939 & 940
Original -- Aug 17/18, 1992
Showcase -- Dec 1/2, 1998
John Brumpton (Michael Perry)
Kira Osborne (Lottie Bates)
Featherdale Wildlife Park; Ryde Hospital
Medical Applications (part 2 only)
Sydney Regional Ambulance (part 2 only)
Written by Judith Colquhoun (part 1) and David Phillips (part 2)
Produced by Peter R. Dodds and Robyn Sinclair
Executive Producer -- James Davern
Directed by Richard Sarell
Script Editor -- Jo Horsburgh
Story -- Sue Ellis, Margaret Morgan, and Andrew Kelly
Production Manager -- David Watts
Casting Director -- Libby Sharpe
Casting Assistant -- Babette Chick
Location Manager -- Peter Warman
Production Co-ordinator -- Laura May Alcock
Research & Technical Advice -- Linda McGrail
Unit Production Assistant -- Justine Slater
Publicist -- Linda Ashby
Script Typist -- Joy Hill
Unit Publicist -- Georgie Brown
Production Secretary -- Zara Findlay
Script Assistant -- Margaret Wilson
Veterinary Advisor -- Robert Zammit
Studio Camera -- Michael Healey, Peter Westley, and Rod Finlayson
Location Camera -- Glenn Steer
Lighting -- John Norton; Technical Director -- David Alley
Audio Director -- Russell Thompson
Boom -- Colleen McNamara
Dubbing Assistant -- Neil McIntosh
Videotape -- Rich Croft
Vision Mixer -- Jackie Casey
Make Up -- Louise Fitzgerald
Wardrobe -- Allan Burns
Set Dresser -- Doug Kelly
Props Buyer -- Jane Parker
Standby Props -- Julian Ryan
Wrangler -- Gordon Finney
Staging -- Nick Alimede
Floor Manager -- David Taylor
Assistant Floor Manager -- Bryan Rees
Director's Assistant -- Morag Smart
Unit Co-ordinator -- Margi Muir
Set Designer -- Kevin Smith
Art Director -- Steve Muir
Theme Music -- Mike Perjanik
Post Production by Custom Video Australia
Editor -- Graeme Andrews

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"Heaven's Gate"
Rosemary returns to the Valley with a mysterious man. Esme is also back from visiting her cousin Roma. Terence meets Rosemary at her flat and is introduced to the mystery man, Rosemary's brother, Michael Perry. Rosemary has been in Melbourne for the past week with him. Tom's cat, Max, is getting into trouble chasing birds and other wildlife and Anna recommends neutering. Darcy is hungover yet again. Michael visits Tom because he has a court case pending in Melbourne. He meets Anna when he brings her a bird that Max had caught. Tom is a bit jealous until he learns that Michael is a Jesuit priest. Michael works with homeless youths in St. Kilda but is going through a crisis of faith since one of the girls he worked with was given a fatal overdose of smack by her boyfriend. Harry breaks one of Frank's treasured rose vases. While he and Kate are dealing with it, they forget about the bath and the water overflows, soaking the hall carpet.

Tom and Bernice round up Max to take him in for his neutering and Bernice accidently shuts the car door on Tom's fingers. Anna has a subpoena for the prowler's court case. Kate buys a new vase to replace the one Harry broke, just in time. Frank doesn't notice the difference but he does notice the sopping wet carpet. Michael and Anna go to the Park to release a bird and he tells her his story. He beat up the girl's boyfriend and now has to appear in court on assault charges. Bernice confronts Darcy about her drinking but it doesn't help...Darcy storms out. Kate and Harry try to get Frank to go to bed early so they can be alone but he won't -- they end up playing Scrabble (and Harry wins, to Frank's disgust). Tom's fingers are swelling and Anna has to cut off his wedding ring. Billy is back from visiting his grandparents and has a piece of coral he's very proud of. Terence talks to Michael about the assault. Michael can't forgive himself. Harry tries to avoid being Frank's caddy at the golf course but no one will help him get out of it. Michael and Anna kiss. Billy falls trying to reach something on a shelf and is knocked out. He's rushed to the hospital. He starts convulsing as they try to transport him to Burrigan for a CAT scan. Anna blames her kiss for the accident (God punishing her). Bernice and Hugo are worried about Darcy when she doesn't come home.

Frank and Esme at the pokie machines with Esme's suspicious string bag.Esme shows Frank a magnetized string bag that you can stick on a fridge. She thinks it's marvelous. She plays the slot machines and wins $100. Bernice talks to Frank and Tom about Darcy -- Frank knows Darcy's been hanging with the wrong crowd. Michael finds Darcy passed out outside the church and takes her to Rosemary's. Esme gets addicted to playing the slot machines -- and she keeps winning right from the start. Bernice finds out about Darcy the next day. Michael wants to help Darcy and Bernice very grudgingly agrees. Billy has amnesia and thinks his parents are still alive. Esme tops the $7500 winnings mark and Frank is frantic. He sees her magnetic bag stuck to the side of the machine and figures that the magnet was interfering with the proper functioning of the machine. Esme is mortified. Frank brings in a repairman who determines that it wasn't the magnet, the machine was faulty. Esme won't forgive the slur on her good name, though. tom decides to use George to spark Billy's memory and it works. Bernice talks to Darcy about her history of drug use compared to Darcy's alcohol use. Talking to Darcy helps Michael come to grips with his crisis and he considers going to a Jesuit retreat to recover. Frank puts a plaque up on the wall by the slot machines commemorating Esme's winning streak.


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