937 & 938
Original -- Aug 10/11, 1992
Showcase -- Nov 27/30, 1998
Ann Byron (Liz "Mitch" Mitchell)
Lexy Murphy (Cheryl "Cheri" Duncan)
Huw Ellis (Hedley Johnson)
Jacquie Brennan (Ms. Bamford)
Pauline Devereaux (Sister Temple)
Noel Hodda (Gareth Spencer -- the prowler)
Damon Sanders (Colin Hardy)
Written by Ray Harding (part 1) and Susan Bower (part 2)
Produced by Peter R. Dodds and Robyn Sinclair
Executive Producer -- James Davern
Directed by Geoffrey Bennett
Script Editor -- Sue Ellis
Story -- Margaret Morgan, Jo Horsburgh, and Andrew Kelly
Production Manager -- David Watts
Casting Director -- Libby Sharpe
Casting Assistant -- Babette Chick
Location Manager -- Peter Warman
Production Co-ordinator -- Laura May Alcock
Research & Technical Advice -- Helen Cumming
Unit Production Assistant -- Justine Slater
Publicist -- Linda Ashby
Script Typist -- Joy Hill
Unit Publicist -- Georgie Brown
Production Secretary -- Zara Findlay
Script Assistant -- Margaret Wilson
Veterinary Advisor -- Robert Zammit
Studio Camera -- Michael Healey, Peter Westley, and Rod Finlayson
Location Camera -- Glenn Steer
Lighting -- John Norton
Technical Director -- Rob Clyne
Audio Director -- Paul Blakeney
Boom -- Sean Burnett
Dubbing Assistant -- Neil McIntosh
Videotape -- Prue Swanson
Vision Mixer -- Jackie Casey
Make Up -- Denise Wille
Wardrobe -- Jane Cleary
Set Dresser -- Doug Kelly
Props Buyer -- Jane Parker
Standby Props -- Malcolm Gregory
Wrangler -- Gordon Finney
Staging -- Nick Alimede
Floor Manager -- John Hartley
Assistant Floor Manager -- Jane Hedley-Boreham
Director's Assistant -- Caitlin Kirkpatrick
Unit Co-ordinator -- Margi Muir
Set Designer -- Kevin Smith
Art Director -- Steve Muir
Theme Music -- Mike Perjanik
Post Production by Custom Video Australia
Editor -- Graeme Andrews
Featherdale Wildlife Park
Ryde Hospital
NSW Ambulance Service (part 1 only)
The Children's Hospital, Camperdown (part 2)

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"A Virtuous Woman"
Frank is back. Billy is still with his grandparents in Cairns and Anna is missing him. Hugo returns from Barcelona. He's totally in love with a French girl he's met there. Her name is Cheri and he didn't get to see much of the cycling competition because of her. Rosemary's temporary replacement, Liz "Mitch" Mitchell, is an idol of Kate's but gets on the wrong side of both Terence and Harry. Mitch once saved 20 people in a bus crash. Rosemary decides to stay an extra week in Barcelona, much to Terence's disappointment. Hedley Johnson is brought in after he and his mom are involved in a car accident. Mrs. Johnson is taken to Sydney, where they can better deal with complications from her diabetes. Hedley needs a chest drain and Mitch inserts it rather than waiting for one of the doctors.

Tom comes to the Hudson farm looking for a missing cat. Bernice teases him about it ("Boom Boom" Bamford, the cat's owner apparently being rather notorious) and points out the cat on her roof. He tries to climb after it but falls when the guttering falls off, scaring the cat off the roof. He tries to corner it in the barn but Bernice is distracted and they catch a rooster instead. The cat has taken a fancy to Tom and is found sitting at his feet. Mitch convinces Kate to remove Hedley's IV without consulting one of the docs and they're not happy. Mitch has been spiking her bottled drinking water with alcohol. Kate finds her coffee cup in the staff lounge and thinks it's one of the other nurses. Harry finds out that Hugo has told Cheri that he lives at Camelot. When Cheri turns up unexpectedly at the club, Hugo is forced to tell Harry that he also told her Harry was his brother and Terence was his father (among other lies). He enlists Harry's aid in getting Terence to play along for a little while. When Bernice finds out that Rosemary isn't back, she decides to go over to Camelot to comfort Terence.

Mitch offers to work Kate's night shift to make up for causing trouble between Kate and Harry. Terence tries to avoid Bernice (and various kissing couples) at Camelot. No one can quite place Cheri's accent and it's obvious she's hiding something. Kate is called back to the hospital. Hugo tries to dip her while they are dancing and her back goes out. The docs give her Valium and while she's still a little dopey she completely loses her French accent, revealing a decidedly Australian one. Her French accent comes back in time for her to talk to Hugo but too late to hide it from Harry, Terence, and Bernice. Kate arrives at the hospital to find Mitch stinking drunk. Anna has a prowler and calls Tom in. Some of her underwear is missing from the wash line. Kate is keeping Mitch's drinking a secret.

Colin Hardy falls off a ladder, striking his head, and Mitch gives him some painkillers for the headache and sends him home (without consulting a doctor). He is later found unconscious in his shop. Hugo talks to Cheri about getting a flat together but she wants to stay at Camelot. Bernice tries to tell him about Cheri but can't. She talks to Cheri instead and Cheri (aka Cheryl) spills the whole story of her poor upbringing. She admits she really does love Hugo. Anna is on the phone with Tom when she sees a man outside her window. She goes outside with a baseball bat but it apparently just a man with an overheated car who wants to borrow a rag. It isn't until Tom gets there that they realize the car was a Porche and Porches don't overheat -- it was the prowler.

Kate confront Mitch about the vodka in her desk and won't let her assist in the operation to find the cause of Mr. Hardy's brain hemorrage. Mitch goes back to her hotel room and gets drunk. Kate tries to talk to her but to no avail. She leaves and tells Terence about the whole situation. Terence is concerned about Mitch's state of mind and they get to her room to find her semiconscious. They take her to the hospital. Cheri finally admits all to Hugo and Hugo tells her the truth about him. In spite of her feelings for him, she won't accept poverty again and dumps him. Anna and Darcy return to the house to find the prowler inside. They surprise him and knock him out. They call Tom in after tying the man up. Tom is angry over the risk they took.


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