961 & 962
Original -- Nov 2/3, 1992
Showcase -- Dec 31/98, Jan 1/99
Denzil Howson (Dr. Norman Wren)
Wendy Playfair (Mrs. Lillian Parker)
Hec MacMillan (Walter Potts)
Kenneth Goodlet (Cec Dunbar)
Angela Gauci (Debbie Hunter)

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"A Matter of Time"
Terence is driving a very nifty silver grey Nissan sports car and enjoying himself immensely. Tom pulls over an elderly gentleman, Dr. Norman Wren, for driving too slowly and wandering all over the road. He's very beligerent...Tom already knows that his license was cancelled 6 weeks ago and that he refused to take the test to renew it. Terence proudly shows off the car to Rosemary -- he has it on approval for a few days but has pretty much already decided he wants to keep it. Rosemary is rather lukewarm about it and Terence says she'll feel differently about it once she gets behind the wheel. Terence sends Harry to the surgery in Magnolia Vale to help out Dr. Wren for a few days while he sorts out his driving situation and Harry is not too pleased. Hugo is a little depressed about his situation. Anna calls her mom to tell her about the engagement. She puts Tom on the phone with her mom and starts pestering him while he's trying to talk. Her mom thinks she should have a ring. Kate gives Rosemary Terence's car keys after putting a towel over the steering wheel for him. Anna arrives to pick up some X-rays and Rosemary offers to show her the car. They get inside to get a better look. Rosemary starts it up "to hear what it sounds like" and then decides to take it for a test drive.

Dr. Wren's office is chaotic and the doctor thinks that Harry is a patient at first until his assistant, Mrs. Parker, explains the situation. Harry tries to take care of some of the patients but some decide to wait for Dr. Wren at the "other waiting room" (AKA the Magnolia Vale Arms). Parker listens in on Harry's consultations via the intercom system. Hugo accidentally knocks the bowl from Kate's hands as she's feeding him. Darcy tries to clean him up and he yells at her to leave. Rosemary hears a knocking sound when she hits 130 kph. She and Anna get out of the car to investigate and both automatically lock their doors before shutting them....with the keys still inside. Harry sits in on Mr. Potts' consultation and is disturbed by Dr. Wren's examination method (or lack thereof). Kate tries to reassure Darcy about Hugo's outburst. Terence comes looking for his car keys and Kate puts him off. Parker overhears Harry talking to Kate about Dr. Wren and explains his procedures to Harry.

Rosemary tries to pick the door lock with her hairpins. She runs out of pins and tries to yank the door open by using sheer brute strength. Her careful bun comes competely undone as she goes into a little fit of rage and frustration. Cec Dunbar arrives with his camels in tow and offers to break a window to get them in. They are horrified at the thought so he gives Anna a lift into town to get some tools instead. Terence remembers his spare key and goes outside to find the car is missing. He reports it to Tom who gives him the idea that maybe the missing car is with the missing Directory of Nursing. Harry listens in on a phone consultation. He is surprised to hear Parker correcting Dr. Wren on several key points of the conversation. Anna returns to the car with some tools but Tom pulls up just as they are about to have another go at opening the doors. Rosemary tries to make herself look more presentable (hair back up in the bun and all that). He tells them that Terence has reported it stolen and has them turn away while he uses his exceptional police skills to open the car for them (he has Terence's spare key), setting off the car alarm in the process. He lets it slip that he and Anna are engaged and Rosemary is thrilled (but she thinks, like everyone else, that Anna should have a ring).

Darcy pins some of Hugo's mail up for him to read. He apologizes for yelling. He's frustrated over the fact that he can't do anything for himself and the pain makes him feel that it's happening all over again. Terence lectures Rosemary and Anna when they return to the hospital. Rosemary is horrified when he says he's decided not to keep it because of the stress of worrying about it....he was right, it's so much fun to drive. She quickly tells him about Tom and Anna to avert his attention. He doesn't believe her at first. Harry talks to Terence about Dr. Wren. Terence thinks they should make a business proposition that would allow Dr. Wren to retire gracefully. Harry talks to Dr. Wren about that proposition and is ordered off the premises. Dr. Wren suddenly collapses and Harry is called back to attend to him. Rosemary has a little chat with Hugo and inspires him to start working out.

Bernice and Darcy bring Hugo's exercise equipment in for him. While casually chatting with Tom as they are unloading it, Bernice guesses that he has bought Anna a ring (he was seen at a jewellry shop in Burrigan). Bernice and Terence are having odd little conversations, rife with innuendo, about something he promises she won't be disappointed with. Rosemary is a little put out. Hugo is impatient to get started and Terence is disturbed by Hugo's extreme change of attitude. Harry worries that he caused Dr. Wren's stroke. He is constantly putting his foot in his mouth by saying rude things about Parker or Dr. Wren within Parker's hearing. He is looking after Dr. Wren's practice but is constantly butting heads with Parker over his methods (which are radically different from Dr. Wren's). Tom goes to the Hudson farm and surprises Anna with an engagement ring. She is delighted. Hugo overdoes his training and Rosemary moves the gear out of his way. He manages to fall out of bed, though, trying to stand up. Rosemary returns to her office to find Dr. Wren pawing through the patient files and she's orders him back to his room.

Bernice goes to the police station to pay some fines and sees a stolen property report on Tom's computer screen -- a ring just like the one he gave Anna is on the list. Dr. Wren talks to Hugo. Bernice calls Terence at the hospital staff lounge and again the conversation is intriguing, about taking risks, not caring what people think, and him being game if she is. Rosemary overhears and is really not impressed. Anna adores her ring and Tom struggles to find a way to tell her he has to take it back. She thinks he's getting cold feet until he explains. Dr. Wren plays chess with Hugo and manages to get him to move his own pieces to put Dr. Wren's king in check. Parker has a letter from the Department of Health stating that they are going to have to investigate a complaint. She thinks Harry is behind that complaint. Anna is forced to give Tom his wedding gift, a watch, when she learns she bought it in the same store that was fencing the stolen property -- luckily it's not on the list. Dr. Wren has guessed how Hugo feels about Darcy.

Harry helps Parker clean up the clinic so that it looks more presentable and professional for the inquiry. He had looked into the consultation that is the root of the complaint against Dr. Wren and determined that Dr. Wren did nothing wrong. Bernice brings something home on the back of her ute -- this is the reason behind all of the phone calls that have been driving Rosemary nuts (a bonus in Bernice's eyes). Harry's been getting calls from the Burrigan 24-hour Clinic offering him the Magnolia Vale surgery that they're taking over. He refuses and wonders how they even know about the inquiry, unless they're behind it. Terence decides to make their partnership official. Anna arrives at the police station to meet Tom to go look at new rings but he has to rush off without her, with no explanation.

Parker tells Dr. Wren she doesn't want to leave him and he tells her, finally, that he loves her and wants to marry her....she accepts. Bernice and Darcy spirit Hugo away from the hospital for a little R & R. At the farm, Bernice, Darcy, Terence, and Rosemary hoist Hugo into Terence's old hot tub, which Bernice has decided to buy. This was what all those conversations were about. Rosemary is a little disappointed that Terence has never invited her to soak in the hot tub, until he mentions that he's having an in-ground pool with a built-in spa put in "for special guests". Tom and Anna arrive at Kate and Harry's a little late for dinner to find the house in darkness. They have been bickering all the way. He shuts her up by showing her the new ring he's bought, similar to the first one. Harry opens the door and they enter to find everyone there -- it's an engagement party!


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