't believe Harry and tries to get him to change his story but Harry sticks to it. Tom thinks Harry is being blackmailed but in reality Harry just wants to give Danny the break he needed three years ago. Harry tells Mark about Danny and Mark is pleased. Mark decides to move back to the Community House. Briggs has decided to back Bernice (to avoid a scandal). Bernice wants to preside over Tom and Anna's wedding but Anna has already booked Rev. Denny. Billy got a A+ on his project and has decided he's going to make the wedding invitations.


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