963 & 964
Original -- Nov 9/10, 1992
Showcase -- Jan 4/5, 1999
Michael Watson (Trevor Jackson)
Benjamin Franklin (Jeff Burns)
Jane Bayly (Kerrie Lloyd)
Ryan Kwanten (Ben Lloyd)
Belinda Jarrett (Claire Bryant)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)



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"A Fair Cop"
Anna releases a bird back into the wild with Trevor. Trevor has a "friend", an echidna, who's missing -- when he finds it, the poor thing has been mauled by something. Anna brings it home. She keeps admiring her lovely engagement ring. Tom visits the vet surgery. There are ants everywhere. Kate's cousin, Claire, is here on work experience but is a bit of a klutz. Harry has no sympathy for her. Trevor finds Bernice taking seed pots and ferns from the National Park. He gives her an earful about her trangsgressions and then fines her. A police auditor, Jeff Burns, is in Wandin Valley to check the records at the local station. Trevor brings a snake in that's been shot. In the Park, Bernice fumes over Trevor and carries on doing what she was doing. She hears someone in the brush and thinks it's Trevor sneaking up on her. She doesn't see them but it's someone in camoflage clothing, carrying a gun. Bernice tells Trevor about being stalked and they return to where she was. Her bag had snagged on a bush but was moved. Her sandwich and knife are missing. Trevor escorts her from the Park.

Hugo is recovering well. Claire is assigned to him. She knocks him over in her clumsiness. Bernice hears a whistle and her knife is tossed back at her. She doesn't see anyone there. Jeff quizzes Tom about Billy's opinion of Tom as a father figure. Jeff's fiancee, Kerrie, calls him. Anna commences surgery on the echidna. Claire tells Hugo about wanting to be an actor -- he strokes her ego by telling how great an idea that is. Claire has a mole that's bleeding but she won't show it to anyone. Bernice goes on another bushwalk -- Anna thinks it's too risky but that doesn't stop her. While on day leave at their house, Hugo tells Harry and Kate about Claire's mole. Bernice has a picnic basket with her on her "bushwalk". She sees the mystery person but Trevor scares him/her away. Tom calls the surgery looking for Anna. The house is full of ants despite Tom's home remedy so Darcy sics the echidna on them. Trevor hauls Bernice in to talk to Tom -- they think she's feeding the mystery shooter.

Harry removes Claire's mole. The echidna is sick. Kerrie Lloyd, Jeff's fiancee, calls in at the station to report her son, Ben, missing. It sounds like the boy is the person living in the Park. Tom, Jeff, and Trevor go to look for him there. They spot him in a ravine but he runs the other way. Bernice, who is also lurking in the Park, meets up with him and keeps him from the others. Claire is worried about the mole being cancer. Kerrie worries about Ben -- Jeff, though, thinks he can take care of himself. Jeff's been making trouble for Ben because Ben skipped school (he dragged the truant kids into the police station). Now his friends won't talk to him. Kerrie tells him to forget about it. Anna operates on the echidna again. They discover that the ant bait is poisonous and the echidna's been eating the poisoned ants. Ben tells Bernice he's being hassled by a cop. She takes him home and feeds him. He complains of problems with his throat. He thinks his mom won't worry about him. Bernice tends to his scratch. Tom worries about Billy. He tells Darcy about the boy they're looking for and she goes home. Claire's pathology report is back -- the mole was benign. She tells Kate and Harry that she wants to be an actress. Ben is feeling poorly -- he complains of not being able to swallow and his jaw hurts. Darcy tells her mom that Tom is looking for this boy but Bernice won't give him up.

Hugo has been discharged and is waiting for Bernice to pick him up. Meanwhile, Darcy and Bernice are arguing over what to do with Ben. Ben is very ill and Bernice is finally forced to ring for an ambulance. Kerrie is frantic with worry. She apologizes to Jeff for her previous harsh words. Kate takes Hugo to Bernice's. Perce is there and has no idea what is going on -- Bernice never told him that Hugo was coming to stay for awhile. Rosemary contacts Tom as soon as Ben arrives as the hospital. Darcy accidentally hits Billy's dog, George, while backing up the car at the surgery. She drags the dog into the surgery and tries to call Anna -- unfortunately Anna doesn't have her mobile phone with her. Ben has tetanus -- he had a reaction to the first series of shots so he didn't get all of his immunization. Darcy tries to cope with George's injuries herself. She hooks up an IV drip. Tom gets after Bernice for harbouring the missing boy. Hugo is bored silly watching Perce swat flies.

Jeff and Kerrie bicker over the cause of Ben's illness. Hugo rakes up chook poop and figures they could make tons of money with it. Tom arrives at the surgery and attempts to locate Anna for Darcy -- Darcy's done all she can for George. Bernice talks to Kerrie about Ben and Jeff as she takes her to the hospital. Tom finally gets through to Anna on the phone and she's impressed with the job Darcy's done on the dog. Darcy needs to put an ET tube in and Tom relays the instructions. Darcy does it well and Anna's says she's on her way home. Kerrie talks to Ben about Jeff. She says she'll give Jeff the flick if Ben wants her to. Tom picks up Ben's gun. Hugo is drumming up business for the chook poop. Perce finds out Tom and Anna are engaged. Hugo is concerned about poop productivity -- by his calculations they can get 27 bags of poop (2kg) per month, with 15 chooks. Jeff has finished the audit. He talks to Tom about cops and kids and Ben and guns. Bernice talks to Ben about achieving his goal of breaking up his mom and Jeff. Ben decides he doesn't like Bernice and Rosemary talks to him about that.

Anna's arrived. She picked up the xrays on her way -- George has a collapsed lung. She reinflates the lung by drawing away the fluid. Anna is impressed with the job Darcy has done. Tom misses Billy. He notices that Anna is not wearing her ring and she teases him by saying that she last saw it when she was delivering a foal. Then she shows him the ring on a chain around her neck. Hugo's determined that the chooks produce 100g of poop per day and he and Perce figure they'll need 200 chooks to keep up with the demand (has Perce considered raising emus?). Jeff stops by to visit Ben, with the gun (bolt removed for safety). He tells Ben he's leaving and that Tom will teach him. He talks to Ben about gun safety and childrearing. Maybe he came on too strong, he says. Ben says he misses his dad and apologizes about splitting Kerrie and Jeff up. Hugo looks through some of Perce's old stuff and talks to him about the war. Perce tells him about the Polish in WW II. He reckons Hugo's granddad would have been proud of Hugo. Hugo decides to looks into his family history. Tom and Anna visit Kerrie's plant nursery, ostensibly to look for low maintenance shrubs. They mention offhandedly that they'll be wed at Christmas. Darcy and Bernice plant things around the hot tub, where Perce and Hugo are relaxing. Hugo sees dollar signs -- people would pay big money for hot tub therapy.


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