945 & 946
Original -- Sep 7/8, 1992
Showcase -- Dec 9/10, 1998
Jeannette Cronin (Niki Hill)
Scott McGregor (Brett Hill)
Liddy Clark (Faith Finlay)
Meg Rodgers (Rachel Nash, the pediatrician)
Peter Braunstein (Mr. Pickering)
Raquel Maartel (Monica Moran)

(part 2) As Niki's body is being taken away after her death:
Anna - "She loved him."
Tom - "That's the last thing he said to her...'I love you'."
Bernice - "Yeah, loved her to death."
The semen to inseminate the Hill cows will cost $130/straw

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"Out of Wedlock"
Anna is bringing a herd of cows into estrus for Brett Hill. He is constantly belittling his wife, which doesn't go unnoticed by anyone, including Anna. Kate and Harry are back. Esme overhears a conversation between them and jumps to the conclusion that they are engaged. Hugo and Darcy have decided to enter a cardiofunk competition. Esme tells Frank about Harry and Kate. Faith Finlay, a very pregnant woman, is excited about a big account she just landed. Harry is more concerned about her pregnancy -- her blood test is a little off and her blood pressure is high (150/100). Harry decides to admit her and tells her she'll have to stay there for the last 10 weeks of her pregnancy (the baby is due in December). Brett's wife, Niki, hitches a ride into town with Anna and Darcy. She seems oddly pleased to be going somewhere and is ecstatic when Anna offers her the use of her mobile phone -- Darcy and Anna are surprised when she decides to call her mother on the Gold Coast. Once in town, Niki goes into a store to look around and is caught shoplifting while Bernice is in the store.

The store owner, Mr. Pickering, decides not to press charges against Niki. Tom offers her a lift home but she won't accept. Bernice comes upon Niki at the bus stop and offers her a lift as well. Bernice convinces her the bus won't be by for ages (that they're on strike) so she accepts the offer just as the bus goes past. Faith is having pains and Harry is considering performing a C-section. Hugo and Darcy's main competition for the cardiofunk contest look to be out of the running and they are excited at their chances. Brett continues to put his wife down. Anna accidentally lets slip the next day that Niki used her phone. While inseminating the Hill herd, Darcy is kicked in the leg by a cow, effectively putting her out of the dance contest. Faith starts hemorraging and is rushed in for an emergency C-section. Brett confronts Niki about the phone call while she's playing the piano. He shuts the piano lid on her fingers, injuring them.

Anna arrives later on and notices Niki's bandaged fingers -- she offers to make Niki a cuppa. Brett orders her back out to tend to his cows. Faith loses a lot of blood but her very tiny baby girl finally puts in an appearance. Hugo learns about Darcy's injury. Monica, the female half of their main competition, arrives at the club, does a little routine, and Hugo decides to pair up with her for the contest. Faith's baby is taken to the Children's Hospital in Sydney...Faith will have to stay in Wandin Valley until she's strong enough to travel to Sydney.

Niki and Brett's son, Michael, calls from school (he's away in a private school and isn't feeling well). Brett talks to him initially but when he's called away from the phone, Niki picks up the receiver. Brett's not happy with that. Esme learns, to her everlasting shock, that Kate and Harry's big announcement is that they are planning to move in together, not get married.

Hugo arrives at the Hudson farm with flowers and chocolates for Darcy. He tells her he hurt himself overpracticing and couldn't enter the contest after all. A call to inform him that he won a bet clears up all his aches and pains and Darcy is not impressed. Tom suspects that Niki is the victim of domestic violence and asks Terence and Frank if they recall anything unusual in their dealings with the Hills. Back at the Hill farm, Brett has freaked out and beat Niki very badly.

Esme's nose is out of joint over Kate and Harry's plans to move in together. They still haven't found a place they like, though. Frank tells Kate he thinks Harry is being pushy. Anna calls Tom when she can't get through to the Hill farm by phone. Brett takes the phone with him when he leaves so that Niki can't make calls [can you say control freak?]. Niki tries to walk to the hospital to get treatment and Brett tries to stop her. She can barely stand up straight, he's beaten her so badly, but she's determined to get help. He gets angry and runs into her with the car, knocking her down. He blames her for making him angry and takes her home. Rosemary and Terence are bickering over hospital matters. Esme brings Kate some bridal magazines. There is a cockroach in the hospital and Rosemary aggravates a plantars wart on her big toe trying to stomp on it. Niki comes out of the house while Anna is there at the Hill farm. Anna insists on taking her to the hospital and tells Brett to stay with the cows.

Niki is so full of wounds -- to her side, back, cheeks, lip, fingers. Harry is suspicious but she says she had an accident. Anna stays with her. Rosemary won't accept treatment from Terence; she'd rather go to Burrigan. Harry and Kate know that Niki's been bashed, just by looking at her injuries. Anna tries to help. She asks Niki if Brett did it and Niki breaks down. Tom comes to see Niki at the hospital. She doesn't want to tell him anything but finally gives in. He serves an Interim Apprehended Violence order on Brett and orders him to stay away from Niki but Brett denies any wrongdoing.

Rosemary is still having trouble with her plantar's wart and everyone gets after her. Niki is released but can't go home so Bernice offers to put her up. She tells Bernice a little about the problems she has with Brett and how he used to play classical music while he beat her up. Kate decides to have a heart to heart with Esme about the situation with her and Harry.

Niki wakes up refreshed and tells Bernice about Brett, how Brett's dad did the same thing to his mom. Brett turns up and coaxes Niki home again. Rosemary finally admits she's been a coward and lets Terence look at her foot. He wants to take her out to dinner and she accepts. Bernice calls Tom to tell him that Niki went home. Once home, Brett wants Niki to call Michael and tell him to come home. She refuses and once again he flips out. She stands up to him verbally but it justs fuels his anger. He pushes her over the couch and the fall kills her. Tom arrives just a moment too late. Brett is arrestted

Harry's found the perfect place for him and Kate, the property across from Anna (Colin McKenzie's place). He gives her one of Keith's horseshoes ["dipped", which I'm guessing means either bronzed or plated with a precious metal] as a present, to hang over the door -- turned up for good luck. He says if it's ever turned down, he'll know he messed up.


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