943 & 944
Original -- Aug 31/Sep 1, 1992
Showcase -- Dec 7/8, 1998
Noel Hodda (Gareth Spencer)
Ariane Vrisakis (Debbie Theopoulous)
Manny Katts (Nick Theopoulous)
Philip De Carle (Colin McKenzie)
Troy O'Hearn (Patrick Smithers)
Terence Porter (Mr. Bates)
Talen Johnson (Bob)
Kevin Golsby (voice of Barry Baxter)
Troy Rowley (Danny Mitchell)
Ingrid Menge (Karen Hastings)

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"Every Move You Make"
Kate and Harry are away in Queensland for his sister Elizabeth's wedding (it's presumed that Dave died since they weren't going to leave until he had). Someone is secretly taking photos of Anna. Tom comes to investigate an alarm and he and Anna talk about the prowler from before. Debbie Theopoulous brings her baby, Bob, in to the hospital. He is "failing to thrive" and Terence begins to investigate why. Gareth Spencer, the prowler, shows up at Anna's on the pretext of being the estate agent for her neighbour, Colin McKenzie. Debbie worries about Bob. Anna tells Tom about Gareth showing up. Esme comes across Bernice who is freaking out in the cab of her truck...Bernice is seeing odd things. Esme escorts her home. Tom is served with law suit papers. Esme wants to call Terence for Bernice but Bernice thinks it is just a bad mushroom trip (from her lunch omelette at the club) and wants to wait it out. Esme scares her with thoughts of other possibilities. Esme warns Frank and Hugo about the mushrooms and they remove them from the menu.

Gareth hassles Tom about the law suit and keeps bothering Anna while she's inspecting Colin's stock for the sale. Tom gets a pair of ladies' underwear with a note saying they are for his girlfriend...Anna confirms that they are a pair of hers that went missing from the wash line. Tom brings Gareth in to talk to him and Gareth makes all kinds of insinuations without actually giving himself away. Tom grabs him but is interrupted by Frank. Terence visits Bernice and determines she has a migraine. Tom decides to stay at Anna's. He looks out but doesn't see Gareth there. Debbie keeps waking Bob up. Her husband brings a mobile in for the baby and it sparks memories of the death of Debbie's little brother, Michael. She's afraid that something will happen to Bob so she keeps waking him up...this is why he isn't thriving. Tom tries to flush Gareth out of hiding by doing "couple things" with Anna (washing dishes, etc.) -- then he kisses her unexpectedly by the kitchen window. A knocking at the front entrance sends Tom racing to the door, expecting to apprehend Gareth, but it is only Patrick Smithers with his sick dog.

Terence and Rosemary arrange for the Theopoulouses to stay at a MotherCraft house in Burrigan. Anna sends Tom home and Gareth lets himself into the house after first disabling the alarm. The next day, he talks to Anna and mentions Billy's maths homework. A steaming tea kettle shows a heart with Anna's name on it written on the inside of the kitchen window. Anna gets Tom. Terence mentions Esme's experience with magic mushrooms to Bernice who is delighted. She teases Esme mercilessly about it at the Club. Anna finds out from Terence, who treated Colin McKenzie, that Gareth is not Colin's estate agent. She calls Tom. Gareth is still lurking around -- he has photos of many women with many sets of keys. Today (i.e. the start of part 2) is the 1st of September and Esme, Rosemary, and Bernice are separately rushing around trying to arrange something special for tomorrow...Esme is arranging a small dinner party, Rosemary is arranging something intimate, and Bernice is looking for a strip-o-gram. Yes, tomorrow is Terence's birthday.

A set of keys with a woman's picture on them is found...Tom talks to the woman, Karen Hastings, and learns that she and her husband were harrassed when they lived in the Valley. Their real estatte agent was none other than Gareth Spencer. Gareth sees Anna give Tom a key to her house and freaks out. He calls later to grill her about it and she gets angry and calls him gutless. Darcy tries to use the gym as a replacement for clubbing and alcohol. Terence tries to teach her to dance, 50's style, amusing her and Hugo. He later brings Danny Mitchell by to teach Darcy more modern dancing. Darcy is reluctant at first but gets into it. Rosemary is not happy about Bernice's plans for Terence.

Anna gets another call from Gareth and discovers he is actually calling from a cell phone and is standing behind her. He knows everything about her and has her on tape. Tom gets a key with a poem attached to it. He tries to call Anna but there's no answer. Rosemary, Esme, and Bernice argue about Terence's birthday plans but Frank tells them he's arranged something at the club, that Shirl did it every year. Tom runs out of gas and discovers a key in the back of his truck. Anna hits Gareth with a book and tries to run away through the surgery. She gets a needle and fills it with tranquilizer. Gareth is nuts. Tom arrives in time and Anna manages to stick the needle into Gareth, knocking him out. Frank has arranged a "This is Your Life" party for Terence -- Bernice, who couldn't find anyone else to do it, does a belly dance for the birthday boy. Darcy and Hugo are really into the cardiofunk dancing.


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