959 & 960
Original -- Oct 26/27, 1992
Showcase -- Dec 29/30, 1998
Keith Holloway (Ian Catlin)
Jon Sidney (Reginald Wellbourne)
Kenneth Goodlet (Cec Dunbar)
Tonie Moon (Constable Green)
Kyrstwyn Hannaford (Girlfriend)

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"Things We Do For Love"
Rosemary is a little testy. Billy has a ladder out, supposedly to teach George tricks. He's due to go to camp tomorrow and is excited. Bernice's Norwegian guests are unimpressed with the state of the toilet. Hugo was supposed to call the plumber but forgot. He's been sick with the flu. There's a pet parrot in the hospital. The night staff have taught it to say something that mimics Rosemary (but I can't make out what it is) whenever "Director of Nursing" is said. Terence accidentally lets it out the cage, giving it free run of the hospital. Kate opens her acupuncture clinic but has no clients. Harry arrives to console her but is called back to the hospital by Terence for an emergency. Billy has decided to create a secret lookout in a tree and falls off the ladder while trying to climb up. He comes into the house complaining of not feeling well but won't explain why. Anna thinks he just wants to get out of going to a folk dancing class in the morning.

Harry arrives at the hospital -- Esme complains that her bursitis is acting up and he refers her to Kate. Rosemary's allergies are acting up and agrees to see Kate as well for treatment. Harry learns that Terence has let the bird loose (this is the emergency). While talking to Frank at the club, Kate learns that Hugo is still not feeling well and convinces him to come see her for an acupuncture treatment. Frank thinks he's a hypochondriac. Hugo has some odd visions while undergoing the treatment and when he returns to the club, complains of pins and needles in his feet. Anna and Darcy come across some sheep that are in a very bad state. Their owner, Ian Catlin, confronts her as she's looking at them. Billy's teacher, Miss Spicer, calls Anna to say that she's sending Billy home with a sore arm -- when she gets home, he's there with Esme and says it's his tummy, not his arm.

Harry and Terence struggle to find the missing bird without making Rosemary suspicious. Hugo accuses Kate of doing something wrong to him during the acupuncture. He accidentally knocks over a tray of glasses and when Frank tells him it's coming out of his pay, he knocks over another tray deliberately before leaving. While riding his bike, he starts feeling woozy and odd. Anna has to shoot some of Ian Catlin's sheep. He's been coping with a bad back and is too proud to ask his friends for help so the farm has fallen into neglect. Harry and Terence follow a trail of feathers to one of the rooms. When they open the door, out comes Dog in a cloud of feathers. Rosemary goes in and returns with a torn pillow. Hugo tries to flag down a passing car but is almost run down when they won't stop.

Tom stops by Anna's and Esme tells him about Billy. Billy admits to him that he hurt his arm when he fell but was afraid to say anything. Several of Ian's friends show up to help tend the sheep, at Anna's instigation. She convinces Ian that it isn't taking charity to accept their help. Hugo arrives at the Hudson farm but no one is there. He collapses on the floor and struggles to call the hospital for help. He can't talk well and Rosemary, thinking it's a prank call, hangs up on him. Billy has a greenstick fracture. While in the exam cubicle, he notices the bird sitting on Rosemary's desk and Rosemary confronts Terence and Harry about it...she's known ever since she started sneezing. When Anna arrives at the hospital, Tom convinces her that she shouldn't get too angry at Billy. Darcy returns home to find Hugo on the floor. She calls the hospital and Terence talks her through first aid while they are waiting for Harry and the ambulance to get there.

Tom has a jewellers box but can't work up the nerve to give it to Anna. Something is very seriously wrong with Hugo but they don't know what it is. None of his muscles, with the exception of those around his eyes, are working and they have to put him on a ventilator. Reg Wellbourne comes into the club to pick up an order and complains about the clinic being closed when he wanted to pick up a referral. Bernice puts him in his place and it seems to calm him down a bit. Darcy is frantic about Hugo. He is still having odd visions of trees going past. While Bernice and Esme are talking to Tom, Frank gets a call informing him about Hugo. Tom arrives at Anna's for the picnic after dropping Billy off at the bus for camp. He has jeweller's box that he can't bring himself to give to Anna. She is amused but says nothing.

Terence and Harry tell Hugo he has Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Bernice goes to the Wellbourne place to apologize to Reg and to drop off the referral slip he was looking for yesterday. He tells her he should be apologizing to her and he respects her for her strong words. He gives her a guided tour of the estate. To avoid having to send Hugo to Sydney for round the clock care, they arrange for Hugo's many friends to help the hospital staff care for him. Bernice tells Reg fascinating stories of her many travels. He learns that his cocktail waitress can't show up to the party, Bernice offers her services and he asks her to be his hostess for the evening. Darcy brings some books in to read to Hugo, including one called "Wheels of Fortune" about murder on the Tour de France. She freaks out when Hugo starts bleeding from the nose but it's just the anticoagulents they have to inject into him to stop blood clots from forming.

Anna and Tom have their picnic floating in a boat on a dam. Tom tries again to give Anna the jeweller's box. Anna's made some very trendy sandwiches and Tom is not very keen. Her mobile phone rings -- it's Killer Burke calling Tom in for surveillance duty. Then Anna gets a call to go see a patient. They decide to try for dinner at the club. Darcy has trouble sleeping when finally sent home from the hospital. She keeps thinking of Amber lying in the hospital. While Anna sits and wait for a pair of camels to take a dump, she thinks about her relationship with Tom and think out loud to the camels (Zsa Zsa and Eva), wishing Tom would just get the whole proposal thing over with. She worries about the contents of the box because she's "not a ring person". Tom is having similar thoughts. Cec Dunbar, the owner of the camels, overhears Anna talking to herself and teases her.

Bernice arrives at the Wellbourne estate full of pep. She's late and Reg is upset with her. He wants her to wear a uniform. One of his guests comes up to him and asks him where the "wonderfully dotty person who was going to mix drinks" is. Bernice realizes she's been had and leaves, first speaking her mind to Reg and all assembled. Hugo starts breathing on his own, a very good sign. Tom and Anna meet on the road much later in the day, finally going to their respective homes. He offhandedly says he was probably going to ask her to marry him and she replies, equally offhandedly, that she probably would have said yes....they go on their merry ways only to screetch to a halt a few meters down the road. They run back to each other and clarify what each of them said. He almost forgets about the box and Anna is pleasantly surprised to find it contains a locket, not a ring. They kiss.


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